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2022 Ford Maverick Reservations Total 36K One Week After Reveal

It’s only been roughly a week since the 2022 Ford Maverick was revealed with some rather impressive numbers – including pricing and fuel economy that’s on par with compact cars. Breaking back into the compact pickup truck market was always a bit of a risk after most all automakers – including Ford – abandoned it years ago, but if the number of early 2022 Ford Maverick reservations are any indication, it seems to be paying off already.

The automaker just announced that Ford Maverick reservations totaled 36,000 in the first week they were available, which is undoubtedly impressive and shows that more than a few people have been clamoring for a small pickup. It’s also a testament to the fact that new Ford products of late have proven to be quite desirable.

The 2021 Ford Bronco (which just entered production) wound up attracting 190,000 reservations, 125,000 of which were converted into orders, and at least some of the ones that weren’t have been passed on to the 2022 model year, as the automaker simply can’t fill all of those reservations in 2021. Additionally, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning racked up 100,000 reservations in the first three weeks they were available, another impressive total.

Those products are undoubtedly appealing to a lot of folks, but so is the Maverick. Here we have a truck that can haul and tow reasonable loads, yet also provides a standard hybrid drivetrain and an estimated 40 miles-per-gallon in the city for a starting price of $19,995. The Maverick also seemingly fills a big void in the automotive market, which features trucks that have done nothing but grow in both size and price.

Thus, it’s really no surprise that a large number of people have already lined up to secure their chance at purchasing one with a $100 deposit. But we’ll certainly be interested to see how well the Maverick sells once it begins hitting dealers later this year.

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  1. NCEcoBoost

    Yeah, all those “reservations” over at Lordstown Motors really got them far. As in, they said they had so many that all of the first 2 years worth of production was spoken for. Turns out, in reality, they had NONE. Hope that fiasco will put an end to this Elon-inspired ridiculousness. If I was a top auto exec, I’d run away from this system as fast as I could…

    1. Roy Chile’s

      You missing one important fact, FORD is not a start up company they actually been selling vehicles for 118 years. So when they put these numbers up more than half are already sold

      1. Beav1


      2. Misty Bee

        Not only that, the article provides the reservations vs orders statistics for the Bronco, which were very good. If the reservation pace for the Maverick stays at or near the first week’s numbers, it’ll keep pace with the F-150 Lightning’s numbers. Barring a bad impression during test drive, this will be my next vehicle. I placed my reservation today.

  2. Gary bruce kempf

    Great looking little truck. Had a 1988 ranger stx that I put 198000 before trading it on my 2004. Wouldn’t mind having a Maverick for lite duty work…

  3. Phillip h

    I honestly think it looks better than the ranger especially the interior. Yes, it focused on a different market, but if Ford gets the quality right it will be a bestseller and should easily challenge its competition.

    1. Pewdie Pie

      Which it really has no competition except for the Santa Cruz. It will pull in the owners of the old Ford Ranger.

  4. John

    Did Lordstown Motors ask for any money down? Ford was able to collect $19,500,000 is zero interest “loans” to begin with for the Bronco

    I had a “free” reservation for a Bollinger, until they revealed a price tag of nearly $200k for an electrified 1965 Land Rover with real buckets for the bucket seats, lol.

    Didn’t have to pony up for the INEOS Grenadier wait in line, either

  5. Larry

    Just rolled over to 105,000 on my F-150. Love my truck have had many comments on it’s color which is Ruby Red. Im at the age where i don’t need a full size truck this new Maverick gives me what I like at a very good price.
    Put my order on the new Maverick had to go to the Lariat to get the same color . By going to the Lariat all the options that came with it now it is completely loaded. Put my order in on June 14th now comes the long wait. Would like more updates on when production is going to start

  6. boil

    40mpg in the city, in a truck, sounds good to me… let’s see how many $20k are really made. tops out at $75k, i’m sure fleet sales will be huge.

    1. Misty Bee

      ? The Lariat specced out with everything (except first aid kit and such) is just under $41K. Where are you getting the $75K number?

      1. Pewdie Pie

        Yeah, he’s crazy.

  7. Chris

    I reserved a XLT with moonroof and spray in bed liner wanted price but a little luxury coming from a LTZ Black Diamond Avalanche just got tired of the tinkeritist on the chevy and it’s thirsty for what it is 13-14mpg and the bed isn’t that much bigger than the maverick, This is my last truck and hopefully trouble free for the next 10 plus years…


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