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Here Are All The 2022 Ford Maverick Specs In One Place

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The 2022 Ford Maverick was just revealed this morning, and the preliminary numbers make it quite appealing – a standard hybrid drivetrain offering an estimated 40 miles-per-gallon in the city for less than $20k, though prices can climb quickly when options are tacked on. However, there’s much more to this new compact pickup than those figures, of course. Thus, we’ve assembled a complete list of 2022 Ford Maverick specs here for our readers’ convenience.

2022 Ford Maverick Specs - Exterior
Measurement SuperCrew FWD 2.5L Hybrid SuperCrew FWD 2.0L EcoBoost SuperCrew AWD 2.0L EcoBoost
Wheelbase (inches) 121.1 121.1 121.1
Overall Length (inches) 199.7 199.7 199.7
Height (inches) 68.7 68.7 68.7
Width – Excluding Mirrors (inches) 72.4 72.4 72.4
Width – Including Mirrors (inches) 83.5 83.5 83.5
Width – With Mirrors Folded (inches) 77.9 77.9 77.9
Front Track Width (inches) 63.4 63.4 63.4
Rear Track Width (inches) 62.8 62.8 62.8
Approach Angle (degrees) 20.6 20.6 21.6
Departue Angle (degrees) 21.9 21.9 21.2
Breakover Angle (degrees) 16.6 16.6 18.1
Ground Clearance (inches) 8.3 8.3 8.6
Front Bumper To Back Of Cab (inches) 137.6 137.6 137.6
Front Overhang (inches) 34.1 34.1 34.1
Rear Overhang (inches) 44.5 44.5 44.5
Base Curb Weight (pounds) 3,674 3,563 3,731

Measurement SuperCrew FWD 2.5L Hybrid SuperCrew FWD 2.0L EcoBoost SuperCrew AWD 2.0L EcoBoost
Front Headroom (inches) 40.3 40.3 40.3
Front Headroom With Moonroof (inches) 38 38 38
Front Legroom (inches) 42.8 42.8 42.8
Front Hip Room (inches) 55.4 55.4 55.4
Front Shoulder Room (inches) 57.3 57.3 57.3
Rear Headroom (inches) 39.6 39.6 39.6
Rear Headroom With Moonroof (inches) 39.5 39.5 39.5
Rear Legroom (inches) 35.9 36.9 36.9
Rear Hip Room (inches) 54.1 54.1 54.1
Rear Shoulder Room (inches) 55.6 55.6 55.6
Passenger Volume (cubic feet) 100.3 100.3 100.3

Storage Capacities
Lift-In Height (inches) 30.1
Pickup Body Height (inches) 20.3
Pickup Body Length At Floor (inches) 54.4
Cargo Width Including Wheel House (inches) 42.6
Exposed Cargo Width (inches) 53.3
Cargo Volume (cubic feet) 33.3

Rating Type SuperCrew FWD 2.5L Hybrid SuperCrew AWD 2.0L EcoBoost
Maximum Payload (pounds) 1,500 1,500
Maximum Towing 2,000 2,000/4,000*

  • * With 4K Tow Package

2.5L Hybrid (Standard) 2.0L EcoBoost (Optional)
Horsepower 162 250
Torque (pound-feet) 155 277
Total System Output (horsepower) 191 N/A
Hybrid Motor Output (kW) 94 N/A
Peak Hybrid Motor Output (pound-feet) 173 N/A
Transmission PowerSplit electronic continuously variable (eCVT) 8-speed automatic

Body/Drivetrain Layout
Body Type Unibody
Standard Drivetrain Layout Front-Wheel Drive
Optional Drivetrain Layout All-Wheel Drive

Suspension 2.5L Hybrid 2.0L EcoBoost
Front Independent MacPherson strut-type suspension with coil springs, twin-tube hydraulic gas-pressurized shocks, stabilizer bars, aluminum lower control arm, steel sub-frame and cast knuckle Independent MacPherson strut-type suspension with coil springs, twin-tube hydraulic gas-pressurized shocks, stabilizer bars, aluminum lower control arm, steel sub-frame and cast knuckle
Rear (FWD) Independent twistbeam rear suspension with integrated, stabilizer bar, Ford patented “force vectoring springs,’ twintube hydraulic gas-pressurized dampers Independent twistbeam rear suspension with integrated stabilizer bar, Ford patented “force vectoring springs,” twintube hydraulic gas-pressurized dampers
Rear (AWD) N/A Independent multi-link trailing arm suspension with twin-tube hydraulic gas-pressurized dampers, coil springs, stabilizer bar, steel sub-frame and cast knuckle
Rear (AWD/FX4) N/A Independent multi-link trailing arm suspension with mono-tube hydraulic gas-pressurized dampers with hydraulic rebound stop, coil springs, stabilizer bar, steel sub-frame and cast knuckle

There are several interesting things to note when looking at these 2022 Ford Maverick specs. For starters, there’s one inch less rear legroom in the hybrid model versus those equipped with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, which is likely due to the location of the battery. On the outside, the Maverick is roughly the same length as the 2021 Ford Explorer, which makes its designation as a compact pickup a bit of a relative term.

It’s also worth noting that the Maverick’s FX4 Off-Road Package features a slightly different rear suspension setup than the regular all-wheel-drive model, as it utilizes mono-tube dampers with hydraulic rebound stops in place of twin-tube dampers.

We’ll have much more on the Maverick very soon, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Maverick news and 24/7 Ford news coverage.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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    • You don’t have to use the rear doors if you’re that one person with no friends or family to tote around.
      If you need a WORK truck, I would recommend the F-150.
      If you just need something with a small bed, or don’t NEED a truck, but like the styling of a truck, I would recommend the Maverick.
      Why do people obsess over 2 door trucks?
      It’s not like that’s otherwise available, but Ford’s making you pay for the extra doors.

      • We want a 2 door so the other space can be used for a long bed. And yes, buy a work truck… for triple the price. We want the combo of 2 doors, 6 foot bed, starting at 20k. Same specs on an F series or even a Ranger put you above 30k instantly. A “work” truck for a pool cleaner or landscaper could come in the form of a 2 door Maverick. But the 4 door is only good for acting like you own a truck while hauling planters of fresh petunias for your wife to plant then going back to the nursery when she berates you for getting the wrong kind. But hey, at least you own a “truck!”

  1. Would be interesting to see interior and exterior specs compared to the Ranger, Appears to be shorter but comparable in size in most other dimensions. I believe the interior is actually bigger on the Maverick.

  2. I really like this truck….it should sell well…..but….realibity will be the issue…especailly with hybrid…and problematic CVT transmission….wish Ford would offer a simple…non turbo engine for entry truck….reliablity is more important than fuel miliage…and Ford has had more than there share of quailty issues…and recalls…

      • Cannot say the same thing about the Toyota Tacoma. There is a reason the Toyota is pickup sales, while others are not. Reliability is the number one attribute for trucks, it does not matter how much it can haul or tow, nor how fancy the seats are, it it does not run when needed, it is a boat anchor. Ford knows how to build a reliable truck, they have produced millions of them; however, knowing how and do so are two entirely different things. The ecoboom engines coupled with chinese made parts has lead ford down a path of fast profits, and lowered their reliability standards.

  3. It looks like Ford just reignited a market segment. Should be interesting to watch competition overreacting, Big Time!!! I`m all in. Great idea, Great timing, Ford !

  4. Anyone know whether it can be purchased without the rear seats? The Tacoma even offers a decent price reduction for a rear seat-less model.

  5. The Maverick is the true successor to the Ranger based on size IMO. BUT my question is why, why, why have the Ford designers made the rear ends higher on both the Ranger and the Maverick? I feel it ruins the look. Back in the day that was referred to as a ‘California Rake’!! NOT cool.

  6. When nissan, kia and toyota (to name a few) bring out a body on frame small truck, in the same price range, these unibody, 4 banger ecoboom powered, mexican made “trucks” will be much harder to sell, much harder.

  7. To the guy who said the hybrid has problems. This is the same setup as the Ford escape hybrid. 2.5 with a hybrid . This thing is reliable as heck. My escape went to 250 miles no problems excepts new hybrid battery at 220. When I sold still ran like a champ. I said they should come out with this in a truck and I will buy. Well here it is and I’m probable gonna get one. I wish they did the hybrid in a awd version like the escape. It had a extra electric engine for the rear in the escape. Miles went down a little but otherwise really cool setup.

    • You are one of the lucky ones! So very many people purchasing the escape have had big problems, leading to a number of class action Lawsuits, one only need spend, 10 seconds on the net to see the problems others have had (large numbers). With that said the 2.5 Non ecoboom is simplier and more reliable than the FI offering, but the little 4 bangers offered by ford as of late, are nothing but problems.

  8. I am interested to know what the fuel economy for the other engines will be, for the 2wd and the all wheel drive

  9. As a truck owner I have owned 3 Rangers and still have a ’98 4.0 with 225 miles on it. But currently I do drive a Tacoma because I do not want a 4 door or a 4 banger, or an over-worked turbo. The Maverick looks ok but with no super cab and an actually bed, like Tommy stated, “No two door, No thanks I’ll wait on a compact truck”. If I wanted a 4 door, then I would look at the Explorer or Escape, but I want a truck. I have been interested in a hybrid but since my reliable tacoma will get me a few more years, I will wait to see what the market bares down the road, more compact trucks.

    owner history – pinto, 2 mustangs, courier, windstar, 3 rangers, escape, tacoma

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