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Lincoln Sales Trail Cadillac By Nearly 12K Units During Q1 2021

While the Ford vs. Chevrolet rivalry covers the mainstream segment, the battle for the luxury space is between Lincoln and Cadillac. We previously explained how the Ford brand outsold Chevy during the first quarter of 2021, and now it’s time to take a look at the their luxurious counter-parts.

During the Q1 2021 timeframe, total Lincoln brand sales fell less than 1 percent to 25,410 units. Meanwhile, Cadillac sales in the U.S. market grew nearly 23 percent to 37,277 units.

Sales Results - Q1 2021 - USA - Lincoln

MODELQ1 2021 / Q1 2020Q1 2021Q1 2020
AVIATOR+7.41% 6,0865,666
CONTINENTAL-50.86% 7681,563
CORSAIR+25.47% 7,1145,670
MKZ-64.45% 1,2383,482
NAUTILUS+2.42% 5,3725,245
NAVIGATOR+26.29% 4,8323,826
LINCOLN TOTAL-0.59% 25,41025,561

The Cadillac Escalade was the highest-selling model for GM’s luxury brand, netting 9,842 units. Comparatively, the most popular Lincoln model was the Corsair with 7,114 deliveries during the quarter.

Sales Results - Q1 2021 - USA - Cadillac

MODELQ1 2021 / Q1 2020Q1 2021Q1 2020
CT4+6,305.78% 2,62741
CT5+45.80% 4,3743,000
ESCALADE+75.13% 9,8425,620
XT4+5.66% 5,4545,162
XT5-2.77% 8,7739,023
XT6+18.05% 5,9905,074
CADILLAC TOTAL+22.93% 37,27730,325

Meanwhile, the Cadillac to experience the highest growth was the CT4, moving from 41 units sold in Q1 2020 to 2,627 units in Q1 2021. That substantial jump in sales volume is the result of the CT4 just beginning to launch during the first quarter or 2020. For Lincoln, the Navigator experienced the largest gain, growing 26.3 percent to 4,832 units.

Car Sales

Cadillac outsold Lincoln in the passenger car department more than three-fold during Q1 2021.

Cadillac car sales in the U.S. market grew 130 percent to 7,001 units, while Lincoln car sales fell 60 percent to 2,006 units. While Cadillac sold more than thrice as many cars as Lincoln, it’s worth noting that Cadillac’s current offerings just entered the market a year ago.

Sales Numbers - Lincoln Cars - Q1 2021 - United States

MODEL Q1 21 / Q1 20 Q1 21 Q1 20 Q1 21 SHARE Q1 20 SHARE
LINCOLN MKZ -64.45% 1,238 3,482 62% 69%
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL -50.86% 768 1,563 38% 31%
TOTAL -60.24% 2,006 5,045

Meanwhile, both Lincoln sedans – the MKZ and Continental – have been discontinued, resulting in a 60 percent drop in sales volume.

Sales Numbers - Cadillac Cars - Q1 2021 - United States

MODEL Q1 21 / Q1 20 Q1 21 Q1 20 Q1 21 SHARE Q1 20 SHARE
CADILLAC CT4 +6,305.78% 2,627 41 38% 1%
CADILLAC CT5 +45.80% 4,374 3,000 62% 99%
TOTAL +130.22% 7,001 3,041

As stated, the CT4’s astronomical growth of over 6,300 percent is the result of very limited availability during Q1 2020, its launch qurater. Meanwhile, sales of the Cadillac CT5 grew a healthy 46 percent to 4,374 units.

Utility Sales

Lincoln also trailed Cadillac when it comes to utility (crossover and SUV) sales. Lincoln utility deliveries grew 15 percent to 23,404 units sold by its cross-town rival, while Cadillac sales increased 21 percent to 30,059 units.

The Corsair was the most popular Lincoln model at 7,114 deliveries, followed by the Aviator as the second-best-selling Lincoln utility with 6,086 units.

Sales Numbers - Lincoln Utilities Sales - Q1 2021 - United States

MODEL Q1 21 / Q1 20 Q1 21 Q1 20 Q1 21 SHARE Q1 20 SHARE
LINCOLN CORSAIR +25.47% 7,114 5,670 30% 28%
LINCOLN AVIATOR +7.41% 6,086 5,666 26% 28%
LINCOLN NAUTILUS +2.42% 5,372 5,245 23% 26%
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR +26.29% 4,832 3,826 21% 19%
TOTAL +14.69% 23,404 20,407

Meanwhile, the Escalade was Cadillac’s best-selling utility (and best-selling model overall) at 9,842 units followed by the Cadillac XT5 in second.

Sales Numbers - Cadillac Utilities - Q1 2021 - United States

MODEL Q1 21 / Q1 20 Q1 21 Q1 20 Q1 21 SHARE Q1 20 SHARE
CADILLAC XT4 +5.66% 5,454 5,162 18% 21%
CADILLAC XT5 -2.77% 8,773 9,023 29% 36%
CADILLAC XT6 +18.05% 5,990 5,074 20% 20%
CADILLAC ESCALADE +75.13% 9,842 5,620 33% 23%
TOTAL +20.82% 30,059 24,879

Overall, Lincoln sales trailed those of Cadillac by 11,867 units during the first quarter of 2021 on higher car and utility sales. It might be worth mentioning that on an automaker basis, Ford Motor Company (Ford and Lincoln combined) sold less than General Motors (Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC combined). Specifically, GM posted 642,250 deliveries compared to Ford’s 521,334 units.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford sales for Q1 2020, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 74 selling days in Q1 2021 and 76 selling days in Q1 2020
Ford Motor Company Q1 2021 sales reports:

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    That’s because Lincoln don’t know how to build nice sedan for United States like the 2022 Zephyr concept in China, so they stop building cars that Lincoln desperately needs to show case the company luxury brand

  2. Andrew Christian

    They desperately need to get the refreshed Navigator out and diversify their offerings by adding a hybrid Navigator and fully electric other models.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Navigator alone can not SAVE LINCOLN, the whole lineup is in a desperate need of a shake up and remolding

  3. Jim

    My wife and I recently test drove a Grand Touring Aviator and after only 15 minutes they were the some of the most uncomfortable seats we have been in. The car looks great but it also has to feel great for long rides. Maybe this has something to do with Cadillac over tacking Lincoln.

    1. Andrew

      I have a Grand Touring aviator and I think the seats are some of the best I have ever been in. My boss also agrees and ordered a navigator with the same ones. Now saying that I do have the 30 way adjustable ones not sure which ones you had.

  4. Elbert Weir

    It’s amazing how the “press” seems to love the Lincoln’s presentation but the “buying customer ” doesn’t!! Cadillac still prevail.


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