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Here Is The 2022 Ford Maverick Price List In Its Entirety


Earlier today, Ford Authority published the entire 2022 Ford Maverick order guide, listing all options, trim levels, and packages available for the new compact pickup. Now, we have the entire Ford Maverick price list to pass along, which details just how much buyers can expect to pay for the new model and its available equipment.

When the Maverick was revealed yesterday, the truck’s $19,995 starting price was obviously huge news, even though Ford Authority exclusively reported the Maverick would start under $20k way back in February. As we can see from the order guide, that small outlay of cash will net buyers a base XL trim Maverick with front-wheel-drive and a standard hybrid drivetrain. It’s also worth noting that this leaves a slim margin on the compact pickup of just $400, though that includes holdback, so the actual dealer margin is unclear.

Those looking to step up to a Maverick XLT will pay at least $22,280, while the range-topping Lariat trim features a base price of $25,490 and can go up past $36k with options, as Ford Authority recently reported. None of these prices include Ford’s mandatory $1,495 destination and delivery fee, however.

Options can quickly add on to those price tags as well, especially all-wheel-drive, which costs an extra $3,305, and the Lariat Luxury Package, which retails for $3,340. The XLT Luxury Package is a bit cheaper at $2,345, while the First Edition Package costs an additional $1,495 on top of the Lariat’s base price.

Stepping up to Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 and 8-speed automatic transmission is relatively affordable by comparison with a cost of $1,085. It also boosts the output of the Maverick considerably, from the standard hybrid’s targeted 191 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque to 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. However, the hybrid is expected to return a much-better 40 miles-per-gallon of fuel economy in the city, though when equipped with the 4K Tow Package ($745), the EcoBoost Maverick can tow 4,000 pounds versus the hybrid’s max rating of 2,000 pounds.

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  1. John

    Mandatory $1495 delivery charge. What a joke. Might as well call it mandatory profit fee. Wave the fee and I’ll pick it up from the factory and prep it myself.

    1. Davo

      Depending on where you live, your trip to the factory in MEXICO could be pricey….plus,
      there’s the problem of getting your foregin-made truck through customs.

    2. Stalkbroker94

      You’re talking about a fee like that on a vehicle that comes in well under $30,000. If you can’t afford it or want to nitpick, you probably can’t afford the vehicle anyway.
      Speaking as a former salesman, most people thought they were clever by trying to attack and chip away at the “hidden” fees, but always overlooked the price of the vehicle. You want to save money on a vehicle? Know what you’re buying, and never buy new.


    Don’t expect to see any vehicles on dealers’ lots under $30,000 MSRP.

  3. Robin

    I have reserved a Bronco Aug 2020 then was able to place the order Feb 2,2021. I had a 2013 Ford Fusion that was going to be our back up car after I got the Bronco. I unfortunately was in a car accident two weeks ago and totaled the car so I’m getting antsy . I have contacted the dealership I ordered from but they haven’t heard anything either. Is there anyone that I can contact to see if I can get the order moved up? Thanks

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Get the order moved up? You’re in the same boat as everyone else, for every new car, and from every auto company.

  4. Mike

    $500 markup? That’s rough. No wonder they’re building these in Mexico. I wonder if they made one $1000 more but built in America, would people chose the American made truck.


      As someone who will never buy a Ford product, you cannot blame anyone for the $500 markup as long as customers are willing to pay for it.

  5. Joseph

    It would be nice if they offered a manual transmission. All these companies talk about mpg well then offer a manual. Been waiting for this truck for years just to be disappointed that this isn’t an option.

  6. BillO

    I bought a new 2021 Ford F150 in March, just before the chip shortage. I used a Ford X plan discount through my work (I don’t work for Ford). They did take the $695 dealer document fee off, but I still had to pay the $500 for a protection group, which included interior and exterior protection package and clear adhesive door edge guard for the front doors only; something that in my opinion was worth no more than $50. They claimed it comes from the factory with it already on it.

  7. scott

    It appears to be a 5.5 ft box. A smaller cab with a 6.5 box would have been nice. It is also not offered in a manual tranny. I am off to look for a big boy truck.

    1. Chris

      4.5 actually


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