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2021 Ford Bronco Production Partially Reallocated To Dealer Stock

Back when reservations for the 2021 Ford Bronco opened during its reveal, Ford was adamant that all customer orders would be filled before dealers would receive any inventory. However, the automaker has been straddled with a number of supply chain issues in recent weeks, including some major hardtop restraints. Thus, 2021 Bronco production will no longer be limited to just customer orders, sources familiar with the Bronco’s launch plans have revealed to Ford Authority.

This means that some 2021 Ford Bronco production will go to dealers, albeit only models equipped with soft tops. This will obviously come as a disappointment to order holders who are affected by Ford’s top supplier issue, but it will also give those that didn’t score an early reservation a chance to get a Ford Bronco without having to wait a year or two.

However, there are ways for order holders to take delivery of their shiny new SUVs sooner. The most impactful, as Ford Authority reported yesterday, is to switch from any of the available hardtop options to the soft top.

Those that make the switch before July 16th, 2021 will be eligible for September production, and will also receive a free Ford Bronco hardtop prep kit containing everything they need to add the rear wiper, rear defroster, and plumbing for the rear washer later on down the road if they choose to purchase a hardtop separately. Previously, these items were not included with soft top-only orders.

As Ford Authority reported last week, Ford’s Carbonized Gray Molded-In Color (MIC) hardtop will be the only hardtop available for the 2021 Bronco. Production of the painted hardtop, other colors of the MIC hardtop, and the dual soft and hardtop options have all been pushed back to the 2023 model year.

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  1. Tim Papirnik

    Interesting a dealer near me has just listed two broncos in their inventory both with hard tops but they are asking $ 10,000 over sticker price. Limited supply major demand.

  2. Bob

    Crap company falling to pieces. God If Henry were alive! All fired, for sure!

    1. royl

      You are so right; however, if Henry were alive, these guys wouldn’t have been hired to start with!

  3. Jim P.

    The Dealers should have ordered in the beginning! I am questioning whether Ford even cares about the people that put their deposits down. Cutting the
    Iine to supply Dealers first is just BS! It almost seems like Ford wants you to cancel your order so dealers can make more money!

  4. David A Lang

    Despite Ford Authorty’s constructive opinions about F, the reporting shows a pattern of inept product introductions. Am I reading this right?

  5. John

    WTF, simple solution would have been ship all reserved units with soft tops and IOU hardtops TBD, What was the point of standing in line when Joe Blow off the street can walk in and drive off – apparently possibly even with a hardtop.

    Presumably all First Editions would have been hard top, although there is no way to go back and “build and price” a F.E.

    I predict the most stolen auto accessory will be Bronco hardtops, beating out catalytic convertors.

  6. J Smith

    I don’t plan doing too much off-road, but I wanted the cool looks. I accept F can’t control the effects of COVID; I don’t accept the problem with the hardtops. Manufacture and supply issues have been known and reported since last year. I’m now seriously considering cancelling my order and getting a 4Runner TRD Pro.

  7. Bobby

    Ordered a 2022 F250 in March 2021. Whats the current outlook ? Is Ford moving ahead ??

  8. royl

    IF what ford is saying is correct (and I doubt it, supply issues, covid, chip shortage, etc.) then 100% of all soft top orders from those with a reservation should be filled, even before the dealers get theirs. If there are reservation holders that ordered the soft top, they should have been placed, directly in front of the line, before anyone else, dealers included. All reservation holders should have received a note, and a reasonable amount of time (maybe 1 week) to change from hard to soft top, thus taking care of those that put up their money and waited, this is a slap in the face. Ford doesn’t seem to realize there are actually other 4x4s on the market, and as most broncos will be nothing but mall crawlers anyway, there may be a few guys that say, “I’ve had enough”, sad.


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