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Ford Workers Will Continue To Wear Masks Despite Recent Change In CDC Guidance

Last week, new CDC guidance was issued regarding face masks, suggesting that those that have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks indoors in most settings. However, it appears that Ford workers will continue to wear masks on the job for the time being, as the UAW’s COVID-19 task force awaits revised guidelines from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to a report from Automotive News.

“We know that masks can be uncomfortable, but we ask that everyone comply,” the task force said in a statement. “While we continue following the protocols that have kept our workplaces safe, we know that one of the best ways to fight this virus is by getting vaccinated. We encourage everyone to roll up their sleeve so we can move more quickly toward continuing to relax our protocols.”

In recent weeks, Ford has offered on-site vaccines for its employees at a number of the automaker’s U.S. plants, including the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Ford Van Dyke Transmission Plant, Ford Rawsonville Components Plant, Ford Lima Engine Plant, Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant, Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant, and Ford Chicago Stamping Plant.

The automaker recently said that on-site vaccinations will continue at its plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri through June, and Ford and the UAW are planning to add more COVID-19 vaccine sites at other facilities across the country soon.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic settled in last year, Ford has been at the forefront producing and distributing PPE, including, most recently, over a hundred million face masks to at-risk communities. Its efforts were also detailed in a recent documentary covering the automaker’s Project Apollo mission.

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  1. royl

    That’s the way to do it! You can’t trust the govt on these things, just because they have new guidance and/or you have the vaccine-wear those masks!!! Keep your hands sanitized 10-20 times a day, stay at Least 6 feet from others-at all times, don’t eat food you did not prepare, you never know who made that other stuff….stay super safe, way to go ford!

    1. Arcee

      “You can’t trust the govt on these things…”

      Government says “wear a mask” and people flip out. Now Government says “if you’re fully vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask” and people scream “NO! Keep wearing the masks!”

      Previous administration says “Get the vaccination” and people say “no way am I getting that shot!” New administration says “Get the vaccination” and people are lining up to get it.

      School districts transition to remote learning, and people say “This is horrible for our kids! Reopen schools!”. Schools try to reopen and parents and teachers say “It is too soon and too dangerous still for kids and teachers to return!”

      It doesn’t really matter what the Government does. People are fickle and will constantly argue and disagree with them. No one bats an eye during flu season when only 50% of the public gets a flu shot that is only 50% effective. Now we have a vaccine that is upwards of 94% effective that almost 50% of the population has received (48% got at least 1 shot, 39% fully vaccinated) and people are worried.

      These masks and all of this social distancing needs to end sooner rather than later. We have the tools necessary to deal with this virus just like we do the flu and other similar illnesses. Enough is enough.

      There is no evidence showing that Covid is transmitted through food.

      1. royl

        If you must remove your mask to eat then food and covid seem to go hand in hand, just imagine the guy that just made your salad wasn’t wearing his mask…..Scary. Just imagine if Pres. Trump would have even suggested everyone would need a Fed ID with proof they had received the vaccine! More riots. Just imagine if Don Trump Jr. had been given $1,000,000.00USD to “manage”! More riots. It is funny that Biden-wears a mask when on a zoom call with other national leaders-none of them were masked!! I’m guessing you can transmit the virus over phone lines…joe would know for sure. And let’s not forget nancy peolosi-she’s “fining” members of congress (those that have been vaccinated) for not wearing their masks, nancy should know….

  2. royl

    Come on now, joe biden and his son hunter wouldn’t lie to us. Ford employee mask’s are the new “mark of a good voter”. Before long Joe will demand a “passport” if you will, govt. issued ID attesting to the fact that you’ve gotten the vaccine. this will solve the voter ID problem at the same time. Unless you have the Passport, you won’t be allowed to travel, engage in commerce, etc. This is the way to make those that don’t trust joe and hunter tow the line…Ford has just got on board early.

    1. royl

      Please, joe told us that he is proud of hunter, and how hunter has kicked his drug habit. Maybe that stripper he fathered a child with (the grandchild joe doesn’t even want to discuss) needs some money in order to take care of that bastard child…joe and hunter don’t seem to care…

  3. royl

    Please, joe told us that he is proud of hunter, and how hunter has kicked his drug habit. Maybe that stripper he fathered a child with (the grandchild joe doesn’t even want to discuss) needs some money in order to take care of that bastard child…joe and hunter don’t seem to care…


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