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2022 Toyota Tundra Interior Teaser Suggests 2021 F-150 Rivaling Screen

Toyota released a pair of photos of its all-new 2022 Tundra TRD Pro late last week, giving us our first official look at the future Ford F-150 rival. Along with a rather polarizing exterior design, the teaser photos also revealed an engine cover with an “iForce Max” badge that could be covering anything from a twin-turbo V6 to a hybrid powertrain. Regardless, now we have a new 2022 Toyota Tundra teaser to inspect, this time showing a portion of the new truck’s interior.

Toyota tweeted out the image with the caption “whatever you’re thinking…think bigger. The next-generation Tundra is all-new for 2022.” There’s also a link that leads to the official 2022 Toyota Tundra site, which has spaces for an additional five teaser images, so this won’t be the last we see of the truck before it’s officially revealed after one of the longest lead-ups in history.

The latest teaser pic gives us an abbreviated view of the 2022 Tundra’s cabin, including, most interestingly, a rather large infotainment screen. This is nothing new in the world of automobiles, as each passing generation seems to bring bigger and bigger screens, but it’s notable in that this screen looks to rival the 12-inch unit available with certain trim levels and configurations of the 2021 Ford F-150.

A step above the standard 8-inch screen, the F-150’s new 12-inch unit runs Ford’s SYNC 4 operating system and gives users the ability to split the screen and control multiple functions simultaneously, including navigation, music, and truck features. It’s unclear just how big the 2022 Tundra’s protruding screen is, but as we can see in the teaser image, it too features a split-screen with a section for navigation and another with points of interest.

One thing is clear – Toyota is gunning for the perenially best-selling and segment-leading F-150 after many years of soldering on with a truck that’s remained largely unchanged since its last major refresh in 2014.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Don’t remember steering and drive shaft failure on TUNDRA though.

    1. Ryan

      I’ll take a bad drive shaft on a handful of Ford’s any day over Toyotas rotting frames on every truck

  2. Jim Glass

    They’ll need more than an upgraded interior! Has to rival the Pontiac Aztec for true ugly! What in the world were they thinking?

    1. Roy Chile’s

      What ever your thinking, THINK UGLIEST TRUCK on the market ENOUGH SAID

  3. Bob Hoehn

    Still the ugliest truck ever.

  4. crabbymilton

    I thought most truck buyers wanted that bold look. Oh well, ugly and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder so no matter what a vehicle looks like, it some will love it and others will hate it.
    Besides, you’ll be sitting inside anyway.
    I do question the idea of possibly dropping a long proven engine though.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      You still have to get out and look at it, I wouldn’t want to pay for having to see that parked in my driveway everyday

  5. Lee

    Oh great, another electronic gobbledegook distraction designed to cause bigger accidents. BTW, I thought this blog was called ‘FORD Authority’, not ‘Toyota Authority’.

  6. crabbymilton

    Don’t blame the instrument. You can always turn it off, dim it or cover it with a sheet of paper. Stupid drivers would still be stupid regardless if the vehicle was built in 2021, 1971 or 1921.

    1. Lee

      Actually, I’m blaming the manufacturers for putting this distracting junk in the vehicles. Ford is just as guilty of it as Toyota,GM and every other builder. Whether it’s drivers looking at a giant screen while careening down the street or pedestrians staring at the screen while walking through the crosswalk. Nobody watches where the hell they’re going. The manufacturers are guilty for putting this electronic gobbledegook in the vehicles. Now they want autonomous vehicles. Mmhmm, dumb idea. Why should anyone have to pay attention to where they’re going? Right…

      1. crabbymilton

        Well again, most if not a good number of us can drive or walk without having a great need to look at our mobile device or some other info screen every 5 seconds. So while there are many multitudes of careless dumb dumbs who do and cause accidents because of that, I cringe at the idea of catering to the lowest common denominator and deny something that can prove helpful if used with responsibility first and foremost. Stupid and careless people have always been around since the beginning of time not after TV started broadcasting in color or they started putting electric starters on car and truck engines.

  7. Ron

    Best and most reliable truck on the Road

    1. crabbymilton

      Amen. Any car and truck builder can flub since nothing in the world as we know it is perfect.
      But almost anyone who has a TOYOTA product can never say enough good things about it.
      Obviously they know how to do something right that FORD at the moment can’t for some reason.

  8. Kenneth W Shillts

    Toyota has run out of original designs. Looks like a Chevy/GMC with coupe refinements.

  9. Robert A.

    And many of us thought the Chevy Silverado had the ugliest front grille on the market. We now have a new winner!!!

  10. crabbymilton

    Always cracks me up how people wish things were like they were years ago but then complain that it’s outdated. I guess that’s not the silliest thing though. I knew a guy at my church many years ago that thought a particular car was almost ideal for him but he didn’t buy it because he hated the way the taillights looked. SHEESH.


    Enough of the bigger and bigger screens in pickup trucks. Who wants and who buys this stuff?
    Tech savvy drivers and pickup truck drivers used to be, in my mind 2 separate groups and still are. The manufacturers seem to have forgotten what the customer wants and gone to a “my screen is bigger than your screen” mindset. How ridiculous is that? I looked at a 2021 F150 as my next purchase but once I saw that huge ugly screen, my 2017 F250 looked prettier than ever.

  12. H.A. Wilkinson

    Well, I will admit, that it appears to be an improvement from the current Toyota. It will never out gun the Ford F series, or even the GM trucks. The F series is the #1 vehicle of Ford’s entire product line that Ford puts the absolute most emphasis on build quality, function, technology, and even resale value! For me, the BEST trucks start & ends with Ford! The Toyota is really a non-issue, and besides, it is still going to drive like a Toyota truck, which is not appealing. Ford #1 and way back at #2 are the GM trucks!

  13. Jim

    With the egg inspired Supra and now this hideous truck from Toyota shows a serious deficit in competent automotive designers.

  14. Joe Face

    Yuk….looks like a large mouth bass with a Toyota grill stuck in its mouth.

  15. Phillip h.

    Whether pretty or ugly, Toyota definitely knows how to stir a discussion. Maybe thats the purpose 🤔


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