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Ford Super Duty SuperCrew Trucks Spotted With AV Hardware

Back in April, Ford announced that its new hands-free highway driver-assist system – BlueCruise – would launch in the 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E later this year. Shortly thereafter, Ford Authority exclusively reported that a similar system – now known as Lincoln ActiveGlide – would also be available in the refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator. Now, Ford Authority has spotted a pair of Ford Super Duty SuperCrew trucks driving around wearing AV (autonomous vehicle) hardware, used for hands-free driving technology.

The first Ford Super Duty SuperCrew pickup spotted – an F-250 Platinum  – was spied near Ford’s Dearborn Development Center and is equipped with an array of sensors and cameras at both ends that are clearly visible. This equipment includes radar sensors placed at all four corners, which are somewhat integrated and color-matched to the front and rear bumpers.

In addition to those sensors, there are also cameras placed just above the tailgate latch and just below the rear-view mirror.

The second pickup spotted is an F-350 Platinum dually, and features similar equipment, though there are some differences worth pointing out. Unlike the F-250, the F-350’s radar sensors are located on the front fenders right next to the headlights.

The front bumper is holding a grand total of six cameras and sensors, with additional sensors located on the rear bumper, while another camera has been placed in the windshield. Moreover, the F-350 is also carrying a roof rack with a large bracket and even more sensors, this time “puck-like” radar or lidar units.

On the inside, our spies noticed a large monitor located in front of the passenger seat that allows a ride-along engineer to monitor the data being gathered by all of this equipment.

All of this means that it’s likely Ford will offer BlueCruise on at least one of the Super Duty’s higher trim levels, which isn’t a huge surprise. After all, the automaker did say that the hands-free driver-assist technology would be rolling out to additional vehicles after it launches in the F-150 and Mach-E, and the Super Duty would be a logical next step.

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  1. Catervich

    “Somewhat integrated”? Can we see those pics then?

  2. Glenn Purcell

    I hope the ” death wobble ” was fixed first !
    Owner of a death wobbly 2017 F250 sd…

  3. Mike

    Cool, hands free Super Duty with a 33,000 lb trailer on the back


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