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Supercharged 7.3L Ford Godzilla Hits Over 1000 Horsepower On The Dyno: Video

We’ve seen the 7.3L Ford Godzilla V8currently offered in the F-Series Super Duty and E-Series cutaway – outfitted with a supercharger and even twin-turbochargers before, but now Australian performance tuner Harrop brings a down-under twist to the table. After bolting on its supercharger and tuning for E85 fuel, the firm was able to break the four-figure horsepower barrier with FoMoCo’s new pushrod powerhouse.

Straight off the production line, The Blue Oval’s canted valve cylinder heads on the 7.3L Ford Godzilla offer a strong performance foundation. With stout components and low friction nitride-coated surfaces, they are already purpose-built and ready for demanding applications. Combined with a deep skirted block, six bolt mains and a forged crank at the bottom end, there’s plenty to like from a stock Godzilla from a performance standpoint. It’s a formidable base for Harrop’s proven TVS blower package, which uses an Eaton rotating assembly to produce gobs of power with OEM-level drivability.

The Harrop supercharger completely replaces the FoMoCo intake manifold, and includes a substantial air to water intercooler (pictured above) that is larger than those used in OEM Eaton TVS2650 applications like GM’s 6.2L LT5 V8 used in the C7 Corvette ZR1. Cooling capacity is key for such a large engine, especially with the sort of horsepower numbers achievable with the 7.3 Ford Godzilla V8 in a pickup truck that’s intended for towing and hauling. To complement and leverage the improved airflow, a 102 millimeter throttle body is used in place of the stock unit.

Running E85 fuel and 20 pounds of boost pressure from the supercharger, Harrop was able to break into four-figure horsepower territory with 1015 ponies and 988 pound-feet of torque. These are serious numbers for an otherwise factory long block to produce, and even more impressive given the simplicity of installation with the supercharger as opposed to a twin-turbo setup. By comparison, a stock Godzilla is rated at 430 horses and 475 pound-feet of torque in the Super Duty.

Better still, Harrop is planning to further work on the 7.3L Ford Godzilla engine to take performance to an even higher level.

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  1. raptor R

    something like this should be in the raptor R. didnt ford develop their own 7.3 supercharger? might as well go out with a roar when electric trucks are going to blow the doors off these dinosaurs. godzilla vs t-rex

  2. Mike sturgeon

    I sure do wish you guys would quit calling this thing godzilla…. the world already has an engine named that. And has for 33 years……

    1. Bryan

      Nissan never called the RB26DETT Godzilla. An Australian car magazine made up the nickname about the entire R32 platform.
      Also this engine makes a lot more hp and torque than the stock RB26 did…326 at the flywheel based on testing.
      So Ford can use the name that Nissan missed the boat on by not officially calling the RB26 Godzilla.
      Plus the RB is a small engine, to be a true Godzilla, the engine would have to be a big block. The RB is more like Anguirus…tough, strong, but small.

      1. Alex Luft

        @Mike Sturgeon – the Godzilla name is Ford’s own internal name for the engine in question.

        If you are referring to Nissan, then Godzilla was a nickname for the GT-R. It was never an official name.

        Crisis averted.

  3. DZ

    All this effort on making powerfull motor but no effort on producing the micro chip for the pickup truck waiting for

  4. Lee

    What a glorious sound! I’d consider swapping out the 7.3l diesel in my ’02 Super Duty for the ‘petrol version’, as the Aussies called it.
    I wonder if Hennessy makes the proper swap kit for early Super Duty’s?

  5. Toivo

    This engine is the modern-day FE, the sideoiler 427 used to defeat Ferrari installed in the GT40. Ford killed the FE in the 70’s and has now spent billions recreating it. You can by a deep-skirted 445 FE today. Nice that Ford decided to bring it back, and modernize it.

  6. Demetrius Johnson

    But what about the Barra engine? 😜😏

  7. Demetrius Johnson

    The Barra engine is still a better engine In My Humble Opinion. That engine could potentially go into the Ford GT too… Hmm…. And yes with E85…. They’re getting 2,000 horsepower out of a bulletproof turbocharged inline iron 6 cylinder.

  8. Art

    Engine Power TV got over 1000hp on the dyno from a 5.0 Coyote with minimal modifications.

  9. Chuck

    Ford named it Godzilla ya re re. Saying “don’t call it that because there’s already one called that” is like saying “you can’t put “GT” on a Mustang because other cars have a “GT” label on em!” Or better yet “Ford can’t put “GT” on their “GT” because other cars use the “GT” label.” Go sit on a park-bench somewhere and admire “big red trucks” while eating ice-cream! Oh and f.y.i. the “godzilla” motor you’re referring to, well it’s not in reference to the motor dingle berry, it’s in reference to the Nissan GT-R with the R-32! Lmao. So next time know what you’re talking about okay? Okay, you just have yourself a nice day! Come back when you’re educated.

  10. Jerry

    But I thought Ford said push rod valve train was “old and out dated tech”?? Ha, ha, ha!!


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