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Next-Gen Ford Fusion, Mondeo Successor Spotted Testing In Germany

It’s been nearly two years since Ford Authority was the first to report that the next-gen Ford Fusion, or Ford Mondeo as it’s called in some parts of the world, would be returning as a global crossover. Since then, we’ve spied several mules and prototypes, some of them nothing more than cobbled-together parts from Ford’s bin. But now, we’ve spotted a next-gen Ford Fusion and Mondeo successor testing in Germany, and it looks far more advanced than those previously seen models.

This new prototype wears front-end styling that’s very similar to the recently-revealed, China-only Ford EVOS crossover. However, as we move past the front, it’s clear that this is an entirely different vehicle – no surprise since as Ford Authority reported in April, the EVOS is not the Fusion/Mondeo successor some thought it might be, and was specifically designed for the Chinese market.

Moving past the B-pillars, we can see that this prototype sports a completely different door design than the EVOS, as well as unique window lines. The rear of the prototype is also very different, as it does not have a rear spoiler like the EVOS.

Additionally, the third brake light is located in the tailgate and not the rear window, while the rear doors taper upward a bit in front of the rear wheel well. This prototype’s stance is also quite different than the EVOS, as it sits a bit lower than the new crossover, with an overall look that’s more reminiscent of a liftback like the outgoing Mondeo than a high-riding SUV or crossover.

As of now, it’s unclear exactly what markets Ford might sell this global Fusion/Mondeo in, though currently, the Mondeo is still on sale in China with a recently revamped infotainment screen, along with the Focus, Escort, and Taurus. As Ford Authority recently reported, Mondeo production is set to end in Europe at the end of March 2022, while the Fusion was discontinued in North America last year.

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  1. Peter

    At last, some positive news! Ford needs a saloon… in Europe, the US, Australia but also some other markets!

  2. Jorge Esquinca

    It looks Ford is doing something that makes sense. I´m glad to see it´s a saloon and not a boring crossover or SUV. Not everybody likes them. As owner of a Mondeo I was starting to consider other brands since I´m not willing to buy an SUV or a crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them.

  3. NCEcoBoost

    Well, now we’re all confused. Not sure why Ford would be testing this in Europe if it’s China-only. Guess Europe IS getting a new Mondeo and it could be an emergency swap-in for the US if needed.

    1. royl

      If ford is using one of the very low reliability chinese transmissions, they’ll test them in Europe, rather than embarrass the chinese commies. Ford needs to build their transmissions for cars in the US, in the US. With that said, I’m surprised these aren’t being sold as police cars, here in the USA! With the defunding of the police dept.s by the woke crowd, maybe Cushman golf carts are in their future.

      1. Explorer ST

        Why can you never just talk about the article for once. You are obsessed with “woke” America and China. Like for once can you just comment on the vehicle itself and keep the political nonsense out of it! Or are you incapable of doing so!?!?

        1. Karl

          Bravo indeed! Last time I checked,this was still a automotive blog..

        2. Stephen Ketterer

          Explorer ST: Everything is based on the powers that be and their political persuasions that drive these decisions.

          Were you scared into getting your experimental vaccine yet?

          1. Explorer ST

            I am looking forward to seeing this next gen Fusion/Mondeo as a previous Fusion owner. How about yourself Stephen?

            1. K

              Dude Amazing composure, brilliant response.

  4. boss302


  5. Mark

    The Evos looks fantastic and this car looks very similar…so I am hopeful. A few weeks ago Farely hinted that a new vehicle would be announced in the coming year that would be made is the United States. I assume that this car (?) and possibly a Lincoln companion model would be built in Flat Rock, as that plant is in desperate need of product other than the Mustang…and to be honest there really is nowhere in the US where there is room. I would also love to see the 2.5I4 Hybrid powertrain from the Escape show up in this car. That would be fantastic.

  6. william gurr

    i am interested to receive a more comprahensive report on your report on the new ford being tested for example is it going to be a five door hatch as well as fitted with a diesel engine and most important have you any idea as to when we can expect to see it in australia as i have been trying to source the mondeo from china and i am not having any success with that as a ford owner since
    the 1970 and replacing with new fords every 4 years i am getting a bit frustrated with the fact that the new mondeo which was told would be available in 2021 and has not been available as it either sold out very quik or was not supplied so a tormented advertisement of a new version has me
    very interested

  7. Ford Owner

    I agree! Bring this to the U.S. and make it electric!

  8. william gurr

    electric cars are not the answer for australia as there is some 1000kms between major cities
    and some 14 hours of travel that is why we require diesel power because of the isolation
    between major centres

  9. Mark L Bedel

    Yes, very nice to see that Ford is continuing to keep sedans in their overall plan, even if they’re not coming to the states. Maybe sometime in my lifetime, when hopefully the SUV craze subsides, I may be able to experience something more practical and enjoyable to drive.

  10. Mike says..

    Jeez… the way things might pan out after all…. I might still be able to buy and domestic car! Europeans have always had and liked smaller cars and HATCHBACK’S that never got traction in the US. It begs the question as to what the next ‘new thing’ will be after the SUV craze? They do need to figure out the supply chain issues first…. because I doubt that ‘semi conductors’ will be the only/last crisis faced by the industry.

  11. BORG

    This is a Chinese-market Ford and also the basis for the Evos and Zephyr. The Fusion is dead in North America.

    1. Mikel

      And Mondeo is dead in Europe …

      1. Dencel

        Not dead, I would say “murdered by Ford”.

        BTW, I’m so happy to see a good amount of people who are still interested in Ford Sedans.

  12. fpvfan


  13. fpvfan

    I’m all for Ford having a sedan and honestly I don’t mind the styling but it’s time for Ford to bring a better level of sedan to the table than just some boring Accord/Camry level sedan. Acura just brought out an amazingly thought out TLX Type S that is a rear-biased FWD vehicle with decent levels of performance for a daily driver vehicle. Now, me personally, I’m not one for sub 400hp performance vehicles but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Ford has to drop a 5.0L Coyote powered V8 under the hood of a vehicle. Ford has the 350hp 2.3L Ecoboost, the 400hp 3.0L Ecoboost, the 430hp/570tq hybrid 3.5L Powerboost, the 450hp/510tq (or possibly 480hp/542tq) 3.5L High Output, the 495hp/630tq 3.0L Hybrid and the 660hp super high output 3.5L V6 along with the 10R80, the hybrid 10-speed auto and a 7-speed DCT (in the GT500). Knowing that all of that will work in the CD6 platform, having a sedan that goes with the new body & design language powered by these engines would create some seriously nice rides. Of course there would be the 2.0L Ecoboost and 1.6L Hybrid versions for the masses, but Ford/Ford Performance/ Roush could seriously have some nice cars on the road with vehicles like this.
    Taking the new body language from that Ford Concept, along with styling from the EVOS, the Mustang and even the Mach E, Ford could design a four-door sports coupe with AWD and it still be a hatchback (similar to the Porsche Panamera, the Audi RS7 or even the Kia Stinger). Trim levels would include the 2.3L XR4-T, the 3.0L Ecoboost XR6-T, the 3.5L Powerboost ST, the 3.0L Hybrid GT, the 3.5L Ecoboost RS, and the 3.5L SHO. Give each of those trim levels standard packages, Performance packages, Track packages and Roush Packages. Ford Performance should have power packages, suspension packages, wheel options, etc. for the car as well as Ford Accessories inside and out. There should be LED interior lighting upgrades, optional alcantara interior packages and a few other things as well.

  14. N. Weg

    We need the new Fusion in the U.S.!!! Please Ford bring it here!! No 1.5 Eco. Make the smallest engine a 2.0 Eco with a 2.3 Eco upgrade.


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