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2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve Spotted With Very Little Camouflage

Last fall, Ford Authority spied a 2022 Lincoln Navigator prototype for the very first time, but that model was wearing heavy camouflage. Since then, we’ve spotted the refreshed SUV testing alongside a last-gen Cadillac Escalade, gotten an up-close look at its new infotainment screen and interior, and spied a base/Standard trim prototype driving around. Now, we have some new photos that show what is believed to be a 2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve.

It’s worth noting that this presumed 2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve may not actually be a Reserve trim Navigator, due to its black mirror caps. However, the wheels on the prototype match up aesthetically to what is offered on the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Reserve. Regardless, this prototype is once again wearing very minimal camo, as has been the case with those we’ve spotted in recent weeks.

This gives us a good look at the 2022 Navigator’s revised exterior with new front and rear fascias. Inside, the refreshed SUV features a new, large, horizontally-oriented infotainment screen, a feature Ford Authority was the first to report on back in January.

In addition to those updates, the 2022 Navigator is expected to be available with Ford’s new BlueCruise driver-assist feature, or something similar, as Ford Authority exclusively reported recently.

The refreshed SUV is expected to continue to offer Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6 as its standard powerplant, possibly with an increase in output over the 2021 Navigator. The 2022 Navigator is also expected to receive a hybrid powertrain option, most likely the 3.5L PowerBoost V6 that debuted in the 2021 Ford F-150. Both engines will be mated to Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator will continue to be produced at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant alongside the Ford Expedition and Ford Super Duty. We expect the updated model to be revealed this summer and to launch in the second half of 2021 as a 2022 model.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Nothing change but the headlights, taillights and grill while FORD got 4 new models Bronco Sport, Bronco, Mach E , F150 Lightning and Maverick REALLY LINCOLN, REALLY???

    1. Biggs

      I don’t own one but I think it’s by far the most beautiful full size SUV currently on the road. I don’t think they need to change anything but I can understand wanting something new.

  2. Jose

    I was also expecting some more changes. The interior looks almost the same just with a bigger screen. The exterior is just shorter HL and new taillights.
    I hope they improve the tech: night vision, augmented reality, and a proper digital instrument cluster

    1. Roy Chile’s

      FORD and LINCOLN are like 2 kids living in the same home, 1 gets all the attention care and love it needs, while the other 1 gets little of none. It not the Family of Fine Automobile it use to be when the Family don’t know to share the wealth today

      1. Jose

        I agree with you.
        They need to give more focus to Lincoln.
        Even the Expy seems to be getting more changes inside and a bigger 15in screen


    A basically unchanged vehicle, which is a poor seller in the first place, but will have a noticeable price increase.

  4. John Chisholm

    As a current Navigator Owner I was excited to see Ford Authority report a larger grill opening on the 2022 and a larger horizontal infotainment screen. It now looks like the grille is the same size as the 2021 and the horizontal Screen is just a bit wider and in the same spot not integrated into the the flow of the dash board like it’s competitors.

    I am hopeful the 2022 will have the instability problems with Sync solved and the fish bite in the 10 speed transmission. The fuel doors need to match the contour of the quarter panel, the door is flat and the quarter panel is curved. The frame, differentials and steel components in the undercarriage should not show signs of rusting on a 100K vehicle 14 days after leaving the factory. The black trim on the B and C posts as well as on center console, IP and rear console get hazing scratches even with the softest borderless cloth, it’s time to address this to enhance the resales value of the Navigator. One last comment, the foot activated rear tailgate is the most unpredictable option I have ever seen. It works the way it should about 20% of the time. No one likes to pay for something that doesn’t work.

  5. Donald S DiCarlo

    Well at least it’s not as ugly as the Escalade.

    1. John

      Agreed! lol

  6. 18’ Navi owner

    I love the rear end and I think that it’s a tremendous upgrade but the front lower grille…it just looks dumb. In my opinion it just looks dumb happy but idk. Hopefully, it might be totally different from what it looks like in camouflage. Once they took off less I was honestly really disappointed by the front since it looked so cool with the larger grill and the thinner headlights when they had the full camouflage on. I so far really like the interior since it was great to begin with and all I really wanted changed was the screen since it looks outdated but I also like how Lincoln kept it conservative and didn’t go all out with the screen like what Cadillac did and I feel like some buyers would really appreciate that since the less distractions in my opinion, the better. They didn’t change the steering wheel to like the one in the Aviator and Corsair with the disappearing cruise control buttons but it’s fine. The few non visual things I hope they add is air suspension, second row ventilated seats, a lot better second row entertainment screens, the second row touchscreen like in the Aviator, heated third row seats, and some more weight to the buttons and knobs since they feel kinda cheap. They should have no problem beating the Escalade in everything except for tech but the only vehicle I feel like they should be really worried about is the Grand Wagoneer since it combines all the great traits about the Navigator and Escalade all together and then some and that 6.7L V8 should be pretty sweet since it has more power than the Navigator (though not as much torque) and of course it has that Chrysler HEMI V8 rumble that GM and especially the 3.5L V6 just can’t compete with. Reliability might be an issue for the Grand Wagoneer but we never know since they spent 8 years on it and they just broke off with Fiat which builds by far the worst cars in the industry (Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass, any Fiat, any Maserati, any Alfa Romeo.) The further they can get away from Fiat, the better.

    1. pdq

      “…and they just broke off with Fiat…”

      Ar you referring to Stellantis, which is the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group? Fiat’s still very much part of that picture. And frankly, I’m not sure that build quality/reliability is all that great over at the French based PSA Group.

  7. Jason Upton

    No issues with the outside. I don’t think it needed much. The focus should have been the dash and screens. Also add some heavy materials rather than plastic things for the interior.

    Total screw up on the screen. Escalade and I see many others are getting ready to release vehicles where the screens flow as being the dash. This looks like someone bought a tv from wal-mart and velcroed in on to the plastic dash.

    1. chrisj979

      EXACTLY!! Lincoln it’s time to put BOTH feet in the 21st century. They seem to have this die hard focus to add some “classic” touches to NEW cars. It just proves to me that whoever is making the decisions has very fond memories of 70’s and 80’s Lincoln’s. I’m a fan and have 2 Navigators but when I see the BIG grill on the Escalade I just think “BOSS” just like when I see the grille on the F-250. Also with the Navigator being the FLAGSHIP how does the Aviator get more features? You literally do not see that with any other Luxury brand, wake up Lincoln, hire some new talent, do something because the current path is short lived, honestly the Mustang is getting wayy too much attention, attention that should be given to Lincoln. Get rid of the plastic knobs and buttons (we’re paying 100k), the top grille meeting the bottom grille would be awesome, a bigger screen that flows with the rest of the dash and make a way to hide that ugly trailer button, fully automatic self parking, 2nd row touchscreens (not even a new part they already have them in the Aviator, they are literally already on hand) cooled second row (duhh), a camera system that makes sense (if I’m pulling forward and I get close to something the front camera should come on, not just beeping and a pic of the truck, same for the sides, see BMW for a reference). And get rid of that 1970 blue yacht interior seat design, the color is fine but the interior seat design is awful, VERY dated, fix the black trim issue mentioned above “on the B and C posts as well as on center console, IP and rear console get hazing scratches even with the softest borderless cloth”, better coat/protect the frame, differentials and steel components in the undercarriage that show signs of rusting VERY early. Again this should be automatic when you pay 100K+. Anyone know when/if they plan on a redesign instead of a refresh?

  8. Rodney J Dunlap

    I’m Rodney form Birmingham Alabama, I think Ford is doing a good job on the Navigator, But Ford will address many of the issues in the refresh Navigator, and this too expect a New 6.8L Pushrod V8 as an option in 2023 Navigator with 500+ HP. The Navigator will be totally redesign in 2025


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