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2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Emerges As Future 2021 Ford F-150 Rival

It’s been over a decade since Toyota’s full-size pickup could credibly challenge Ford’s crown jewel, the F-150, in most competitive metrics. But later this year, that could certainly change, as the first official image of the 2022 Toyota Tundra materialized on social media on Friday evening, confirming the Japanese automaker’s latest and greatest effort to make inroads in a segment traditionally dominated by the likes of Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

Toyota decided to partially reveal the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 rival after several fuzzy images of a 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro surfaced on an enthusiast forum. While the company has thus far remained virtually silent on details, it did make public a photo of its engine bay, which showed a cover emblazoned with an “iForce Max” badge. The current model features a 5.7L iForce V8 powerplant, good for 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. That output compares unfavorably to the Ford 5.0L Coyote V8, which is newer, more efficient, and slightly more powerful in its current form, as it churns out a healthy 400 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque.

It stands to reason then that this image portends the arrival of either a vastly updated engine or an all-new extension of the iForce family. Toyota, which does not currently see fully electric vehicles as the way forward, is banking hard on efficient internal combustion technology and hybrid powertrains, so a twin-turbo V6 isn’t outside the realm of possibility, and neither is an electrified variant of that engine, which would plausibly serve as a direct competitor to the Ford 3.5L PowerBoost V6.

It’s worth mentioning that the full-size truck arena is essentially the only segment where Toyota badly trails Ford. In most other segments, the Japanese automaker currently holds an advantage over its American rival. The 2021 Toyota Rav4 and Tacoma are handily outselling the 2021 Ford Escape and 2021 Ford Ranger, respectively, although the latter vehicle has made inroads into the mid-size truck segment as of late. Additionally, the Toyota Highlander tends to beat the Ford Explorer in retail sales on a regular basis. And that’s to say nothing of their passenger car lineup, which almost certainly was a mitigating factor towards the demise of Ford’s own sedan lineup over the past several years. A competitive 2022 Toyota Tundra would certainly complicate things for The Blue Oval if it could muster up some bite to go along with its bark, which is essentially what this newly released image amounts to at this point in time.

In any event, we’ll be keeping tabs on Toyota’s extremely long and drawn-out drip feed of information on the 2022 Toyota Tundra. The company is going to have a hard time rivaling the likes of the 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor and Raptor, not to mention the 2022 F-150 Lightning. That said, Toyota has remained a relentless thorn in Ford’s backside for decades, so this fight is bound to produce some major fireworks.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Uba

    That grill is gross.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    That simply UGLY- FORD, CHEVY or DODGE has nothing to worry about

  3. Wildcoyote

    The name says it all TRD(TURD), that thing is ugly!

  4. royl

    I can remember when Toyota started making the mid sized cars, such as the Camry, a lot of “experts” just didn’t think they’d ever be a real rival to fords cars! Then came those pesky little Prius cars, a lot of “experts” just didn’t see any real future this that technology, and there wouldn’t be any real threat to fords technology…..
    Trucks should be judged on how they perform truck duty, to include reliability. The VAST majority of p/u truck owners have never and will never take their ride to the track, nor any other vehicle, they’ve never run a quarter mile. Those type of figures are for “discussion” and chit chat. How a truck holds up year in and year out, performing its truck duty is by far the best was to judge a truck. The older f150s we/are the king of hard work, and no doubt they last/lasted a very long time. Toyotas seems to be sticking with what made them a much bigger company than ford-make them last, while ford has gone down the “turbo charge the hell out of them” and don’t forget the automatic off/on “feature” type development. I for one wish ford would bring back some NA, long life engines, it would be great to see them coupled with an American made manual-but that may be asking tooooo much.

    1. George Washburn

      Ford went to turbo charging in order to get higher mileage along with comparable HP and torque as bigger competitor NA engines, and to make the power be more variable as conditions demand. I’ve seen several people levy the charge that Ford’s TC’s won’t/don’t last as long NA’s without stats to support their views. So far, the 3.5 and 2.7 V6 Ecoboost engines used in the F150 have shown themselves to be real work-horses. They still offer a 5L V8 Coyote engine for those who want one and it has superior power to Toyota’s bigger V8. Toyota tends to stay with engines and transmissions till they are very much obsolete. Last I checked they were still equipping their 4-Runners with 4L V6s along with 5-speed automatics, which is roughly 20 year-old technology.

      1. royl

        What I find hilarious are those guys that either demonstrate their complete ignorance, or, purposefully over look facts!!! Fords 4 bangers(ecobooms) are pieces of crap, there is a huge article, with many, many write ups about the problems, the class action lawsuits etc. on this very site! Plus, there are hundreds of writeups and sites discussing the issue. FI engines do not last as long as NA (gas), this isn’t a ford thing, it is a fact of the ICE, well known and well studied-much of the data and study began during WWII! Again, Not new info. The new 4-Runners, run very well, and do so for a very long time, the 20 year old tech, will still be running in another 20 years.

  5. Oil Tycoon

    It’s not electric. Toyota will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    1. royl

      Toyota’s electric vehicles have been around a long time, and sold well for a long time. I remember when the prius came on the market (1997), you could only lease one (fairly cheap) as Toyota used all the data they collected to make advances in the electric vehicle market. The toyota’s Hybrid (plug in) is a better approach than the plug in only electric (at this time), the batteries being used today just don’t have the range many people need. I’d say Toyota is leading the world in electric/Hybrid design and delivery, they’re on mark to have 5.5 Million on the road by 2025.

  6. 2016F150

    Chevrolet is now dethroned as the ugliest truck.


    That grill is going to be problematic…

  8. Mike says..

    I dunno…. but think this new Toyota is tied with Chev/GM for overdone nose job. Otherwise I like the non turbo ICE …. wish Ford would offer same.

    1. Ryan

      Well you’re in luck because the Ford 5.0 does not have a turbo.

  9. Wilcjj76

    That truck is sick. You guys are all smoking crack.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Crack is Wack U need to get off of it

  10. Doctors


  11. Gary.

    That is one butt ugly truck. And I don’t know about eating the Rangers lunch. That truck is one capable truck all ford needs to do is put the workhorse 2.7 EB

  12. gareth

    There are loads of 4 cylinders and 3 cylinder ecoboost engines out there that have done high mileage and still going strong ford have produced millions of eco boost engines and compare that to failure rate that rate is very low.(Facts is that earily ecoboost engines did have issues but some were down to suppliers supplying inferior parts or the wrong head gasket fitted mk 3 rs focus)
    If anybody thinks Toyota’s engines last longer and have no issues then go on the internet and look at the issues toyata’s have.

    1. royl

      Anyone that doesn’t think Yugos are great cars, just look at the internet-some are great!!!! Failure rate? What does that mean, does it mean they fail in 1000 miles or 100,000 miles, without that figure, your statement is just fluff. Sure the ecoboom 3 and 4 lung (snowmobile mills) go okay until they reach around 60-65,000 miles—then EcoBoom. If you are basing how great they are and how long their life is (prior to failure) and are using the miles covered under warranty, then I guess they do okay, Once out of warranty-ecoboom.

  13. Gary bruce kempf

    Yes, the toy company has plenty of issues.

  14. Steve

    EPA is forcing trucks to be more fuel efficient. Toyota hasn’t rushed in quickly to produce new trucks, they have painstakingly taken their time, and the quality will show. Sure, Ford produces many new engine options, the new hybrid and all electric powerplants are the first in America. Meanwhile Toyota has been working on perfecting theirs for years behind closed doors, they don’t release garbage to sell as many units as they can, they go for quality, dependability, and reliability.

  15. Antoine

    Is this the episode of “When ugly trucks attack” Because by far this is the most confused hideous looking thing I’ve ever seen. I thought you said that it was going to be an F-150 fighter? How is that going to work when Toyota’s going to be fighting to get people on the lot to even look at that hideous thing. We know who the mother is… But damnit who’s the father? Not going to do that well in the sells department. This is by far the ugliest truck design of 2021. DOA

  16. Marcus

    One word: fugly #keeptrying #fugly

  17. Joe

    Marketing advice from a no buddy!! Stop calling it a TRD (turd)! I would go as far as a recall to remove the TRD. Good luck defeating the F150 with your turd.

    1. royl

      At one time, the “experts” said, good luck to Toyota for outselling ford when it come to cars in the USA! In fact, they were self assured idiots. The experts then said, “Good luck beating ford when it comes to small trucks in the USA! They were, well how shall I put this, self assured idiots. Now, Toyota is concentrating on the full size Pickup. Now the experts are saying, “It is ugly”, let us not forget those saying, “they can’t beat the great ecoboom engines”. I guess we shall see.
      When it comes to trucks, I would like to see how well they work, as that is the purpose of a truck. And most importantly how well they work over time. The old ford f150, seem to last forever, but the new f150s not so much. I hope ford gets a wakeup call, build them like you once did, built them to last. Your 4 bangers are junk, quit making them. And as for transmissions, quit buying and installing chinese made junk, go back to great quality-American made trucks, don’t let toyota’s dedication to quality do to the full size ford p/u that they did to the car market.

      1. Me

        You left out the part about “Good luck beating Ford in full size trucks”, cuz it aint happening.

        1. royl

          I for one hope you’re right. I love to see ford continue to dominate the full sized pickup sales, I’d also love to see the range with a real V6, a manual trans option, and of course made in the USA, out of parts made in the USA. Hell, for that matter, I’d love to see ford build some cars (not just mustangs) that could compete and dominate the car market not just in the US, but world wide. It is not a pipe dream, as they have done it in the past; however, with very different leadership in place.
          Some quarters, gm/chevy (when added together/same truck) sell more trucks in the US than ford’s f series. Some people are brand loyal, and will buy a chevy no matter what, same with Ram trucks. But overall the market is somewhat fluid, keeping customers is as important as getting new ones, as they both represent future sales. I will never discount Toyota, they have proven to be a very strong competitor, in fact, they are a larger company than ford, this would not have happened without some good leadership on their side, and lesser leadership on Fords side. I do not believe a uni-body mexican made “pickup” with a snowmobile engine is the answer. ford knows how to build a body on frame small “sport truck”, and could sell a SH&&&Load, the maverick will be going up against other brands, I hope the dominate that niche, but we shall see.

  18. royl

    What an insightful commentary, I’m sure you mama is proud. Instead of offering some facts, or historical info, you seem more interested in me. sorry, I’m a happily married man, I don’t go that way, but as you do, that’s your business.

  19. Explorer ST

    He’s extremely biased against any forced induction Ford engine! Also has an obsession with China. Unable to go a single article w/o mentioning either of the two points! Honestly starting to believe he just doesn’t like Ford, as I have literally never seen a positive comment from him for as long as I’ve been on the site. But what do I know!!!

    1. royl

      Not just Biased, but supported by 50 years of research, FI engines do not last as long as NA. China? Are you kidding me, anyone that supports a communist country, one with concentration camps-based on religion (reminds me of one in WWII), sell inferior crap, may just be ignorant of the facts. The chinese made transmissions ford imports from china, have been a problem for ford, not because I say so, but based on what ford has done. Along with, the 10,000s of poor souls that are stuck with one! There are people so ignorant, that they believe a given company is not capable of making mistakes, and in fact worship the ground their CEO walks on! Of course, they are generally stupid and/or heavy drug users. I love some fords (have owned a lot, and still own one), I do not love all their products, I love their V8s (who doesn’t), I love their Body on Frame offerings, I love that they still mfg some of their product in the USA. BTW, I do like a forced induction Diesel, they are great, don’t seem to suffer shortening of longevity (as much) as do Gasoline fueled. Lastly, I do not like ford, or any other company shoving Woke-ism and politics into the market place, they should concentrate on making cars.

      1. Explorer ST

        I believe it is common knowledge forced induction doesn’t last as long as NA engines (more moving parts, taxing on the engine) however, not always the case obviously. I also can understand your opinion on China (not saying your opinion is wrong what so ever). For example there will be an article speaking on Ford offering a new paint color and somehow you will find a way to mention China. My point is your inability to stay clear of mentioning either of the two points when not warranted. Everything doesn’t have to be tied to politics, China, wokeism as they are not. As much as people want to believe they are, they aren’t.

  20. royl

    You are one of the very few people that actually acknowledge FI shortens engine life, as does NO2, etc., I agree, ford does seem to bring the politics of china in on most of their announcements, it would be silly not to comment. Regarding politics, when comparing ford, or any other “domestic” auto mfg to a foreign competitor, it is politics (political boundaries to be sure), everything from a chicken tax, to our EPA “standards” is a big reason we can’t get the great diesels(many offered by ford and sold world wide), are not sold here. When ford and chevy compete for “most sold” in the US market, it is an American thing, bring in a foreign competitor it is politics, in my opinion.

  21. gareth

    There are plenty of 4/3 cylinder ecoboost engines that have done 150,00 miles with no issues and the failure is very low as ford have produced millions of them over the years.The failure rate is no worse then any other manufacturers even non turbo engines.
    Mantaince is the most important thing with turbo engines and letting the turbo cool off so it does not fry itself a lot of people don’t do that with kills the turbo very quickly

    1. royl

      You are 100% wrong, if you were to do any research, or any reading on the subject, you’d find what most people already, know, the failure rate for the 3/4 cylinder ecoboost IS worse than other manufacturers, big time. When you throw in the non turbo (as you claim) it is even worse! there are plenty of Yugos that went 150,000 miles! What is “plenty”? do you know? I am discussing (as almost everyone else understands) the Fleet average, not your x-sister-in-law’s, best friends brother, and what he claims he was able to get. Rather, Fleet Average. Wards publishes a list of “best engines”, you may want to study it, even once. The Honda 20C engine is easily better than Any current ford 4 banger. It’s great that you love ford, but it is always better to see what is real, not what you’d like to true.

  22. Kenneth Williams


  23. Harvey

    I say market share stays the same. The body style has taken a step backwards, and they’re unlikely to advance ahead of Ford with it’s extensive power train options.

    1. royl

      You have some good points, in regards to the power train, I’d like to see some “engine options” without the trim levels. V8 trucks are great, I hate to have to purchase a ton of other crap, in order to get one. but it seems to work for for, as the Tundra only sells approx one tundra to 8 F150s sold. I have no idea how that breaks down in V8s, 4x4s etc. I’m glad there is a competitor willing to throw down the gauntlet, competition is always good for the consumer.

  24. dale cope

    frst things frst toyota is a japan company ford and gm are us companies . the f150 is built in us the tundra is assembled in texas the plant is not us owned 90″ of the tundras parts are built buy non us companies . how is it that soo many people want to believe it is more american then a 150. toyota has to sell 2.3 trucks to 1 f150 to create same us economy . toyota hates rebates soo you pay full sticker therefore it keeps resale up gm ford ram give rebates in the end you pay less 4 the us trucks when all is said and done

  25. dale cope

    WHAT???? Do yo do any research at all? Are you on drugs (again), what percentage of the TUNDRA IS U.S. MADE:
    With a whopping 73.5% of its parts made in the USA, including its engine and transmission, the Tundra tops our list. SO, is buying American-made important to you?
    Now, if you do a tiny bit of research you’ll find the f150 is 75% U.S. AND CANADA, subtract Canada, as it is not the U.S., the Tundra has MORE U.S. parts than the F150!! Where do you get this crap? 2.3 trucks???? Where did this come from? I’m guessing, there is about a 2.5% DIFFERENCE in total parts when comparing the Tundra to the f150s U.S. and Canada’s parts, you’ve just misread the 2.5, and thought it was 2.3??? Making crap up, is funneeee, but please if you’re going to keep doing it, at least post a disclaimer, regarding your drug use.

  26. dale cope


  27. d cope

    the trans in that tundra is built by a japanese company called asin it is imported to the us it has no us parts inside or out so deduct from youru us % also the window sticker does not show the pieces and parts like pistons cams water pumps metal just throw 1 or 2 bolts made in us and call the engine a us engine if you think for 1 minute toyota assembles the trucks in us to give an american a job your the 1 on dope gm & ford are us companies and tend use us companies toyota is a japanese company and tend us japanese go to the cogod school of buisness site the 2,3 to 1 makes perfect sense .retired at 59 weld fab and manufacturing for 39 years in us owned factory a few cool builds under my belt

    1. dale cope

      the following took 3 seconds on Google:
      The second-generation Tundra was initially assembled at two different United States locations, the original Princeton, Indiana, plant supplemented by a newly built San Antonio, Texas, plant. Combined, the two plants give Toyota a maximum capacity to produce 300,000 Tundra units annually or 100,000 units from the Indiana plant and another 200,000 units from the Texas plant. When designing the Texas plant, Toyota arranged for 21 key Tundra suppliers to set up factories on the same site to avoid logistical issues. However, those suppliers are more vulnerable to a market downturn. Toyota also included a $9 million health care facility to serve workers and their dependents.[29]

      The Tundra has 75% North American parts content.[30][31]

      In the second quarter of 2008, Toyota moved all Tundra production to the Texas plant.[32] All Tundra engines and transmissions are built in the United States.[citation needed]
      hope this helps!

  28. dale cope

    ASIN, the largest mfg of transmission in the world, are used by Many manfucturers, to include Ford. Now where are those pesky little transmissions be imported from? Initially South Carolina, (BTW Toyota owns 51% of ASIN), but is moving a 400 million dollar plant to San Antonio, TX, as of 1998! don’t worry, I’m sure they still make transmissions for ford when needed.

  29. dale cope

    yep the asin trans is foreign if its not us owned its not us made.did you know the f series trucks produced 49 billion to the us gdp and creates 13 to 14 jobs for 1 ford worker building the f series that adds up to 500.000 us jobs . ford builds more f 150s in 1 month than toyota builds tundras in a year can you say 2.3 to 1 please take the time to go to frank dubois auto index it shows profits h.q. labor R&d capital thanks ps im done whith comments

    1. royl

      If you compare apples to apples, then according to CAR Toyota has (all figures as of 2016, last report) 135,900 direct employees and 470,100 jobs added, this figure includes: direct employees, intermediate, and spinoff (just as your figures do). Thus for every 1(one) employee 6.1 are supported. Toyota Builds 70% of its vehicles sold in the US, in the US. I don’t know the figure for ford, but when you start subtracting the ranger and E-mach mustang, all those made in Canada, you’ll find that ford doesn’t build quite as high a percentage as you seem to think. In 2016 toyota’s payroll 32.3 BILLION dollars. Ford uses a ton of Chinese made transmission, they are not made in a chinese owned plant in the US, but, rather imported into the US. In fact ford has used a ton of aisin transmissions in ford vehicles over the years. For those that discount the Tundra as a vehicle not worthy of being a pickup truck, they are probably the same “experts” that said, “Toyota will never be able to compete with ford, and chevy when it comes to car sales” (you know the idiots). Some of these same experts were heard saying, “When it comes to the small trucks, such as the ford ranger, Toyota just won’t be able to compete, that Tacoma just isn’t much of a truck”, same group to be sure.

  30. d cope

    I did not want to comment but the ranger is built in michigan it is the most american built auto built in the usa. only looks at the window sticker apples to apples the number of toyota employies you gave a for all us workers those ford workers are just the ones building f-series trucks. and when a company brings in more$ than coca cola mcdonalds and nike its cool thats just from the f- series frank dubois auto index look it up infact the first 34 most domestic cars are from gm ford fca and tesla 1 ranger 2camaro 3 corvette and so on thanks people

    1. royl

      You are correct, the ranger is built in the US. Total Ford Workers:Ford Motor total number of employees in 2018 was 199,000, a 1.49% decline from 2017. Ford Motor total number of employees in 2017 was 202,000, a 0.5% increase from 2016.
      Again, Rangers are US made, the vehicles ford sells in the US made in Mexico:all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV. Hermosillo Stamping. Hermosillo Assembly: Ford Fusion , Lincoln MKZ, the maverick, and the bronco sport. the last F150s built in mexico were 2005. BTW ford still builds the f150 in mexico, the call it the Lobo, but I don’t think they are bringing any of them in (yet).

    2. royl

      Jan 25, 2021–These Are the Most American-Made New Cars, a little different list than yours, Ranger is still 1, but Jeep cherokee, Tesla mod S, Tesla mod 3, Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridge line, Honda passport, corvette, tesla X, chevy colorado are the top ten., also added this to the aticle:
      How do you find vehicles that are actually American-made? did the research for you, compiling its Most American Made Vehicles list for 2020 by using a complex calculus that considers the amount of U.S-sourced parts and the location of assembly, among other factors. Four of the top 10 came from an American brand that is not among the Big Three. Ironically enough, the most American made full-size truck is the Toyota Tundra, and it’s the only full-size truck to appear in the top 40.
      What???? The Toyota Tundra is the most American made full-size truck????

  31. d cope

    royl you are a troll the most american made truck is not the tundra you keep going back to cars .com 2018 things move fast in 2016 gm built bought or used more us made parts from us companies than all foreign companies combined this is not true in 2021 the tundra has 50% us made parts thank you for finely looking at the car index frank dubois index the f150with the 302 and 10 spd is also 50 % us made but you forgot it is built by a us company there for us profit labor r&d capitol and so on stay in the usa thats why the tundra is farther down the list thanks

  32. bill

    looks like d cope schooled you do work for toyota ore

  33. d cope

    2021 listed the most American made (parts labor etc.,) their [] rankings for the top 20 for 2021, and their rankings for 2020, can be seen in the following list: graphic by Paul Dolan
    The Top 20
    Model: Assembly location for cars sold in the U.S. (rank in the 2020 American-Made Index)

    1. Tesla Model 3: Fremont, Calif. (4) | Research | Shop
    2. Ford Mustang: Flat Rock, Mich. (34) | Research | Shop
    3. Tesla Model Y: Fremont, Calif. (unranked) | Research | Shop
    4. Jeep Cherokee: Belvidere, Ill. (2) | Research | Shop
    5. Chevrolet Corvette: Bowling Green, Ky. (8) | Research | Shop
    6. Honda Ridgeline: Lincoln, Ala. (6) | Research | Shop
    7. Honda Odyssey: Lincoln, Ala. (5) | Research | Shop
    8. Honda Pilot: Lincoln, Ala. (13) | Research | Shop
    9. Honda Passport: Lincoln, Ala. (7) | Research | Shop
    10. Toyota Tundra: San Antonio (16) | Research | Shop
    11. Ford Expedition, Expedition Max: Louisville, Ky. (20) | Research | Shop
    12. Acura RDX: East Liberty, Ohio (14) | Research | Shop
    13. Acura TLX: Marysville, Ohio (25) | Research | Shop
    14. Chevrolet Colorado: Wentzville, Mo. (10) | Research | Shop
    15. GMC Canyon: Wentzville, Mo. (11) | Research | Shop
    16. Jeep Grand Cherokee: Detroit (26) | Research | Shop
    17. Honda Accord: Marysville, Ohio (15) | Research | Shop
    18. Toyota Avalon: Georgetown, Ky. (29) | Research | Shop
    19. Lexus ES: Georgetown, Ky.* (28) | Research | Shop
    20. Lincoln Navigator, Navigator L: Louisville, Ky. (54) | Research | Shop
    You are correct, thing do change rapidly, for example: the Tundra went from 16 to 10.
    D Cope, you are an idiot, your ability to research it pathetic. You don’t seem to understand basic finance, for if you did, you’d understand a Multi-National company, is not an American Company, where a company is incorporated it the best sign of where the money goes, but not always, tax laws (corporate tax) often dictates where a company is incorporated and/or where their HQ is located. Often the actual mfg is done someplace else.
    Nonetheless, calling someone a troll, in order to bolster your stupidity is laughable!

  34. bill

    i read all the coments and royl you picked a fight with every one who did not agree with you i think you owe them all i was wrong . every one on this site if they dont agree you call them stupid get a grip

    1. bill

      Bill you are a real man! Thanks for sticking your two bits in. Sorry, unlike your daddy, when I am called a troll, for presenting facts, I realize I am dealing with someone that is in fact stupid. Get a grip, If you have Facts to back up your holier than thou attitude, present them, otherwise you look like a self appointed woke!


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