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2022 Ford Maverick Rival Will Not Come From Volkswagen

The 2022 Ford Maverick marks The Blue Oval’s return to the compact pickup market it abandoned after the last-gen Ford Ranger was discontinued a decade ago. But it won’t be the only vehicle in that segment, as it will also compete with the recently-revealed Hyundai Santa Cruz, with other automakers seemingly likely to get in on the action if both become successful in that space. However, it doesn’t appear that Volkswagen will be building a Santa Cruz or Ford Maverick rival.

Volkswagen Tanoak Concept

“Our priority within the Volkswagen brand is to keep our existing [internal combustion engine-based] vehicles competitive, and to expand the battery-electric vehicle lineup” Duncan Movassaghi, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Volkswagen of America, told Automotive News. “Investing at this time into a niche ICE [compact pickup] segment would not make sense for us. As we transform our lineup to BEV, an electric pickup could for sure be an option.”

Thus, VW won’t be building a Ford Maverick rival – at least in ICE form. But North American dealers have long clamored for a VW pickup, which the automaker first sold in the U.S. with the pickup version of the Rabbit back in the 1970s. The fuel-efficient car-based truck was a lot like the Maverick in those regards, but the model never sold in large quantities, which ultimately led to its discontinuation.

Volkswagen Tarok Concept

More recently, Volkswagen teased a pair of compact pickup concepts – the Tanoak and Tarok – at the 2018 and 2019 New York International Auto Shows, respectively. These concepts prove that VW was seriously considering a compact pickup for the U.S. as recently as a couple of years ago, but ultimately, that won’t be happening – at least not a compact pickup powered by an ICE engine.

Next-Gen Volkswagen Amarok Teaser

Volkswagen will soon sell a new pickup in Europe, however – the next-gen Amarok, based on the next-gen Ford Ranger, which will be built at the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa as part of the automakers’ historic partnership agreement.

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  1. royl

    What a shame, competition almost always leads to better products and lower prices. The Amaroks made in South America, can be had with a 3.0 Diesel (250hp) and a 6 speed manual (for those that like a manual). VW sell 50-80,000 of these trucks every year. I hope they change their minds, and join the fight for the consumer. I doubt they’ll be able to sell any with one of their diesels, but a tough 4wd/ with a selectable low range, may make all others take note.

  2. John

    Tough to sell a Ford built VW in the US as a VW when Ford already sells nearly the same vehicle, other than power train. How many Fiat roadsters built by Mazda do you see, or Suzuki-Nissan pickups.

    BTW, Brett, VW sold pickups here in the 60s based on their van, long before the Rabbit. It was every bit a pickup when compared to the GM Corvair Rampside

  3. Roy Chile’s

    The red VW is really nice 👍🏽 I like it the most to bad it’s not coming to America

  4. Joe s

    People want trucks period the problem is regular working guys like myself cant afford them. I cant drop 40 grand and up on a truck with a 700 800 dollar a month has a great idea with the maverick and I wonder what they will really cost once you add the all wheel drive and the turbo engine cause the numbers on the base model dont cut it.then factor in the demand for these things there wont be deals to be had for a long time with this truck cause every one will want one great for ford sure but yet again the working man is left in the dust. So if dodge v.w any other manufacturer comes out with a small affordable truck they will totally sell in this market. So please chevy dodge jeep whoever make more trucks!!!! Please itll drive all the prices back down to earth so regular guys can afford them again

  5. John

    Joe, you are so right. Several years back a friend was buying a new Ford work pickup. He wanted the full rubber floor instead of carpeting that was at the time offered. I think they found just 1 within 500 miles. Simple, basic, work truck.

    A nearly fully optioned 4×4 First Edition Maverick will set you back around $36,000 You can get a basic FWD, but with the 4000#v tow package for $23,000

  6. Arturo Hernandez

    VW and the other brands will not compete with ford. Ford stick it’s prices to keep them away. This compact truck seems it’s an attempt to keep the Ford.brand positioned and number 1st on the revival segment


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