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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Hit 100K In Three Weeks

It’s been three weeks since the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning was revealed, at which time reservations for the pickup also opened up. Interest in the first-ever all-electric Ford F-150 was strong from the start as the automaker secured 20,000 Ford F-150 Lightning reservations in the first 12 hours, then hit the 70,000 mark one week later. Now, the Detroit Free Press has confirmed with Ford that it has reached a big milestone three weeks after the Lightning was revealed – 100,000 reservations.

“We’re super excited about the demand,” Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg told the Free Press. “Reservations are getting added all the time.” Bergg also confirmed that order banks for the Lightning will open later this year.

Those that place $100 down to secure Ford F-150 Lightning reservations will have to wait a while to take delivery of their shiny new pickup, which is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2022 after production begins at the new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

The commercial customer-focused F-150 Lightning Pro starts out at $39,974 with the standard range battery, which provides an EPA estimated 230 miles of range. Adding the extended range battery, which provides an estimated 300 miles of range, adds another $10,000 to that price. However, it’s worth noting those range numbers might be a bit understated, as Ford Authority recently reported.

Meanwhile, the consumer-oriented Lightning XLT will start out at $52,974. Pricing for the more luxurious Lariat and Platinum trims has not yet been announced, but Ford did note that prices can reach as high as $90,000, depending on how the truck is equipped.

It’s currently unclear how many Lightnings Ford will produce for the 2022 model year, as CEO Jim Farley recently admitted that production of the electric pickup will be limited, but stopped short of saying just how limited it might be.

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  1. Barry

    Good luck in actually taking delivery.
    I’ve got a great idea…how about focusing on the 30,000 trucks in Kentucky that Ford has already started and can’t deliver!!!

    More technology, more microchips = no truck actually delivered 😳

    1. Jay

      Might want to check your facts…Ford notified 30,000 employees that some trucks would be built without computers and then installed as they get them in inventory. Nothing was said about that many trucks are not being delivered.

      Also, the semiconductor shortage is not Ford’s fault. This is a global problem for many industries.

      1. Barry

        I ordered my 2021 Ford F250 on March 2, 2021. It is June 15, 2021. No truck, no new updates from Ford. I have a nice window sticker with a VIN, and the date of April 20, 2021. The dealership indicates the truck was built and sitting in a parking lot in Kentucky.
        These are the “facts” as you state.

        As I stated… more technology, more microchips = no truck actually delivered.
        Having a nice new electric truck sitting in a parking lot means it is not sitting in the driveway of a customer.

        Concerning the supply chain issues, having multiple suppliers for micro chips could have helped. A single factory in Japan burning brought the auto industry to its knees. As you know, Intel has manufacturing in the USA perhaps they can help. Bottom line, diversify the supply chain to minimize (not eliminate) the risk of supplies needed to produce the product.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Great news it shows there is a market for EV Truck moving into the future. To BAD a LINCOLN Continental EV wasn’t built using the F150 Lightning platform, who knows what might have been. As far as the F150 that’s not delivered every Auto Maker is having a chip problem today thanks to the way COVID #19 was handled in 2020. I work at a Plant Things hopefully will get back to normal by 2022-23

  3. GeorgeS

    I see the same scenario with the Lightning as the C8. It can be a year or more to take delivery and as with anything new, startup issues and dealer premiums added. I think Ford will do very good with the EV truck but I wonder how many loyal ICE F-150 customers will switch to batteries? For sure municipal depts of every city and county will jump all over it. Maintenance vehicles rarely need to go beyond their borders therefore range would not be an issue. ICE F-150 and 250’s would still be needed for towing heavy equipment but overall, government officials will be drooling all over it as it will show that they are green and get a better handle on maintenance and operational cost.

  4. WorthFlorida

    How many can back their 19′ (230 inch) long truck into the garage and still close the door? 🧐

  5. Lee

    One hundred thousand reservations? Y’all don’t hold y’all’s breath while waiting for delivery. Farley got thirty thousand trucks he can’t deliver right now.

  6. Earl Craig

    Would like to pre-order this little Ford Maverick, my last Toyota hydroplaned ,m after decent service for 13 years coming home ,but first Ford Maverick car, of the 70’s was Ford. I went to Vietnam , but couldn’t afford one, thus I love the name and need another truck , before my maker calls, Toyotas seem to underbody-rust away. Good metal in these new Fords? P.S. Hate my ’19 high cost, low mileage HIGHLANDER@$32,000?i NEED SMALL AND ECONOMICAL, Mr. Maverick!


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