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Ford Maverick EV, Other Variants Could Spawn Entire Family, Says CEO Jim Farley

A full decade after discontinuing the then-compact Ford Ranger, FoMoCo is giving the segment another try with the brand new 2022 Ford Maverick, which was just revealed earlier this week. The numbers revolving around the new model are certainly impressive – an estimated 40 miles-per-gallon in the city and a $19,995 starting MSRP for the base model. But it appears that CEO Jim Farley has even bigger plans for the pickup, including a possible future Ford Maverick EV and a whole family of other variants.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Farley “expressed confidence that the Maverick would be a hit, saying he could envision Ford producing a family of Maverick variants, including an electric model.”

“The electrification of the industry is a big change, and I think it wasn’t clear until we launched Lightning and Mach-E that Ford was going to be a winner in this new electric reality,” Farley said. “Now investors are betting on Ford, and what they’re telling me is, ‘The strategy is attractive, Go execute it, Farley.'”

This news doesn’t come as a huge surprise, given the intense focus Ford has placed on EVs since Farley took over the helm of the automaker last fall. Aside from launching the Ford Mustang Mach-E and revealing the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford E-Transit, the automaker has also opened its first battery research and development center, created a battery production joint venture, is working on a pair of new EV platforms and a next-gen power system called IonBoost, and is partnering with Volkswagen to produce one or two European EVs on the latter’s MEB platform.

In addition to a Ford Maverick EV, Farley also mentions that the pickup could eventually spawn an entire family of its own. This is similar to the automaker’s sub-brand strategy with the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport, as well as the Ford Mustang and Mach-E and the newly-announced Ford Icons lineup.

Ultimately, only time will tell if the Maverick is successful enough to warrant additional variants, let alone an entire family. But it’s clear that Farley is quite confident that buyers will once again gravitate toward the compact pickup like they once did, years ago.

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  1. Mark

    I was thinking along these same lines over the last few days. I picture a Maverick family could eventually spawn three bodystyles.

    -Small Crew-cab pickup (available in Hybrid, EcoBoost, and EV versions)
    -Small CUV with a 102-104 wheelbase, either a replacement or a companion model to the EcoSport/its replacement. (available in Hybrid, EcoBoost and EV versions)
    -Small Three-Row CUV, using the same wheelbase as the pickup to save development costs…kind of like a unibody version of the old Suzuki XL-7, a small and inexpensive three-row CUV would be great. Imagine being able to have the ability to have two kids in the third row, or if not, you would have a huge cargo area behind the second row. (available in Hybrid, EcoBoost, and EV versions)

    I think this family of inexpensive and entry-level Ford Mavericks would easily sell a combined 250,000-300,000 units a year.

    1. John

      Mark —- I hope you are right, I was very disappointed to see no 2-door offered. I was ready to order. Maybe next year.

  2. Gary.

    Mark it seems to me ford should hire you for this family of vehicles because you think outside the 📦. If you take the job get me a 5 speed manual option.

  3. John

    Ditto, Mark and Gary. I think that would be a brilliant move, creating another adventurous brand to appeal to more urban buyers than the Bronco’s target demographic.

  4. Gerry

    Super excited that Ford is bringing the versatility of a pickup to folks who aren’t that interested in towing or carrying heavy loads. I’m stuck hauling around my bike, skis, and camping gear in a prius, can’t wait to get a Maverick. I’m surprised the auto industry has been sleeping on this market (non-traditional truck users) for so long.

    1. Gerry

      Been holding out on getting a truck because of 1) Cost and 2) Poor fuel efficiency. I’ve never been able to justify getting a gas guzzler just to tote my gear around. I really, really hope they come out with a plug-in hybrid in the next few years!

  5. GaryB

    Hardly seems necessary. What is the benefit to that? its already a member of the Ford truck family. Not sure why it needs additional models outside of packages (think the Bronco trim levels).

  6. Lee

    “Ford was going to be a winner in this electric reality”. Sheesh Farley, what other kind of utopian dreams are y’all having?
    Y’all can’t have reality in dreams.

  7. Joe Sewell

    I like the new Maverick but I’m disappointed that it’s being built in a ‘failed state’ overrun with corruption and criminal gangs, built by people with wages so low they can’t afford to buy the vehicles they build. Wishing my 2019 Lariat had the powered moonroof and powered rear sliding window….

  8. L.J. Chauvin


  9. Alex Bessinger

    If they can come out with an electric Maverick with 220+ mi of range and a starting price under $30k, I’d be all over it!

    I’ve owned several small pickups, and have always really liked them, but I have a passion for EVs, and have decided that I don’t plan on ever owning a gas vehicle ever again (apart from maybe the odd project car/motorcycle). There’s just something I like about having an open bed I can throw anything into without worrying about it, especially with all the various projects I’m always working on.

    My current daily driver is a used 2015 Model S 70D I picked up with over 400k miles on the clock. While it has been a great car, and can actually fit a lot of stuff thanks to the liftback and folding rear seats, I can’t fit anything very tall in it, and of course I don’t want to destroy the interior with anything too dirty.

    I did put in a preorder for the F150 Lightning, but that’s a bit large (and expensive) for my needs, so more than likely I won’t get one unless I somehow come into some money… But the Maverick on the other hand is something I would certainly spring for if they can hit the right specs and price.

  10. Ronald

    A 2 door maverick, with abut 2 1/2 feet space behind the seat would suit me just fine.

  11. Karl

    How about a Raptor or Tremor version of this Ford? It seems like a logical next step for the Maverick..


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