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Study Finds Canadian Car Shoppers Hesitant To Buy EVs For Typical Reasons

In the United States, a large portion of car shoppers are still a bit hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle for a number of reasons, which has left most planning on replacing their current ride with another ICE-powered vehicle. However, Q1 of 2021 saw more U.S. shoppers interested in and purchasing EVs than ever before as the country catches up a bit with Europe, where EV adoption is moving a bit quicker. Regardless, it seems that Canadian car shoppers have the same hesitations toward electric vehicles as their neighbors to the south, according to a new study from the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturer’s Association (CVMA).

The most recent CVMA poll, which surveyed over 2,000 Canadian car shoppers, produced fairly predictable results in terms of why buyers tend to stick with ICE-powered vehicles instead of purchasing an EV. The biggest detractor is range, which 55 percent of shoppers cited as the main reason they won’t buy an electric vehicle, followed by higher prices when compared to ICE vehicles (54 percent), lack of charging infrastructure (47 percent), and charging times (45 percent).

Interestingly, a number of respondents indicated that their fear of EVs stems from a lack of knowledge. A total of 26 percent admitted they weren’t familiar with fuel cell technology, 23 percent said they didn’t know enough about battery technology, and 16 percent said they didn’t understand how EVs work, indicating that a little education could help change these perceptions. Additionally, only 4 percent knew how many EVs are currently on sale in Canada, while 62 percent didn’t know the country offers a $5,000 rebate toward their purchase.

In terms of what factors might make Canadian car shoppers consider purchasing an EV, 51 percent voted for tax deductions, 45 percent want free public charging, 45 percent said they want government purchase incentives, and 43 percent want favorable insurance rates before they make the switch.

“With auto manufacturers now spending billions on producing new electric vehicles, including right here in Canada, a more focused and collaborative effort is needed to inspire Canadians to go electric,” said Brian Kingston, President & CEO of CVMA.

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  1. whypac

    I don’t see how EV’s have any resale value. EV’s are time bombs. The rechargeable batteries will die, regardless of usage, and be too expensive to replace. Resale value will amount to what you can get for scrapping the vehicle. No one in their right mind should own an EV out out of battery warranty,

    Gas engine on the other hand, yes, the engine won’t last forever. Yes, the engine will be expensive to replace. But usage and maintenance will directly affect how long the engine will last. Rechargeable Battery, after 8 years or whatever the manufacturer warranty says, the battery is just going to die and there is nothing you can do about it.

  2. Rick

    This is why I see PHEVs as the optimal interim solution until we see the necessary infrastructure, much faster recharging time, longer range (although that appears achievable at predictable cost), and in Canada – a way to limit the range loss in extreme cold conditions -30celsius is not unheard of… In my particular situation, the near total absence of charging in Condo garages is a major impediment – not sure about a cost-effective solution to this quandary….

    1. Lurch

      I was thinking that, too–Canada’s colder temperatures would be a real hindrance.

  3. Lee

    Did it actually require a ‘study’ to determine that Canadians are very much like people in the USA?
    Git-a-freakin’-clue y’all. Nobody is ‘ready for’ or ‘deserving’ of any of the unsafe, battery operated, polluting pieces of electric vehicle junk. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Tom

    The market will go electric when it makes sense to do so. Forcing it down our throats by constant virtue signaling how woke you are is one of the major turn-offs for me.

  5. Mustang Ram

    Guys but you gotta think about the environment 😐

    1. Lee

      @Mustang Ram. Thinking about the environment is EXACTLY why battery operated, unsafe, polluting pieces of junk are a very BAD IDEA.
      ‘Greenhouse emissions’ is an oxymoron spouted by tree huggers. Mankind isn’t capable of changing the climate. Petroleum didn’t come from the emaciated remains of dinosaurs. To be sure, Mother Earth is still brewing it.


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