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Large 2013-2020 Ford Fusion Infotainment Screen Modernizes Sedan

In recent years, vehicles have adopted new technology at an increasingly rapid rate, which means that vehicles produced just a few years ago are already dated in that regard. This is especially true when it comes to infotainment screens, which just keep getting larger and larger each and every year. This leaves Ford Fusion owners, in particular, out in the cold, so to speak, since Ford discontinued the sedan last year. However, Phoenix Automotive makes a large, 13.6-inch Ford Fusion infotainment screen for those that want to keep their 2013-2020 model current.

This Ford Fusion Infotainment screen is so large, in fact, that it dwarfs virtually everything in Ford’s current lineup, save for the 15.5-inch unit used in the Ford Mustang Mach-E (and soon the Ford F-150 Lightning and 2022 Ford Expedition). It’s also larger than the newly updated 12.8-inch screen found in the Chinese versions of the Ford Mondeo and Mach-E.

Unlike current Ford vehicles, which run different versions of the automaker’s SYNC operating system, Phoenix Automotive’s 2013-2020 Ford Fusion infotainment screen runs Google’s Android software, which Ford and Lincoln models will begin using in 2023. That means users can also install Android apps from both Google’s Play store and other sources, and use the navigation app of their choice instead of being stuck with a proprietary option.

The large screen is quite modern looking as well, thanks to its vertical orientation and high-definition graphics. It’s also a plug-and-play installation with no additional wiring required and allows owners to retain most of their vehicle’s features including the backup camera, SYNC commands, and steering wheel controls. Plus, it adds modern features like touch HVAC controls in place of physical buttons. The unit also touts Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and MirrorLink connectivity – all the features we’d expect to find in a modern vehicle.

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  1. Chris

    Wow. That looks pretty good. Better even than the OEM one in the 2021 Edge. I had a 2015 Fusion SE with the appearance pkg but it had that shockingly sad looking tiny screen with a backup camera you could hardly see.

  2. Jessica

    So many questions! Would I need to get a new dash or is that included with the screen? Does it come with any installation assistance?

  3. Jerry J.

    All your questions and concerns can be answered by just watching the YouTube installation videos that have been showing for about a year. There are self install videos on the multiple sync formats, depending on whether you have a 2013-2016 sync or 2017-2020 Fusion sync.
    Most aftermarket stereo shops should be able to do the install for you too. Much easier than your typical head-unit and amplifier upgrade.
    I remember prices being in the neighborhood of $600. for the Phoenix unit from multiple online vendors.I wouldn’t be surprised if prices have dropped from that point as the item becomes more popular. Check it out.

  4. Rich

    I had a 2014 SE with the larger screen, as the car had everything except the Sony radio. Now I have 2019 SE with just factory equipment. ( the new safety features are great. I have an iPhone – so I guess I won’t be able to use it. Why is it just set up for Android ?

  5. Lee

    Just what everyone needs… more electronic gobbledegook distractions.

  6. REW

    Ford has done an absolute crap job supporting the older Synch systems. I’ve got a ’14 Energi SE and honestly, the lack of support and interoperability for the Sych portion of the car with this Android users phone has me really wondering what they were thinking when they brought Synch to market.

    And, don’t think Google is stepping up, either.. reached out to them multiple times, all I’ve gotten were crickets in a quiet room.

    But, yeah I keep my investments a while longer than most people. Something like this new center stack is made for people like me who tend to buy for the long term.

    1. John M Russell

      Sync 3 is great……. Android, Apple and Google maps for nav. Why would you call Google? Google has nothing to do with Ford Sync. Ford has a Sync help line. I have only had Sync 3 in my FiST and wifes Mustang GT. Saved me a ton on buying the crappy Ford Nav. We keep our cars for a long time also. Wife replaced a ’94 Dodge Stealth R/T with her Mustang GT Coyote 10 spd auto and I have my Fiesta ST Mountune. We are 69 years old and will probably never buy another car. We love high performance cars our whole life, the only reason for dumping her R/T was after knee surgery the manual transmission aggravated the knee. Not so on the 6 speed in the FiST, very light clutch. Live long, prosper and drive a Ford!

  7. Chris

    Ford SYNC is Microsoft.

    1. Car guy

      Sync 1 and 2 are Microsoft. Sync 3 is not

  8. Earline Beach

    You need to fix the damn transmission problems…you know it excist.. but do nothing about it….

  9. Katherine Ortega

    This is cool I have a 2020 and everyone makes fun of me for not having a touch screen. Also my paint is chipping for no reason and the warranty I paid for doesn’t want to help with the issue

    1. John M Russell

      Your Factory warranty is in the front of your owners manual and explains paint coverage. Paint chips are caused by rock/pebble strikes and are excluded from the factory warranty, same with rust unless it perforates the metal, all cars not just Ford. Some paints are brittle. My White Platinum has one chip 1/16 X 1/8 inch in 5 years, 50K miles and seems resistant to rock chips. Could be the optional tri-coat colors are more resilient to chipping.

  10. David

    This is simple and plenty of people have installed it. You can google it on YouTube.

  11. Thomas Smith

    That looks good, although I don’t own a Fusion. Thanks for reminding me about the switch to Google operating system in 2023. Ford just seems to be set on forcing me to another brand with their idiotic stance on the Georgia Voter Integrity Law, adopting Google into their infotainment systems. What a shame.

  12. Luis Gonzalez

    I had one!!!
    Don’t buy it!!!
    1) buttons are better than touch screen!
    2) tabs are a hassle while driving
    3) mechanic can’t do everything leaving functions missing!
    4) cost is 2 high
    Their are more like, freezing, lagging, unresponsive but you get the idea 💡


    it’s junk. these units are extremely buggy they lag just do regular functions plus the screen glare is horrible

  14. Stephen

    How much and where do I buy it from please help 😭

    1. John M Russell

      Did you read the comments from users and still want one? Keep in mind IS NOT a Ford site. This was just an “infomercial” for a cheap semi functional system. Keep in mind it can be had online for about $600 which puts it’s actual cost to suppliers at about $200. Did you notice all the various “adapters” that may be required to make it work? And when you get things nice and screwed up don’t call Ford they will be saying under their breath “idiot!” No support from Ford other than cautions about messing with the onboard electronics. “Run Forest, run”…………Try to unload you car later and take a big hit in resale. Who wants a used car the dealer cannot help you with? Just because it is a shiny new object does not make it desirable.

  15. REW

    Yeah I know Synch is Microsoft. Talked to people on that team too… Their take? Its a Ford or Google problem.
    Why did I reach out to Googles Android Auto team? Because I refuse to own anything Apple realted, and use Googles nav features instead of the glitched out Ford SD Card navigation.
    What I’d love to have is the ability to plug my phone onto the accessories panel on the console and have it displayed on the screen in the center stack…. trust me, Linux and MCSE certs aside, it simply isn’t working.

  16. John M Russell

    I’ll try to help but need info……What has the Ford sync help line said? Have you used your phone on other bluetooth devices? Is your phone on the compatible list. Do you require a 6 or 4 digit key. If you cannot connect (pair) you have bluetooth issues either in your phone or Sync system. Have you tried to pair a different phone?

    On Sync 3 you have to be USB connected for Android Auto Apps to work with Google maps. I don’t think you can do Google maps via bluetooth, you can’t in Sync 3 so I doubt you can in an earlier version. You can clear all Bluetooth devices in your phone and try to connect and do a master reset to your Sync otherwise. BTW, the Ford Sync info site says nothing about your Sync My Touch being Android App compatible. It is Android PHONE compatible. Sync 3 enabled the Android Apps like maps. I would call Ford if you cannot pair up with bluetooth. If you are pairing then what you see is what you have….it takes Android App’s to use the Google maps. You also have updates to be installed I believe that said it helps with easier pairing but you have to install yourself, download to computer, burn to USB drive and load into your Sync System. Ford settled a lawsuit over MY Touch but only on pre 2014 cars and trucks. Got an “I’m sorry, please update” and a $50 check. The ’14’s already had the update. Go to the Sync site or look at your manual for what your Sync My Touch can do. Again, nothing about using Android Apps or Maps there on the site which is current your manual is not. My touch is for communication (phone, text) and Music functions mainly. I think you have been expecting too much from My Touch. You need Sync 3 or 4.

    1. REW

      Thanks. I can and do pair my Note 8 , and can stream audio , plus phone calls. Last I looked the Note 8 was on the compatible list.

      After the modem replacement, which was part of a recall, (something to do with AT&T) things really got worse. There is only a seldom used 4 digit code for pairing .
      Thinking about the modem, I think it should have been carrier agnostic, an open architecture, not tied to one struggling carrier.

      I wasn’t aware of any downloads that I could grab off the web. Will look into that some more.

      From what I can determine, my center stack is second generation. So, ” My Touch”?

      @78k miles, my ’14 is supposedly out of both extended and factory warranty, so I’m still leaning towards this device.

      Can’t say that I believe I should honor any licensing from Microsoft since that was only an agreement between them and Ford. When we bought the car, there was zero mention of licensing of any software to the buyer in the contract. And I don’t see any mention of it in any of my owners documentation.

      Having said that, it might be that the dealership didn’t understand what they were required to disclose in regards to the vehicle they were selling. I’m backing this statement up with actual experience at a Jaguar dealership when looking at an E-Pace. Their interoperability portion of the sales contract ran to 23 pages, most of which was explaining in clear , readable, text exactly what is and isn’t compatible and how they run their OTAR updates. (limited to certain metropolitan areas) . Best bet, take it to the dealer and let one of their trained techs do it. That last bit seems aimed more at the large income crowd than those of us who work for a living.

      Anyways, John, again, Thank You for the advice. Looks like I have some new nooks and crannies to dive into.

      1. John M Russell

        Sadly your Sync is functioning normally if you can pair, your version does not support Android Auto, nothing is broken. You would need to buy the device in this infomercial but insure that with your car it will allow Android Auto before you spend the money. Plus see what adapters you will need. Good luck, you might consider the big price you car would bring to update to the newer cars, many new safety features and Sync 3 (used car) or Sync 4 for a new one.

  17. Coach Neal

    Why do people reply about paint and tranny problems. Read the article, its about an aftermarket infotainment screen, nothing to do about why you think Ford is crap. Just cause you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have to open your yap. Go back to supporting offshore brands and continue to erode the “Mighty US of A”

    1. John M Russell

      Because many are too lazy to read or do not have good reading comprehension……..the trans lawsuit settled long ago, I guess he missed it. And the paint thing is explained in the users manual warranty section. All people have to do is open the glove box. Same with the fellow that thinks he has a Sync problem and has called everybody for help but his system will never do Android Auto no matter who he calls unfortunately.

  18. Chris

    In general reading comprehension seems to be in decline (understanding, decoding). Makes it difficult for the other person you’re communicating with.


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