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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Salutes Ford After 2022 F-150 Lightning Reveal

As Ford Authority detailed last week, the all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a technological showcase for the future that builds on the proven format and capabilities that F-150 buyers expect. Those traits weren’t just highlighted here, but extensively covered by virtually every media outlet in America, and when combined with President Joe Biden’s improvised test drive of an early prototype, the whole shebang amounted to a massive PR victory for The Blue Oval. Basically, it was a watershed moment for the automotive industry, which is almost certainly why Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the time to figuratively tip his hat to Ford in a recent Twitter thread.

Oddly enough, Musk didn’t directly tweet The Blue Oval, but instead opted to compliment the company in the form of a reply to a CleanTechnica tweet ostensibly created to promote a recent article published by the website. That piece contained a lot of praise for the F-150 Lightning and was heavily promoted by Twitter users, which is probably why it caught Musk’s attention.

This latest exchange, despite being a bit indirect, follows some back and forth tweeting between Musk and Ford CEO Jim Farley from earlier in 2021, including a playful jab on the subject of Ford’s BlueCruise driver-assist technology. Until recently, Ford and Tesla didn’t really compete against each other, as the former automaker typically produced more traditional vehicles that appealed to customers looking for a different type of car ownership experience. But with new models like the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E and the upcoming 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla has more direct rivals to the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Cybertruck than ever before.

Speaking of the Cybertruck, production is scheduled to begin in late 2021 at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, which is still under construction. While less conventional, it is highly anticipated by consumers, allegedly securing over 650,000 refundable deposits of $100 from prospective buyers since it was announced. Time will tell if the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning generates that level of pre-order hype, but within 12 hours of its debut, reservations for Ford’s electric pickup had already surpassed the 20K mark.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Before the official reveal of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, survey data from Cox Automotive indicated that an electric F-150 was most appealing to consumers, out of a competitive field that included the Cybertruck, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV, and the Rivian R1T. Ultimately, the electric pickup segment is rapidly taking shape, and as of right now, Ford and Tesla are quite cordial with one another, although that sentiment could quickly change once electric truck war begins.

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  1. Montana Griz

    I don’t really care who buys a Tesla, Hummer or Rivian (I will not be among their customers), but I care that those companies exist. It’s incumbent on Ford to just do what Ford does best: accurately gauge what Americans want to drive, year after year. The platform is proven safe to drive and ride in, economical to repair, and not an arm and a leg to insure. Some people buy vehicles to say, “LOOK AT ME!”, and I hope they’ll be satisfied with their Teslas and Rivians and Hummers. Those vehicles, to me, are about as utilitarian as Hydroxychloroquine and bleach.

    1. Donald

      I agree I don,t want no EV,s ,

  2. Dave

    Specs for the Lightening are underwhelming to say the least. I have owned 3-F150s and currently own a Powerstroke F250. The lightening needs more range and towing capacity to be something other than an electric bro-dozer.

    1. Waz in Oz

      A little spelling lesson for you;
      Lightening – The process of making something lighter

      Lightning – An enormous bolt of electricity seen in the sky

  3. Michael "Pappy” Harvey

    Many people average about 30 miles per day, well within the range of all EV’s on the market. Those with solar systems basically get free fuel for the life of the vehicle. One option available to those that may need an extended range vehicle a couple times per year may be to rent rent-a-ride for that special trip? No insurance, no maintenance and no vehicle payment for that ICE vehicle. Competition is great for the economy, go ahead guys, every US manufactures build those EV’s, we will buy them.

  4. Lee

    Yep, Musk and Farley are cut from the same worn out cloth.

  5. Andrew Christian

    It’s funny that people expect a perfect product when breaking into a brand new segment. Give the technology time to mature. This happens not behind the scenes, but as consumers purchase the product and make viable business cases for further innovation.

    We NEED this first limited-range F-150 to fund the innovations to make electric vehicles comparable or better. We NEED this first limited range F-150 to make the business case for expanded charging networks. The innovations don’t come without demand. from customers. Ford found enough demand to build the Lightning, now they can have a business case to innovate.

  6. Bill Howland

    The problem with Texas is that – surprisingly due to their ‘Wokeness’ – and non-cooperation from the federal government – would not let Texas use their Coal plants which would more than make up for any shortages….. Should have been a non-issue and it is time for Texans to seriously consider recalling their Governor. Even with all the silliness going on, they still had adequate supplies.

    Winterization or not in this case was *NOT* the critical issue.

    I could go into much more detail, but the ‘Peanut Gallery’ does not like any technical explanations.

    What this means of course, is that with electric or without electric vehicles – all the ‘woke’ states will be having regular power outages in the future.

  7. Andrew Lee Hopkins

    Or it’s great for a person like me, who’s commute is about 50 miles, and is sick of buying gas twice a week in my jeep, which will stick around for when I want to go on a longer trip. I’m excited by it.

  8. Richard Jensen

    Elon has always supported awful ideas so it makes sense he would praise Ford for this absolutely pathetic F150 Mach E. Awful range and long recharge times. It’s a pathetic truck that is awful at being a truck. 75 mile range while towing or hauling. What a game changer /sarcasm

  9. Richard Dix

    Me Ketterer, don’t worry about us worrying. We’re not. As a voting Democrat, let me clue you in. YOU will be coming paying extra in taxes and insurance, as well as higher prices at the pump. In other words, we’ll be pumping you up. Have a nice day.

  10. Luke Lorenz

    People complaining about range are like the horse traders who laughed at the model T for only going 25 miles. Electric is just getting serious. I don’t haul or tow big stuff, and if I did I wouldn’t in a standard F150 either. That’s why they make F250s and F350s. For everything I need a truck for, trips to Lowes, moving furniture, getting fire wood… an electric with moderate range that I can top off at home will do. This is just the start of the era.


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