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2021 Ford Bronco Hardtop Customers Under Temporary Communications Blackout

With 2021 Ford Bronco production underway at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, some customers are already taking delivery of their shiny new SUVs. However, many order holders are still waiting, particularly Ford Bronco hardtop customers. Now, as Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with Ford’s product plans, the company has decided to put a temporary hold on automated communications regarding Ford Bronco hardtop models.

The reasoning behind this decision is due to production shifts related to the hardtops, which are now being better integrated into the overall production schedule since Ford is receiving them. This is a big deal because the automaker has been very clear about the struggles its hardtop supplier – Webasto – has faced. In its most recent email to order holders, Ford said that it is “investing millions of dollars to fix our roof supply issue,” but admitted, “that investment, unfortunately, won’t materialize overnight.” These automated communications will resume once the situation stabilizes.

In addition to Ford’s hardtop supply chain issues, it’s also facing greater than expected demand for a number of trim levels, option packages, and options. These include Wildtrak and Badlands trims, the Sasquatch Package, Tow Package, and 2.7L EcoBoost V6. However, a number of order holders have received scheduled for production emails with VINs and estimated build dates, and there are a number of finished Broncos sitting outside MAP waiting to be delivered to customers, as Ford Authority reported earlier this week.

Those that want to receive a Bronco as quickly as possible were recently encouraged to order a Big Bend four-door automatic with the 2.3L EcoBoost I-4. But order holders that absolutely have to have supply-constrained options like the hardtop can receive priority access to the Bronco Off-Roadeo, which should at least help satisfy those Bronco cravings for a few days.

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  1. Ken Cater

    I’m [was] near the front of the line for my new Bronco, reservation made nearly a year ago. Ford’s painted hardtop specified, Badlands trim, the Sasquatch Package, Tow Package, and 2.7L EcoBoost V6. Bullseye.

    1. G Washburn

      If you stick with the painted hardtop you won’t receive a 2021 model. Painted hardtops will be available starting with the 2022 model year.

      1. B Wathen

        Actually, painted hardtops won’t be available until 2023 according to Ford’s email today. I’m not sure Ford could screw up a release anymore than they have with the Bronco.

        1. Stephen Rapp

          Ford is one company that will suffer long after the effects of pandemic over. Honor your commitments to those that out their 100.00 down.


    Ford will be the equivalent of your date going to the restroom and not coming back. Leaving you with the bill at the expensive restaurant🙃


    Just buy a Ranger today, at the dealership & be done already. Same 2.3L engine, beefier 10 speed transmission, twice the towing ability, better fuel efficiency & at less cost. Opt for the FX4 with a rear locker. Trade it back in after 2 years, once Ford is finally up to speed with production. By then the Bronco Raptor will be available!

    1. Davo

      Yeah, good luck with that. Dealers in my area don’t have any new Rangers and
      tell potential buyers they don’t have any idea of how long it would take for orders
      to be filled.

  4. Michael Zike

    I am down to a stock outerbanks because they said it will help you get it faster but if I dont hear anything soon I am putting it all back on because this will be about the only time we are going to get MSRP price, any canceled orders the dealership will mark up 5k plus on

  5. Lou

    I’m not feeling the love anymore. What was supposed to be a smooth cash sale has turned into the worse unprofessional transaction I’ve ever made.

    Shame on Ford for not handling this better.

  6. Jake

    By the time they are delivered , most likely fall , ordinarily would br the following year 2022. As of this time they are a year old already. The thrill is leaving pretty fast.

  7. Margot

    I took delivery 2nd week of January of my First Edition. Haven’t seen another Bronco since!

    1. Denise

      sure rub it in, the rest of us first edition reservation holders have bee patiently waiting, with no communication. the only thing i got was a request for a deposit then a letter saying we will call you when we call you. good thing I want this vehicle so bad.

  8. SxSkilr

    This leaves alot of us with leases in a bind . Already 38 months into a 36 month lease awaiting this vehicle

  9. wayne lampe

    My order is the Wildtrak , July order , 2nd day . Went into dealer in January 26th payed the other 400.00 , I was told July, August. 2 door ,i changed the bumper, tow package. side steps. No painted top. This week i called Ford , cause my dealership has know clue what`s going on. So here is what i was told, maybe November, December. maybe into next year. She said engine 2.7 , top , and the Sasquatch package was a problem. LOL. My Nephew ordered his Big Bend 4 door in Late October, Get this with 2.7, hardtop, Sasquatch package and more, and has a delivery date early October. Lol Happy for him , I`m Mad at Ford , How could they have mess up so badly.

  10. Stephen Rapp

    Buying Toyota from now on at least they will last! Goodbye Ford from a customer since 1965! Still have a 150 from 80’s.


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