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Biden Administration Creates Federal Task Force To Address Supply Chain Challenges

In recent months, a number of supply chain issues have crippled automotive production, as well as created challenges for a number of other industries. This includes semiconductor chips, rubber, steel, and foam shortages, the first of which has affected Ford more than any automaker as it continues to slash production. Now, after meeting with automakers earlier this year and promising legislation addressing the chip shortage, the Biden administration has created a federal task force to address these supply chain challenges, according to Reuters.

That task force will reportedly reveal the findings of its 100-day review on these matters today. Additionally, Biden’s administration will also continue to monitor short-term supply chain issues via a new data hub, which will also allow it to identify disruptions and communicate with private companies in regards to these issues – which builds upon Biden’s efforts to increase communication between chipmakers and automakers.

In the meantime, Biden is attempting to address the chip shortage long-term by devoting $52 billion to build at least seven U.S. chip plants. Some fear that the problem could persist for years, however, making short-term solutions even more important than they already were. Meanwhile, Ford is working to change the way it approaches the chip supply chain by modifying its vehicles to accept more commonly available chips, as well as purchasing them from chipmakers rather than third-party suppliers.

Ford recently announced that it may lose one-half of its total output in Q2 as a result of the chip shortage. Experts believe that globally, automakers stand to lose nearly three million units of production and $110 billion in 2021 as a direct result of the ongoing issue, which could last for months or even years.

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  1. Lou

    So once again we have tax payer money going to help major industry get a grip on what I perceive to be mismanagement. They outsource everything worldwide, what could possibly go wrong. Maybe our dear president can toss in a few trillion in bailouts for their poor souls. A true free market would dictate that many of these large corporations and banks being mismanaged to go under. I know I know….. Covid is the major cause of unwanted pregnancies. Covid is responsible for everything.

  2. Sven

    Don’t really need a task force just a history book of Reagan starting and promoting globalization for shareholder value and moving supply chain offshore.

    1. Lou

      I was an adult back then when the outsourcing started. I remember laid off journeyman machinists were begging for jobs. I’m a machinist in the aerospace industry, we can’t hardly find help under the age of 40 that can add and subtract. Thank gawd for baby boomers.

  3. Gary.

    Other countries that have kicking our ass for the past 40 to 50 years invest in their industries while we give our money to other countries and big tax breaks to corporations who are mega donors to politicians. Let’s pull together Americans!

  4. Lee

    Oh great another Obama/Biden type of bailout. Put simply, tax-payer funded.

  5. FritziPooch

    A more mundane question. What Ford vehicle is shown in the top picture to this article? I don’t think it’s an Edge? Thank you

    1. Brett Foote

      That’s the Explorer Timberline.


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