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2022 Ford Maverick Bed Cap Photos Suggest Future Accessory Offering

In recent months, Ford has vastly expanded its catalog of accessories as more and more consumers seek them out. This includes new offerings for vehicles like the Ford Bronco, Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Explorer, but soon, the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick will have its own bevy of accessories available. That includes this Ford Maverick bed cap Ford Authority spied on a Cactus Gray model recently.

This body-color Ford Maverick bed cap is paint-matched for a nicely integrated appearance, and it has a Ford logo on the glass, which likely indicates that this is indeed an official factory accessory. The overall design of the bed cap makes it clear that it was styled to complement the Maverick’s lines perfectly, from the nicely aligned glass to the plastic trim that’s a clear match for the compact pickup.

One deviance on the bed cap resides up top, where the cap slopes upward from the roof to provide more cargo capacity. It also keeps the Maverick looking like a truck and not some crossover, though the design is so integrated that some might still mistake it as such. And while bed caps, in general, aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, this one is a truly nice-looking piece that is light years beyond the old, cheap ones that used to populate the roads.



Accessories like this will undoubtedly appeal to early Maverick buyers, and it seems like there will be plenty of them after Ford secured 36k reservations for the new pickup in the first week they were available. We imagine that quite a few accessories will be available by the time the Ford Maverick enters production, which as Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this week, is scheduled to begin August 16th, 2021.

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  1. blksn8k

    Sorry but my old fashioned sense of style is offended by that thing. The side profile makes what is an otherwise good looking vehicle look like a dorkmobile. It kinda looks as if it got rear ended by an old SUV.

    1. John

      Your old fashioned sense of style doesnt remember the millions of aftermarket canopies that people have been putting on pickups for decades, with many of the nicer ones being raised in the back for increased cargo capacity?

      Beautiful? No.
      Offensive? Really? It must not take much..

  2. Josh

    Maybe people wanting a station wagon will get it? Maybe pet owners. Or people who wanna travel all 48 contiguous states. I think advance auto parts or some other parts store will buy a lot of these trucks in general. Maybe cable companies as well.

  3. Crabbymilton

    I think it looks rather sharp. A great alternative to a much more costly SUV or crossover. People have been doing that forever so if they like it and you don’t, then that’s your problem.

  4. Rob

    Waiting game right now for production of this truck and was wondering about a cap. This is good news. Function is more important to me than styling, but it looks good to me. I need the option of throwing taller things in the back that won’t get wet. The hard tonneau cover makes the bed too limited for carrying certain things.

  5. Bill

    Great news for the topper add-on – would add to my Build list immediately !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bg

  6. Steven R Smith

    Opinions and assholes are something we all have and more often than not, something we should just keep to ourseleves.

  7. Adam R

    Some of us like to do things like hunt and fish and need a place to store bulky items that might be wet, dirty or smelly. We don’t want that stuff in the cabin of an SUV, but we also don’t want them getting any more wet, dirty or smelly. A cap/topper is a perfect solution, and a factory-matched accessory is far better looking than the corrugated tin versions our grampa used.

  8. JC

    This is just what I wanted to see, and Ford made it a snap to order in matching body color. In a perfect world, the Maverick Hybrid would also come with an AWD option.


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