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Ford Bronco Order Holders Get New Perks Amid Ongoing Hardtop Delays

It’s no secret that Ford has had a tough time obtaining enough hardtops to fill 2021 Ford Bronco customer orders. The automaker recently admitted that it has spent millions of dollars trying to rectify the issue, but the reality is, there’s no quick fix. As a result, as Ford Authority has reported over the last week, order holders are being encouraged to switch to soft tops, and some soft top-equipped models will be sent to dealers to sell on the lot. Now, the automaker is also offering some new perks to Ford Bronco order holders to help ease the pain of waiting, sources familiar with the Bronco’s launch plans have revealed to Ford Authority.

Those perks start with an extension of the existing 200,000 FordPass Rewards points bonus to 2022 model year Bronco order holders who are impacted by roof-related delays. As Ford Authority reported back in December, the automaker previously dished out these rewards points – which can be redeemed toward the purchase of accessories – due to COVID-19 related delays.

Additionally, Ford is extending price protection on existing Bronco orders – which was previously good through the 2022 model year – through the 2023 model year. This is largely because every single hardtop-related option – including painted hardtops, dual-tops, and MIC tops that aren’t finished in Carbonized Gray – have now been delayed until the 2023 model year.

These perks will join a new and free hardtop prep kit, which provides soft top buyers with everything they need to add a rear wiper, rear defroster, and plumbing for the rear washer if they purchase a hardtop later on. Even better, order holders that decide to switch from a hardtop to a soft top before July 16th, 2021 will be eligible for September production.

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  1. blksn8k

    I imagine a large percentage of order holders will switch to the soft top with the prep kit and add a hard top later. Seems like a no-brainer at this point.

    1. Scott J

      If Ford would be honest and tell people that if they switched to the soft top they would get their vehicle by a certain date depending on the reservation stamp I would too, but they are being coy about it. Also, the fine print states that if you order the hard top separately, you are on the hook for the shipping costs as well as the cost of the top. They think we are dummies!

  2. Bill Nikkola

    I find the news about the dealers receiving the new Broncos very disheartening, especially after all of the ups and down us order holders have been through. It is time to quit blaming the pandemic for everything and get this country back on track. We are starting to feel discouraged.

  3. Michael Zike

    Went to my dealership because they got their demo model a 2 door cyber orange badlands, non sasquatch, msrp was about 46k, so I ask if this would be for sale and he said yes ,you can hold it and buy it on January 1st 2022, I said how much are you marking it up and he said 25k, I picked my jaw back up off the floor and ask if he is serious and he said everyone will be doing it. What a bunch of crooks. Just glad I have a basic outerbanks I am waiting on, that i have on order.

  4. royl

    2023???? Are you kidding? 2023! Imagine the guy that ordered (at least put up $100 to get a place in line, thus allowing him to order) in 2020, for the 2021 MY, then covid, then chip issues (even though ford delivered Many trucks and cars-no chip issue for them), now a hard top issue, now color etc. issues will put these delivery at best dates out to 2023. That is a long time to be waiting, and for those with a trade-in, the old car is going down in value, etc. A couple of things ford should worry about, “customers” cancelling, also, the other mfgs in the world may take (may already be developing) a competitor or two, this would reduce the number of future potential customers. This bronco deal has not been ford’s best hour.

    1. Steve

      I am one of those that put my order in Sept. 2020. Dang near 800 days later, I have a production date for a 2023 model. The only piece of equipment I dropped was the tow package. Wildtrak with MIC hard top. I’m not going to spend a fortune for a hard top and besides, soft top Broncos are not very pretty. I stuck to my guns and got what I got what i wanted. Cancel your order will only mean Ford will be able to sell your Bronco for more money.

  5. Renee Harrison

    This is annoying. Because all the people who wanted a 2 door bronco.. will have to wait till 2023 because there is no soft top for the 2 door..(per the dealership when I ordered mine in March) . Or they will change their order to a 4 door.. which I refuse to do . I want my 2 door Bronco.. come on Ford do better!

  6. Josh

    Broncos going to dealers before I get mine????????WTF??????????? Can someone please explain the decision making process behind that? My first Ford….may wait til 2024 when they get their s together. I switched mine to a soft top but sending any to dealers before res holders is a bad move and makes me want to just get the hummer suv

  7. Scott J

    Having placed my order I can’t be more disappointed in the way Ford has handled this screw up. Great marketing hype and no execution. Leaking tops is unacceptable and the carrot to switch to a soft top makes no sense. They will give you the conversion kit but then you have to buy and PAY EXTRA for shipping when they finally are able to produce them. By switching to the soft top you would think they would at least be able to provide a realistic delivery time frame but they are not, so why make the switch? If anything, the new Jeep Gladiator is looking more interesting.

  8. Dave

    It will only get worse as dealers will now use their limited allocations to secure inventory orders so they can capitalize on the crazy markup market. This will only push reservation holders allocations out further.


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