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2021 Lincoln Navigator Gains New Signature Navy Color: First Look

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator adds four new colors to its roster: Flight Blue, Green Gem, Asher Gray, and Signature Navy. Here’s our first look at the Signature Navy option.

2021 Lincoln Navigator

Assigned order code HX, Signature Navy is one of 10 colors available on the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Base and Reserve. Similarly, Lincoln offers seven different colors for the range-topping Black Label, with two of those options being exclusive to the model.

The Signature Navy color is a no-cost option that is available on the standard length Navigator as well as on the extended length Navigator L at no additional cost, with some restrictions. Specifically, it cannot be paired with the Reserve Monochromatic package or any Black Label model.

Lincoln Navigator Trim Levels:

  • Base
  • Reserve
  • Black Label

Lincoln Navigator Interior Color Combinations:

  • Cappuccino
  • Ebony
  • Medium Slate
  • Russet
  • Chalet*
  • Yacht Club*
  • Destination*

*Black Label interior themes

2021 Lincoln Navigator Launch Timeframe

As of this writing, the 2021 Navigator is available at the retail level, as the Ford Kentucky Truck plant has been producing the SUV since late 2020, albeit with moderate disruptions to its output as a result of the ongoing microchip shortage.

Shoppers interested in Lincoln’s luxury, full-size three row SUV should check with their local dealer regarding pricing and availability of models clad in the Signature Navy color.

Ford Authority has extensively covered the changes to the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, which include the addition of the Special Edition Package and the expanded availability of the electronic limited-slip differential.

The 2021 Navigator rides on the Ford T3 platform shared with the 2021 Ford Expedition. Lincoln completely redesigned the Navigator for the 2018 model year, representing the fourth generation of the nameplate. A refresh for the 2022 model year will bring about new front and rear fascias, a new hybrid model, and various enhancements to its cabin, such as the addition of a larger center screen.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    If this is Lincoln flagship the company has a very boring future. Expedition isn’t the flagship model at Ford, Jim Farley would you please Resign so someone can make Lincoln The Luxury Company It Should Be

    1. Alex Luft

      Two things:

      1. How do you know there isn’t a plan to do that already?

      2. Lincoln has been mistreated and lacked investment for years. Today is the best health Lincoln has been in two decades, possibly more. Turning a major operation like it does not happen over night, especially in the competitive luxury vehicle landscape we’re in today.

    2. Stephen Ketterer

      Roy Chile’s:
      Have you even looked at either a Navigator or an Aviator lately? They’re two of the best executed vehicles on the planet for the money. And–the Nav enjoys one of the highest repeat buyer loyalty percentages in the business. They are truly two of the best kept secrets in the luxury SUV market.

      If you are longing for the glory days when the Town Car ruled the roadways–wake yourself up. Those days are long gone. People love SUVs, period, end of sentence. Look across the street at Cadillac’s flagship, and you’ll see a vastly improved SUV in their lot. Why did GM improve it? Lincoln Navigator.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        Your right they are the best kept secret because they don’t out sale Cadillac in Sedans or SUVs in Texas. Ford has 4 new vehicles on or coming to market Bronco Sport, Bronco, Mach-E and F150 Lightning. While Lincoln has a lot of Ford SUVs with Lincoln slapped across them. Lincoln is on Buick level which sales the same things SUVs, Lincoln can be turn around and back to luxury in 24mos. With a Continental suicide door and Super Chief suicide door truck both EVs. Don’t be happy buying a ice cream cone when you could have had a steak dinner. There’s nothing old about cars BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Lexus sells plenty in Texas. I would buy the F150 Lightning or Platinum before spending $100k on a Expedition with Lincoln name on it. I own a Adrenaline, Boss 302, 04 Cobra, 03 Lightning, my luxury ride is a Lexus sedan because Lincoln don’t know how to build 1 haha

        1. Roy Chile’s

          My bad I said 4 there’s 5 add Maverick to that list which should have been named Sport Trac

        2. Stephen Ketterer

          I agree that Ford doesn’t advertise Lincoln products the way they should. The Lexus sedan is a great car. Great because Toyota needs to pour R&D $$ into them to stay relevant. Ford’s baby and cash cow will always be the F-Series–the Nav is a beneficiary of this development, and F-Series’ existence is largely why Ford couldn’t compete in the sedan market, luxury or otherwise.

    3. Me

      Roy is always a sour puss.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        Am nothing like your parents

  2. Gary.

    Sorry but I think that vehicle is quite appealing. Should be the car government uses for the president brigade especially that blue. Something other then ⚫

  3. MontanaGriz

    I’d love something new and original, of course.
    But there has not been a previous generation of the Navigator that has been this well-appointed, this powerful, this economical and, (and this is more important to me than anything else) safe.
    In my opinion, all big SUVs look like the logical progression of the 1970s passenger vans. The smaller SUVs? They allllll look alike. Aerodynamicity and a lack of originality have made them ironically clones with wildly ranging price tags.
    But among the large vehicles——becoming less Sport, very little Utility——I like the Navigator.

  4. Bipin Rama

    Hoping for a generator similar to the f150 in the Navigator. Hat would complete my wish for my purchase. Been interested in it since they introduced it few years ago. Just can’t afford it

  5. Dr Jay

    I absolutely love my 2020 Lincoln MKZ. After 20+ Mercedes I just got worn out by the service and cost of minor repairs. Talk about a best kept secret, always getting compliments on it. Has looks of a Jag but will just needs oil changes and runs like a racehorse


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