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2021 Ford Bronco Hardtop Prep Kit Comes To All Four-Door Soft Tops This September

2021 Ford Bronco production, which recently kicked off at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, has been impacted by a number of factors in recent weeks. The biggest holdup has been hardtops, as the automaker’s supplier is having a difficult time producing enough of them to satisfy demand. That has prompted Ford to take action, as the automaker will now be including a Bronco hardtop prep kit with all four-door soft top orders starting with September production, according to sources familiar with the ongoing Ford Bronco launch.

This Bronco hardtop prep kit is significant because, without it, customers who purchase a Bronco with a soft top do not get the wiring to power the wiper, rear defroster, and the plumbing for the rear washer, as Ford Authority reported back in March. The addition of Ford’s prep kit will allow order holders to go ahead and order a soft-top instead, then easily add a hard top later – when they become available – if they don’t want to wait to take delivery of their Bronco.

Customers that want to be eligible for this no-cost option and September production will need to contact their dealer before July 16th, 2021, and change their order. In addition, customers that have unscheduled Bronco orders in the system with soft tops will automatically receive the prep kit as well, starting with September production.

As Ford Authority reported last week, Ford’s Carbonized Gray Molded-In Color (MIC) hardtop will be the only hardtop available for the 2021 Bronco. Production of the painted hardtop, other colors of the MIC hardtop, and the dual soft and hardtop options have all been pushed back to the 2023 model year.

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  1. habeas porpoise

    Called their direct line today and was told my order could get sped up, if I switch to soft top, because theyre looking at a end of year or early ’22 delivery on that roof option. Unsaid in that statement is that my carbonized gray hard top order is not getting delivered until sometime after early ’22. Thats…disappointing. “Oh, but you should call your local dealer for more info.” Yea, my dealer hasnt answered any of my calls or emails, so Im not sure that will work.

  2. John

    I was elated when I first read that the hardtop was being made standard on the two door.

    I love a removable hard top on an SUV, but have never liked/wanted a soft top (on anything, for that matter). I certainly mean no offense to those who do like them.

  3. Clay Wright

    My original order is for a 4 door hardtop in carbonized gray but I (and the dealer) still have no estimated production/delivery date. This order is beginning to be a running joke with my friends and family.


    Has anybody said how much the hardtop will be if i buy it later , to go w/ my prep kit ?????

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      We haven’t heard anything about that yet, but presumably Ford will release pricing at some point in the future.

  5. Tom Stiles

    Since you guys have insider knowledge. Could you find out if the 1st Edition Bronco will still get the gray hardtop as planned? On WBDO.. there is no option for Soft Top Only for a 954A (1st Edition)

    1. Tom Stiles

      Just Confirmed, 1st Editions are not affected by HardTop issue! Phew


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