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Lincoln Will Go Fully Electrified By 2030, First EV Model Coming Next Year

While a host of automakers have announced plans to go fully electric in the coming years, Ford has thus far refused to commit to a date, in North America at least. In Europe, FoMoCo has already set a goal of electrifying its entire lineup by 2030, and now, Lincoln will follow suit, at least in terms of offering BEV, HEV, and PHEV models exclusively. The difference is, Ford’s luxury arm is going electrified across the globe, starting with the launch of its very first EV model next year – just in time for the brand’s 100th anniversary.

“As we accelerate Lincoln’s transformation in North America and China, there is no better time to propel the Lincoln brand forward with electrification,” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln. “Electrification will take Quiet Flight to a new level with the smooth, exhilarating take-off feel and serene quietness our clients expect from a Lincoln. Our clients deserve the very best from Lincoln. Our world-class vehicles, effortless services, and advanced connected technology will allow us to create an always-on relationship with them and help transform the Lincoln brand for the future.”

By 2025, Lincoln expects zero-emissions vehicles to account for half of its global sales. The automaker stopped short of providing specific details on its first EV but did note that it, along with three other planned models, will ride on a new, flexible BEV architecture that is capable of being used for both rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. These new models will join the existing Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEVs already in the lineup.

The automaker’s electrification plan is part of Ford Motor Company’s recently-announced $30 billion investment into electrification, as well as its Ford+ plan for the future, which also includes the rollout of a host of new connected services, new EV platforms, IonBoost power systems, and investments into a battery joint venture and EV battery research and development.

Lincoln also revealed that its future models will adopt the new “Quiet Flight DNA” design philosophy, which was previewed with the Zephyr Reflection Concept that debuted at Auto Shanghai earlier this year.

Zephyr Reflection Concept

That includes the brand’s first EV, which it says will offer “a more spacious interior that creates the ultimate expression of the Lincoln sanctuary,” along with “a striking, modern aesthetic, thoughtful details, clever storage solutions, minimalistic panels, a larger, expansive panoramic vista roof, a coast-to-coast display, and a new digital design language – Constellation –  that includes exclusive themes showcasing the night sky.”

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  1. Jose velez

    I curious of Lincoln EV offering since the Mach E includes all the premium options. The only room to improve would be interiors

  2. crabbymilton

    If FORD/LINCOLN would see fit to fix their quality problems on their existing products, they would be great. They at least are thinking about a sedan that could possibly compete with the eventual CADILLAC CELESTIQ. Just imagine how quiet such a car would be? Take it on a Sunday drive out in the country. Just make sure it’s charged up first.

  3. Jorge Esquinca

    As long as Lincoln doesn´t offer a Cadillac Celestiq, Audi e-tron GT competitor or any EV sedan, they can forget about my money.

  4. stangmatt21

    Re-read that Lincoln press release. It does not say they’re going “Fully Electric By 2030,” it says they’re going fully “electrified” by 2030. That means a mix of BEVs, PHEVs, and HEVs, some models will still burn dino juice in 2030.

  5. Roy Chile’s

    Lincoln needs to add this Zephyr sedan AWD to the 2022 lineup ASAP, then add a entry level and Flagship Continental EV. A Aviator EV Navigator EV, Blackwood EV SuperChief pickup

  6. Mark

    At least they’re actually releasing it on time unlike Cadillac who’s dumb enough to be waiting all that money on a car that won’t be here for another 2 years and released it 3 years early. They better bring back the Continental as a competitor to the Model S, and the Lucid Air, and others and actually make it good unlike the Ford Fusion L they released in 2017. When they do the Navigator, I hope they have the Gull Wing doors like on the concept a few years ago but I think that this will be really good for the brand especially if they beat a lot of their competitors to it and their few luxury ev competitors that there are all really suck.

  7. Lee

    ‘Zero emissions’ & ‘fossil fuels’ are both terms better described as ‘oxy-morons’.

  8. AJS

    I don’t mind full plug in electric vehicles or a manufacturer pledging to build more by a certain date. When the battery tech improves to the point where one would work for me and a faster charging network is widely available I may consider buying one. I live in a rural area and travel a long distance for work daily. Also spen a lot of time on the road, so at this point one does not make sense for me. My only hope is our muscle cars, sports cars, and trucks continue to have a V8 option.

  9. Tom

    If any of this was driven by market demand it would make sense. However, I think these automakers statements are meant to impress our woke “rulers” in Washington more than its customers.
    I agree with one previous comment: no future FOMOCO sedan, no future FOMOCO purchase.


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