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2021 Ford Bronco Convoy Spotted As Dealer Shipments Begin

2021 Ford Bronco production began at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant recently in spite of the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage and major hardtop supplier issues, and a number of order holders have already taken delivery of their shiny new SUVs. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ford Authority reported on a large number of finished Broncos sitting five miles outside of MAP, and now, we’ve spotted a 2021 Ford Bronco convoy leaving that same storage lot.

This 2021 Ford Bronco convoy is presumably on its way to being loaded up and shipped out to dealers for delivery to customers, which will certainly make even more order holders happy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, seemingly every Bronco in this lineup is fitted with a soft-top – not the Carbonized Gray MIC hardtop, the only hardtop option available for the 2021 model year.

It’s unclear exactly how many 2021 Broncos Ford will ultimately produce as it continues to be hampered with supply chain issues. As Ford Authority reported earlier today, the Michigan Assembly Plant will be closed the weeks of July 5th and 26th, but that closure is due to an unrelated parts shortage that’s not chip-related. Regardless, those aren’t likely to be the last two weeks the plant is forced to idle.

On the bright side, those impacted by top issues will receive a few additional perks, as Ford Authority reported earlier today. The automaker has decided to extend the existing 200,000 FordPass Rewards points bonus to 2022 model year Bronco order holders who are impacted by roof-related delays. Additionally, Ford is extending price protection on existing Bronco orders – which was previously good through the 2022 model year – through the 2023 model year.

Four-door soft top Bronco buyers will also receive a free hardtop prep kit, which provides soft top owners with everything they need to add a rear wiper, rear defroster, and plumbing for the rear washer if they purchase a hardtop later on, and those that decide to switch from a hardtop to a soft top before July 16th, 2021 will be eligible for September production.

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  1. Bronco

    You sound like you can’t afford one.

  2. John

    Doh, it just hit me, the roof rack I ordered cannot be installed on the soft top, so until a hardtop, any hardtop is available for my vehicle I cannot carry any outside gear, like bikes, kayaks, canoes, even a storage bin, except in the rear trailer hitch.

    Sort of makes the Bronco Sport a more usable vehicle, at least until 2023……

    1. Ben

      There are roof racks for jeeps with soft tops. A friend has one. The bronco will get the same thing. 4WP was showing off a prototype.

  3. Big Rock

    Why would anyone buy a vehicle they never drove and has to wait weeks to get one when ordered.

    1. Johnny Bronco

      Gone are the days when you had to physically kick the tires and bounce the corners up and down to evaluate the shock absorbers even on new.

      If you are waiting to buy based on a test drive – what is the test drive of a new vehicle going to expose? That a worker forgot to tighten something like the early Bronco Sports? That will never show up in the first 20-50 miles.

  4. Keith

    Why the Bronco hardtop customers have to wait and wait and wait that Long,i reserved and put a deposit and still wait not fair for us (hard top ) ,come on Ford company usa

    1. Johnny Bronco

      An opening for an enterprising fibreglass kit car manufacturer or truck cap builder to sell their own tops – even a one-piece (other than opening rear window) would be welcome. Maybe someone would come up with a better design.


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