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2021 Lincoln Nautilus Gains New Green Gem Color: First Look

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus adds three new colors to its roster: Asher Gray, Flight Blue, and Green Gem. Here’s our first look at the Green Gem option.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Assigned order code W6, Green Gem is one of 11 colors offered on the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus and Nautilus Reserve, and one of seven available colors for the range-topping Nautilus Black Label.

The Green Gem color is a no-cost option throughout the entire Nautilus model range and is freely available on every interior color combination, with one minor exception. On Nautilus Reserve, the new color cannot be paired with the Slate cabin environment.

Lincoln Nautilus Trim Levels:

  • Base
  • Reserve
  • Black Label

Lincoln Nautilus Interior Color Combinations:

  • Ebony
  • Ebony/Roast
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Chalet*
  • Alpine*
  • * Black Label interior colorways

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

As of this writing, the 2021 Nautilus is available at the retail level, as the Ford Oakville Assembly plant has been producing the crossover for several months now, albeit with moderate disruptions to its schedule as a result of the ongoing microchip shortage.

Ford Authority has extensively reported on the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, which received a completely redesigned interior for the new model year, along with a host of other changes. For instance, Reserve and Black Label trims gained the Phone As A Key feature, while the availability of paddle shifters was restricted to certain models. The model year changeover also saw the deletion of the Windshield Wiper De-Icer from the entire lineup.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

The 2021 Nautilus rides on the Ford CD4 platform shared with the 2021 Ford Edge. The Nautilus joined the Lincoln lineup for the 2019 model year as a midcycle refresh to the Lincoln MKX, which originally debuted for the 2016 model year.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Mj

    The new green color is terrible. All the colors are dark, give me a silver blue or other lighter colors. The green is hideous to me . Lincoln has boring ugly colors

    1. John

      If Lincoln feels like they want to remove that green, then they’ll do it. But they’re not going to listen to some random just cause they don’t like it. Besides, next year I assume they’re going to bring out a bunch of new stuff for their 100th anniversary since it’s kinda a big deal and we already know they’re bringing out big stuff such as the refreshed Navigator and the Lincoln EV so who says they’re not going to bring a 100th anniversary package with lots of exterior colors and interior themes from their first years or from their hay day in the 50s and 60s. If they don’t they’re missing out on a great opportunity for sales and to improve the brand by bribing Ford into giving them more money to innovate.

    2. Roy Chile’s

      Nice but LINCOLN don’t need new colors Wht it really needs is new models to get customers N2 the Show room

  2. Avi8or63

    As a person who sees these cars everyday, I can honestly say of the 3 new colours I like the Flight Blue the most , followed by the Green Gem which in bright light is a very deep rich green. Nice to look at. And lastly the Asher Grey.
    Kind of a dark generic grey. The new interiors are really nice and a major improvement.

  3. RGC

    Lincoln offers a range of colors from dark to light. Green is a logical choice to reintroduce. Colors are an emotional choice so to hate a color green ir silver is a waste of time.

    Now give me a hybrid/electric option and we’re talking.

    1. Justin

      They have the Corsair as a plug in hybrid, same with the Aviator, the Navigator is predicted to come with the same hybrid found on the F-150, and then the Lincoln EV is coming which I assume is going to replace the Nautilus since it’s getting old so the entire Lincoln lineup should have some sort of electrified option by 2026 which is when the Nautilus is going away. But I totally agree with you on your opinion on colors. Lincoln should not suppress people to have boring colors such as black, white, and silver and they’re definitely one of the better ones in the Industry which is one of the reasons why I like them better.


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