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2022 Ford Maverick Confirmed, Officially Debuts June 8th: Video

Ford Authority has reported extensively on the 2022 Ford Maverick over the last several months, revealing numerous details about the forthcoming compact pickup and posting countless photos of prototypes driving around. Now, Ford has finally confirmed the Maverick’s existence, given us a few teaser photos and videos of the truck, and has also announced that the Maverick will officially be revealed on June 8th. This comes as no surprise to Ford Authority readers, as we reported last week that the Maverick would likely be unveiled in the first half of June.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will be revealed in a rather unique way as well – on actress Gabrielle Union’s personal Instagram and TikTok accounts, in addition to Hulu and Ford’s social media channels. The Maverick will also be the very first Blue Oval vehicle to be revealed on Ford’s U.S. TikTok channel, notably.

The Maverick will be The Blue Oval’s first compact pickup since the previous-gen Ford Ranger was discontinued following the 2011 model year. It will be noticeably bit smaller than the current, mid-size Ranger, though the base model will also be considerably less expensive, with an MSRP of less than $20k, as Ford Authority exclusively reported. That will make the Maverick the most affordable pickup in Ford’s lineup, roughly $4,000 less than the cheapest 2021 Ranger, which is a SuperCab, not a SuperCrew like all Mavericks will be.

The base model Maverick will come equipped with incandescent exterior lighting, steelie-style wheels, a lower-cost, twist-beam rear suspension, and a strange exhaust setup in front-wheel-drive configuration. An all-wheel-drive version with an independent rear suspension will also be available, as will a more rugged, off-road-oriented trim level that could be called Timberline.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will be available with either Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost I-3 or an optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, both of which will be mated to the FoMoCo’s eight-speed automatic transmission. A naturally aspirated four-cylinder remains a possibility for the entry-level model to keep costs down, while the Maverick will also come with a hybrid powertrain option.

The Maverick be built alongside the Ford Bronco Sport at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, with which it shares the Ford C2 Platform along with the Ford Escape. The compact pickup is expected to enter production in July.

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  1. Me


    1. Kouakuama

      Why not?

  2. Stephen Ketterer

    Vacuums get filled.

  3. Pedro77

    City people won’t want this. Too long.

    1. Ford Owner

      I live in a large city and my Fusion sedan is bigger.

      1. RenJ24

        Fusion is nowhere near as long.

  4. Nelson DT

    To me this is just a people mover with an almost usable box tacked onto the rear of the cab area.
    It also reminds me a lot of the Explorer Sport Trac that died in 2010 just before the smaller sized Ranger was discontinued. It isn’t looking very likely that there will be a Maverick sitting in my driveway at any time and I will wait and see what comes next. Of the current Ford lineup, the one that interests me at the moment is the Transit Connect.

    1. Ryan

      There’s still a big market for those old small Rangers, I think people will go for it. And the financials make more sense this time around, it’s built on a cheaper platform that already has good volume, and it’s not being made in downtown St Paul. I wish it was made in the US, but at the same time Minneapolis/St Paul is a hard place to be competitive

      1. Stephen Ketterer


    2. Roy Chile’s

      Your right own a 2010 Adrenaline which is a very Cool Truck that seats 5 with a small bed. This looks like a baby Version of the Sport Trac which it should have been named. Funnie thing is Ford don’t want to sale sedans then they name a truck-let after one

  5. Terry

    So when will they resurrect their most famous name plate? The venerable Crown Vic.

    1. John

      As much as I want to see that happen, there’s just not a good business case for it. Not enough people are interested in that kind of vehicle anymore. The way forward, for the present, is SUVs and trucks.

  6. Ford Owner

    There is a big market for small trucks. Remember the LUV? Since the Ranger is larger and the Chevy S -10 is missing, many have been looking at used models or imports. So Ford will fill this market well by covering the small truck needs, and still dominate the medium and large truck markets.

  7. Blather

    We can’t see it because the truck will be itty-bitty small tiny like micro soft kind of thing?

  8. Paul I. Bucher

    I would like one ASAP !


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