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2022 Lincoln Navigator Base Trim Spied For The First Time

We first spied a prototype of the refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator last October wearing heavy camouflage. Since then, Ford Authority has exclusively reported on the 2022 Navigator’s new infotainment screen, spied it testing alongside the previous-gen Cadillac Escalade, caught both the interior and exterior of the forthcoming 2022 Lincoln Navigator completely uncovered, and exclusively reported that the Navigator will be available with Ford’s new BlueCruise driver-assist feature, or something similar. Now, we’ve spied a base – or Standard – trim 2022 Navigator prototype for the very first time.

Much like the last 2022 Navigator prototype we spotted (and various 2022 Ford Expedition prototypes), this one is wearing very little camo, which gives us a good look at its restyled front and rear fascias. Outside of each end, the only camo present on this prototype covers the badging and a portion of the side at the front and rear, coincidentally the same areas of the SUV that have been restyled.

In addition to these styling updates, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator will also debut a new infotainment screen that retains the current model’s general aesthetic and enclosure, while removing the bezels, thereby making the screen larger to better compete with its chief rival – the all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade.

Additionally, we expect the 2022 Navigator to continue to offer Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gasoline motor as its standard powerplant, possibly with an increase in output over the 2021 Navigator. The 2022 Navigator is expected to also gain a hybrid powertrain option, most likely Ford’s 3.5L PowerBoost V6, which was introduced in the 2021 Ford F-150. Both engines will be mated to Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2022 Navigator will continue to be produced at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant alongside the Ford Expedition and Ford Super Duty. We expect the refreshed Navigator to launch in the second half of the 2021 calendar year as a 2022 model after what will likely be a summertime reveal.

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  1. Donald S DiCarlo

    Put the rear wiper under the spoiler.

    1. Chris Johnson


  2. Roy Chile’s

    You can’t tell the Standard model from the Top model unless you look at the wheels. The rear wiper is in a bad place, where are the EV Lincoln Continental or Super Chief luxury truck with Suicide doers on both models ?

  3. Chris Johnson

    I really don’t see a difference in the front, the grille is not bigger and it should be, a bigger grille is just cooler. So weird, Lincoln is afraid of doing too much and Ford isn’t, but considering Lincoln is the “luxury” brand it should be the other way around. The motto of the Luxury brand should be “you will not find a feature in our regular brand that’s not in our luxury brand.” Toyotas do not have more features than Lexus. Also don’t be afraid to do too much, give us toys, were paying 100k+ a toys are not a bad thing, instead I get a BIG trailer control button (facepalm). At 100k+ it’s not about practicality its about bragging rights. The mustang, F150, Expedition, get a nice big screen, push button car door openers, etc. Lincoln does suicide doors as a “limited” special edition continental, you want to make a statement, the first full size SUV with suicide doors, people would pay you to get in line to buy them. With a few more tech toys the navigator would be undisputed, get creative. That’s what helps the Escalade it has more toys, if I wanted a practical truck I’d buy an F-150. Common sense stuff like when the front sensor goes off because I’m too close to something, the front camera view should automatically come on, that’s just a simple line of code. I’ve been a fan of Lincoln since a teenager, 30+ years and I want them to give the full LUXURY experience, I see Lincoln trying but they seem reluctant to go all the way. With all the technology that’s out there the bar has been raised, just look at the other luxury brands.

  4. Pinnacle

    IMO its not rocket science to see where the 2022 Navigator changes are going. Seriously, just look at the 2021 Aviator which received the same, and those are carrying over to the 2022 Navigator. Doubt me, here are a few ; tear drop lower section of headlights, change in front grill in vertical section w a lower section in line compared to the 2021. Rear ; long overdue streamlined rear tail light bar much thinned up, and tails wrapping around ala the current Aviator in the same style. Same w dash screen, more square on the upper corners, slightly more visible screen size – same as the Aviator. Other possible changes not known could be diff “themes” & or colors on the Black Label upper model as many customers have bought Reserves as the Black Label interior “theme” options have not appealed to many, aside from the white perhaps. A HP increase would be welcome, maybe 475, doubt 500 BUT that engine is capable of waaaaay more reliable HP, ask me how I know 😉 …. Agree w other comments here and elsewhere, hide rear wiper, wheel options, more luxury differentiation, suicide doors ? yea that’d be cool, and still be right at $100k. OH ! A solution for that 3rd row mid ceiling seat shoulder belt hanging down, some way to clip it flush up to the ceiling would be way more classy. Another “easy” one would be offering diamond stitched seats on ALL reserve or Black Label trims, this too would dress up those trim levels even more. On the next major style revision in 2025, Lincoln definitely will need to step up their tech & differentiation from lower models to keep pace and continue to beat those Escalades 🙂


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