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Judge Dismisses Ford Explorer Hood Class Action Lawsuit


Back in 2019, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Ford Motor Company by owners who alleged that their Ford Explorer hoods were suffering from bubbling paint and corrosion. The Explorer hood class action lawsuit claimed that the corrosion was caused by contamination in the aluminum panel, and alledged that Ford knew about the problem for nearly twenty years, yet never took action to correct it. Regardless, the lawsuit has now been dismissed, according to Car Complaints.

The court didn’t explain the dismissal in detail, but did note that “claims in this matter pending against Ford Motor Co. (“Defendant”) have been resolved to the satisfaction of Plaintiffs and Defendant.”

Ford issued four technical service bulletins (TSB) addressing the issue for 2000-2017 model year Explorer models, but never a recall. The problem reportedly began when the automaker changed the Explorer’s hood from steel to aluminum and customer complaints of premature corrosion date back to 2004, which is when the first TSB was issued.

In addition to the TSBs, the Explorer hood class action lawsuit plaintiffs pointed to Ford’s extended warranty coverage for body panel corrosion as proof that it was aware of the problem. However, that coverage is limited to “perforations,” or instances where rust is so bad that it creates holes in a body panel.

The lawsuit also claims that it is impossible for aluminum body panels to corrode to the point of perforation, but their corrosion resistance is one of the reasons, aside from their lightweight nature, that Ford made the switch from steel in the first place. Regardless, contamination is possible, as Explorer owners are well aware of, in this case, because of iron contamination prior to the panel being painted.

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  1. SW

    As I sit here in Pennsylvania, I have a next gen Explorer with bubbling hood paint. Had it repainted once and it comes back. Combine that with the nutty water pump location, water leaks at the rear hatch, and we have reasons not to buy again.

  2. Rosalie Rogers

    My car is bubbling up for the amount of money I paid it should not happen. It’s not a $10,000 vehicle it’s a $27,000 vehicle.

  3. PR

    The hood of my Ford Explorer has bubbling paint also. It was purchased as a new car. It was not pre owned and after about 2 1/2 years later is when the paint on the hood began to bubble. If Ford does not want to stand behind their products they should not manufacture them and past the high cost of repairs to the customers who trusted in them enough to purchase their vehicles in the first place.

  4. joseph libeskind

    I have a 2015 and a2017 ford explorer sport and both hoods are bubbling and the top above the windshield is also bubbling and pealing and ford won’t fix this problem

  5. Christopher Cary

    So, what is it that satisfied the plaintiff and left the rest of us with a body shop bill?

  6. miner72

    My problem is not with paint problems with a Explorer but a 2017 F-150 XLT truck which has peeling paint on the cab right above the windshield….Had the same problem with paint blistering and peeling on the tailgate, which Ford replaced the tailgate and had it painted in November of 2019 ( truck was put in service in July of 2017)….Ford sent out a TSB about this problem so they are aware of the paint problem…..Now I’m 10 months over the 36 months Bumper to Bumper Warranty and they will not fix the paint problem on my truck cab. Anybody has info on how to get this corrected?

  7. Lori Morell

    Same issue here. My hood and tailgate are corroded. At the body shop now and I am going to have to pay for it out of pocket for Fords defect! I love Ford but I’m about ready to change to Chevy! Ford, please make this right and issue a recall. You know this is an issue.

  8. Diana Siegworth

    I have purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer. After spending alot of money buying this vehicle, why is my front hood corroded and bubbling! I am trying everything to get Ford to help resolve this issue with my vehicle. It is not a warranty issue it is a design defect..Global Trustmark Standard..I have had Fords most of my life and love them! But with Ford employees unwilling to help resolve this issue and spending a ton of money of this vehicle, I will not by another Ford again which is ashame because I love Fords! Problem Aluminum hood is corroded and bubbling

  9. john majane

    I endorse all the comments. But who paid off the judge?

  10. Toni Grant

    I have a 2018 Ford Explorer and it’s now bubbling and cracking paint on my hood right above my headlights. I had to take it in for a recall on my rack overhead. It came loose and popped up in the air on me one day. I had to push it back down but nothing there holding it down on the end and week later I get recall on it in mail. I asked about my peeling hood and got told Ford will not fix it or pay for it. I paid 40 thousand bucks for a car and in 3 yrs I now have added expense of a paint Job? They also told me my top and trunk lid might peel and blister too.

  11. Meg T

    I’m the only owner of my 2017 Ford Explorer and 2 years ago I noticed it bubbling and it’s just been getting worse. Ridiculous. Has anyone had theirs repaired/painted? I’m trying to figure out what it’s going to cost me.

    1. Rex

      Have 2017 explorer paint on hood bubbling up and corrosion went to body shop estimate $600 to repair and paint

  12. Rex Johnson

    My wife’s 2017 Ford explorer one owner, bought new has paint bubbling and corrosion starting on the noise of the hood. Went to get a estimate and the body shop man said its a common problem about the hood. Also the estimate was $600 I’m taking in it Monday to have repaired and repainted

  13. amy sexton

    2016 ford explorer paint is bubbling on the hood . And I have a 2013 did the same thing I got it2013 fixed .but I don’t think I should have to pay for mt 2017 it looks like my cars are the only ones having is problem the ford company should stand behind it. Cars aren’t cheap

  14. Deborah Sigle

    Same here, my hood started bubbling and when I rinsed with hose it peeled off!! So Ford isn’t responsible for this??? and I’ll have to pay! Very unfair by Ford this there problem and they should fix

  15. Larrybob

    Hood paint bubbling, interior door panels bulging from improper adhesion, $3800 water pump repair, not sure I’m a Ford man anymore.


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