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Next-Gen Ford Fusion, Mondeo Brought To Life Following Partial Reveal

Nearly two years ago, Ford Authority was the first to report that the next-gen Ford Fusion, or Ford Mondeo as it’s called in some markets, would be coming back as a global crossover. In recent months, we’ve spied several prototypes, including an early, cobbled-together mule. Then, just yesterday, we spotted a next-gen Ford Fusion or Mondeo out driving around with some familiar styling cues, which graphic designer KDesign AG has now brought to life with these new renderings.

What was particularly interesting about the Fusion/Mondeo successor prototype is the fact that it wears a front-end design that’s quite similar to the recently-revealed, China-only Ford EVOS, though the automaker previously confirmed that the EVOS is not Ford’s Fusion and Mondeo successor. Add in the fact that it looks a lot more like a proper sedan and not a crossover, like the EVOS, and it’s no surprise that quite a few people were interested in those spy shots.

Of course, that prototype was covered in heavy camo, so it’s difficult to discern exactly what’s underneath. However, that’s precisely what these renderings set out to do, and the results are a rather handsome sedan, we’d say. It’s currently unclear where the new model will be sold, but at least we can now imagine what it will look like.

It’s clear, looking at these renderings, that the artist who created them borrowed heavily from the existing Mondeo sedan, which is currently on sale in Europe and China, though it will be discontinued in the former market in March of 2022. The EVOS front end meshes well with the Mondeo’s bodywork, however, and would go a long way in modernizing the aging sedan.


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Overall, these renderings look like a mesh between the CD4 Ford Taurus and Focus that are currently on sale in China, albeit with the aforementioned Mondeo and EVOS bodywork thrown in for good measure. And that isn’t a bad thing whatsoever.

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    It seems Ford is doing something with sense. I really hope that´s the future Fusion/Mondeo. Not everyone likes SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. Considering the ridiculous decision of Ford of cancelling all its sedans and as owner of a Mondeo, I was starting to look in other brands since there is no human power that´s going to make me buy a boring crossover or SUV for the simple reason that I don´t like them.

  2. John G

    I own a 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium Energi, and I love it. It is very comfortable, has a great looking interior, a fine exterior, and is fun to drive. I agree with Jorge and hope that there is a future Fusion.

  3. Mike says..

    I own an MKZ… with no cars on offer from FORD or LINCOLN it will be difficult to stay in the family with my next vehicle purchase. The Acura TLX Type S has my full attention. Style, power, and comfort all with excellent reliability. Where is Lincolns answer????

    1. Art

      I have an MKZ as well. I’ve been with FoMoCo for 36 years. Unfortunately, it seems as if that relationship will end. WRT your question, Lincoln has no answer nor are they going to have one. I, too, was interested in the TLX Type S, but Acura’s touchpad system is a deal-breaker for me. The Genesis G70 Sport is at the top of my short list.

      1. Mike says..

        The Genesis is amazing….. having grown up with Hyundai Pony’s back in the day… Genesis is a lesson in building and marketing high value high style vehicles. Its on my list also however I would like a domestic and Caddy is not doin it for me either.

  4. Reply
  5. Martin Scott

    Definitely not as good looking as it’s predecessor but then few cars were that good looking.

  6. Fred43611

    Love my 2010 Fusion with 247,000 miles on it and it runs like new and gets 30 mpg. with the dependable 2.5L duratec. I hope when they bring back the Fusion that they consider bringing back the 2.5L and leave it with multi-port fuel injection. This option will bring me back to the Ford dealer! I know I am old school but I can do without two fuel pumps, one with high pressure, and a turbo that I don’t need, and direct injection that allows carbon build up on the back of the intake valves. No problem with the 2.5.

  7. Phillip h

    The fusion was actually one of the most proven platforms. I personally like the 1st and 2nd gen for the styling. This new front end looks a sharpened front from the Edge, but definitely more aggressive though.

    1. Alexander

      Looking at the front end styling of this compared to the other vehicles on offer on the Chinese Ford website which look very similar (Ford Escort etc) makes me doubt this will be sold in Europe and that Germany is being used as a proving ground for it. It looks like a Changan product. I hope I’m wrong because it does look really nice and I would love to see it sold in the UK


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