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Ford Performance Vehicles Get Wheels Stolen At Company Lot In Detroit

Theft is a common thing in the world of automobiles, and it isn’t just exclusive to us mere consumers, either. No, dealers also feel the impact of lowlife thieves, and so do automakers, it appears, judging by these photos of a Ford company lot located in Detroit next to the city’s USPS Distribution Center, where a number of Ford Performance vehicles were separated from their wheels recently.

These photos depict a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford Explorer ST, and a couple of Ford Mustang GT models sitting on blocks with no wheels, a sure sign that a little thievery went on the night before. It’s a far too common sight for many of us that have woken up in the morning or even to a bump in the night to discover that our vehicles aren’t capable of rolling on their own any longer.

It’s certainly painful to see these Ford Performance vehicles left dangling in this manner, but it’s also nothing terribly surprising. As we’ve seen from vehicles like these – particularly the Shelby GT500 and its carbon fiber wheels – modern performance wheels and tires are extremely expensive. They’re also rather easy to steal, which makes them a favorite target of criminals.

That certainly doesn’t justify stealing them by any means, but it at least explains why these wheels and tires are so enticing to thieves. With modern alarm systems capable of tracking a vehicle’s every movement, it’s just easier to steal their wheels and call it a day. The chances that these thieves will ever be caught is probably pretty low, as opposed to trying to get away with a bright orange GT500, after all.

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  1. LincolnForever

    Allen Park


    Detroit is an embarrassment. It’s almost as bad as Chicago. Why were these vehicles left out like that? Somebody’s job might be lost over that.

  3. GaryB

    if you catch someone by surprise, attempting to steal your property (ie wheels in this case), and they try running off with it (not facing you), what are you allowed to do? Can you pop one in a leg?

    1. Chipster

      Make sure you video record it. If a bullet stops the thief you will need all the video defence and witnesses you can muster. The legal system and the thief’s parents will make you out to be the criminal.

      1. The Gentle Grizzly

        There’s always shoot, shovel, and shut up…

  4. Mark L Bedel

    Wow, I know wheels locks are a pain in the rear end, but maybe they should be brought back?


      They are still available,we install them for whoever wants them at our dealership.

  5. Joe

    Yes young thug Democrats running wild in a failing city.

  6. Bryan

    Thank you, Lincoln Forever, for pointing out that this theft didn’t even happen in Detroit. Allen Park isn’t even a 1st ring suburb of the city, and the population is mostly republican.

    I wish you guys would check actual facts before going off on these political tirades. Let’s be critical thinkers instead of mindless sheep.

  7. Ford500Guy

    Wheel locks never left, Ford is just trying to get away on the cheap side and letting $5000.00 worth of wheels and tires just VANISH and everybody wonders why insurance rates are through the roof for these high dollar cars. Ford, Get a clue!!!

  8. GaryB

    Crime existed before politics. Thieves, murderers, rapists, and liars dont care about what you believe in. Only what you have that they can take from you. Keep the political nonsense out of these comment sections. You all sound like Yankees and Red Sox fanatics arguing about which team is better. No matter your political affiliation or delusions, we are citizens of one country. Acting like the other side is evil and the root of all your problems is what led to the f*kn holocaust and creation of ISIS. quit it. accept other people have different priorities, opinions, needs, wants, and walks of life and quit trying to vilify them to justify your own hate. hating your neighbor because of the bumper sticker on their car or the flag on their porch doesnt make this country a better place for anyone.

  9. Tim G

    Ford should have ways to track down the tires, they are recorded with the Vin number for warranty purposes. They could be used to track down the tires. Hope they find the scum bags! Of course with the police being defunded, that could be a problem. Oh yeah that is happening because of Republicans not funding Democrat spending bills. Not the fantastic Detroit mayor and city council cutting police funds🤥

    1. RW

      Try again. This happened in Allen Park. A city with the most officers per capita in the state. It’s been going on since I was a kid. In the 80s the trains with parts going to the Mustang plant would park for the night. Crooks would push the engines or wheels & tires off the train and go back later and get them. Has nothing to do with defining police lib clown. Try changing the channel on your idiot box.

  10. Dick Hertz

    A few well-placed bullets would take care of that!

  11. SirNicksALot

    @Stephen Ketterer ==> unintelligent troll

    You can claim to call bluffs and state things as fact because that’s what your kind does: fabricate your own truths. If/when you ever join reality with normal people (ie: not policial radicals like yourself), you might actually understand common sense.

  12. David Miller

    Mckinley Thompson Jr a Black Man designed thee Original Bronco ! Helped with the Original Mustang ! Certainly he would Not approve.
    Face it ! You wall crawlers Fear Successful Black People ! & the most recent 300 Designer ?

  13. Name

    These comments are just as entertaining as the article.

  14. Hilton

    Instead of blaming the thieves,they blame other people party affiliation.All those poor democrats doing time for all the stock inside

  15. RW

    More fake news. Even the automotive media fails to supply Facts.

    This IS NOT DETROIT. Same county, but 16 miles away. Allen Park, a city that used to be one of the safest and cleanest. Unfortunately the blue wave is hitting this city also.


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