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2022 Ford Maverick Production Scheduled To Begin In August

The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick was just revealed earlier this month, but racked up an impressive 36,000 reservations in just the first week they were available. Now, it seems that those reservation holders won’t have to wait too long to take delivery of their new compact pickups, as Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with Ford’s product plans that Job #1 2022 Ford Maverick production is scheduled to begin on August 16th, 2021, after order banks opened up back on June 8th. It’s worth noting, however, that these dates are subject to change, especially in light of the semiconductor chip shortage.

Early Ford Maverick production actually began way back in February at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, as Ford Authority previously reported, but those were early production units that are not destined to be sold to the public. Ford later told its suppliers that it expected Maverick production for customer orders to begin in July, but now, it will actually kick off roughly one month later.

Those customers will be getting a compact pickup with an impressively low $19,995 base price, a standard hybrid drivetrain, and an estimated 40 miles-per-gallon city fuel economy rating, all of which rival even well-established compact cars. Those that covet more capability can opt for Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, which can be paired with all-wheel-drive and tow up to 4,000 pounds with the optional 4K Tow Package.

AWD is only available with the EcoBoost, mainly because of the Maverick’s new electric motor. Regardless, even the base model shares suspension tech with the European Ford Fiesta ST, though the Maverick will only be sold in the U.S. Those interested in checking out all of the Maverick’s options before production kicks off can do so here, while a comprehensive pricing guide can be found here.

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  1. Tommy

    No two door no buy.!

  2. JT

    No 2 door no buy! U clearly have no friends or family. This isn’t the 1980’s…

  3. Paul Buntin

    They talk about pre-ordering the Maverick, but I spent an hour searching and could not find how.

    1. JT and click on Reservation. Your local Ford dealer will contact you when the ordering banks open and you can detail the options you want and narrow down the price. Then they will order it for you.

  4. Ada Atkins

    I love Fords had one since age 18. Now 68 . Would love to try this truck Maverick love to have it lease to own. Never drove many trucks but I love this one. Call me 304 236-5244

  5. Me

    An unnecessary truck built in Mexico. Swing and a miss

    1. commbubba19

      yeah i really think this mini truck market is a temp fad and we’ll see dealer lots full of them when people realize how much they suck

      1. teejaysplace

        There’s definitely a market for these things, just perhaps not traditional pickup buyers. If you are a professional contractor filling your bed to capacity with 4×8 sheets of material, no, this is not the vehicle for you. But for people who live in larger cities, the Maverick’s unique combination of size, utility, passenger room, cargo area, mileage standards and price point makes it pretty exceptional. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market right now.

      2. Swoosh

        Can’t wait to get mine. Number 7 on the list at my Ford dealer. Doubt very much that it’s a fad.. 40 miles to the gallon vs. my Denali with a 5.3 pos gas hog. Love driving to San Diego which is a ways from where I live and this will be the perfect vehicle. So, very happy that I got my order in early.

    2. Harry

      U really missed th boat on that one,thos things will sell like hotcakes,keep an eye on th sales numbers after they start makin them,nd hopefully u will learn sumthin about urself

  6. Carmen Aguilar

    Are the Maverick trucks going to be made in fuel use?

  7. John

    @paul online you can reserve but ordering is through the dealer you select to contact you. A little different than Bronco. No fee to Ford to reserve.

    @Me Stellantis, formerly Fiat-Chrysler , formerly…builds all their RAM pickups south of the border. More jobs in Mexico (at competitive wages) = less unemployed auto workers crossing the border.

  8. John

    Sad I could place an order today for a Maverick and get it sooner than the Bronco I reserved a year ago.

    I did some navigation through the Maverick build/price and found out….
    1. First Editions are not sold out. You can add it as a package to any Lariat
    2. To honor HF the first, First Editions are available in any color you want…as long as it is Area 51 (despite the chilipepper red in the selection screen)
    3. AWD only with the 2.0 ecoboost and automatic (no manual trans) only even though Subaru successfully(?) Combines CVT and AWD.
    4. 4000# towing with 2.0, not too shabby for its size
    5. Size is a few inches smaller than current Ridgeline but too bad Ford could not include an underbed storage.
    6. If the swing out tool boxes were just a little shorter you could have both driver and passenger

    1. commbubba19

      you can place an order because no one is actually ordering these things. people talk a lot of hot air about how cool or practical they are but in reality won’t actually plunk down the change to buy one because they serve no purpose. they are a poor option for daily use vs an escape/bronco sport with worse economy/performance/capability/comfort. they bed is useless due to low payload and size. so when that lowes run fails to haul that new outdoor patio set you bought, you’ll be quick to trade it in on an actual truck. lastly it’s god awful ugly.

      1. Mark Thayer

        I smell a Mopar fan here.

      2. Paddy

        It is so ugly it is cute!

  9. John

    I take it back. Area 51 is tge default color for First Edition, but you can also choose black, white, gray or Rapid Red

  10. Chris Dayhoff

    I think this fits the market for home owners and people who are outdoorsy… they don’t need a full size gas hog…they need something that will haul camping gear, A bag of mulch, plants, etc..
    This is the perfect truck for someone who doesn’t really need a truck but wants something different than a SUV… and can do light truck things when needed

    Finally Ford and Hyundai are dummy up…. Except Ford has really hit it out of the park for price and gas mileage and will leave Hyundai gasping

  11. SteveO

    This is going to be a major win for Ford!
    A small truck with Corolla / Civic fuel economy and priced below the “LX” versions of those cars. The Maverick will carve out a huge chunk of the small car and smaller SUV market and will also be popular as a shop truck, landscape mobile, bicycle hauler, etc.

  12. Carl Jaxon

    Why can’t we go back to Ford and Chevy both building their vehikels dolly in the US…..and the “other” grappig vehicles….Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, etc. close their places here. Make your own cars in your OWN country!

  13. Vic

    No power folding mirrors or auto dimming rear view mirror on Lariat?

    1. Critic

      Wait till the 23 model This truck was rushed into production 2007 – 2008 all over again Don’t help Ford-Force Ford to reevaluate the options currently offered by passing on this mediocre attempt

  14. Robert

    My third Ford and was my first brand new vehicle (2000 Ranger XLT). It was a true B1B or lemon as it had 19 warranty related issues (pull door closed and handle comes off) all happening in the first two years of ownership. I vowed never to own another Ford product because of that experience. Perhaps the Maverick can win me back??. the mpg impresses me. I sincerely hope the the quality is truly “job 1.” Like it’s target market- it’s just big enough for my needs.

  15. Paul R

    Reserved on 6/24. XLT Alto blue moon roof
    spray in bedliner 110 ac trailer hitch under 30k
    37 mpg combined. Gas goes up 50 cents a gallon for California July 1st. Perfect for two
    dogs and two bikes. Probably won’t get it till
    next year though.

  16. KM

    So, is the Maverick insufficient for hauling a small trailer with a couple ATV’s? I keep reading comments about hauling for example, a bicycle rack, etc. But doesn’t it also have the ability to tow more?


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