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SYNC 2 To SYNC 3 Upgrade Kits Available For Many Modern Ford Vehicles

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One of the worst things about owning a modern vehicle is that inevitably, within a few years, it’ll be sorely outdated in terms of technology. Things are moving quickly in that realm these days, and infotainment screens and the software they run are changing all the time. Thus, those that own a Ford vehicle built just a few years ago might be stuck with MyFord Touch (SYNC 2), but luckily, companies like 4DTech offer SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 upgrade kits for many of them.

Currently, FoMoCo SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 upgrade kits from 4DTech are available for the Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, C-Max, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Ford Fiesta, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, Taurus, Ford Transit, Transit Connect, Lincoln MKC, MKS, Lincoln MKT, MKX, MKZ, and Lincoln Navigator.

The nice thing about these upgrade kits is that they consist of genuine Ford parts, unlike a lot of other aftermarket screen upgrades out there. They also come pre-programmed with an 8-inch touchscreen, screen to module cable, GPS antenna for navigation, a replacement media hub and wiring adaptor, and the latest SYNC 3 software.

These kits are truly plug and play with no cutting or splicing required, and allow the owner to keep all of their factory features like heated seats, backup cameras, and climate controls, to name a few. Plus, they’ll gain Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, as well as voice-activated navigation as an optional upgrade.

These are nice additions for those driving vehicles that were originally equipped with SYNC 2, yet switched to the much more modern SYNC 3 later on, especially when we consider the fact that these are OEM parts. It may not be the latest and greatest infotainment experience out there, but it’s light years beyond what originally came in these vehicles.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. I own. 2015 FORD C-MAX ENERGI that I absolutely LOVE. Is there a SYNC upgrade from Ford for my C-Max Energi?

  2. A few things to know first…..this unit does not support Wi-Fi updates, you have to download updates to a USB drive and manually perform these from the company. Updates are invisible to the user on a factory Sync 3. The company tries to badmouth the Ford updates because they cannot support them. I don’t like those fake excuses for not supporting one of the best features of Sync 3. They falsely claim it does not update in Sync 3 without Nav……wrong! My car does not have Ford Nav and my wifes does, we get the same updates. And even though it is Ford parts Ford does not warrant them nor will Ford assist you if you have questions or problems. Has other things that are also non-functional compared to factory Sync 3.

    So as long as you know the limitations, have the time/ability to perform the updates often, can afford the cost of $1500-$1800 and have the tools and experience to disassemble/reassemble your possibly 7 year old sun baked brittle dash plastic trim parts without damaging them to perform the installation. Go for it.
    I’m just glad both of our Fords came with factory Sync 3. I like it. At least twice a month I see a screen at startup telling me what was updated last night. I’m guessing if you have computer experience of downloading to a USB drive it and updating devices it should take about an hour each update if all goes well twice a month. Ouch. Caveat Emptor!

    • You have to consider that these SYNC 3 upgrade kits provide a huge upgrade over the slow, buggy, and poorly-designed mess that SYNC 2 is, even if they might not be *100%* equivalent to the factory-equipped SYNC 3 on 2016+ Ford & Lincoln vehicles.

      • I said in my post, basically the owners need to make the decision if it will suit their needs AND know what it will not do…..especially the zero support from Ford and no updates except manual updates from the seller not Ford. From their website they seem to have little Sync 3 experience. It will also drop resale value because things will not be fully functionable and no Ford Support. If you plan on keeping you car a very long time it may be worth.

  3. There are SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 upgrade kits on AliExpress which are quite a bit less expensive than those sold by 4D Tech, typically in the range of 500-800 USD.

  4. Buyer beware. If you get the navigation aftermarket sync 3 you won’t be able to upgrade the maps. I went this route on my escape and am unable to update the maps.

  5. Pricing is rediculous for an upgrade that should be free. Just another money grab. The Nav in my 2018 Escape was 3 years old when the the car was built.

  6. The first time your car connected to Wi-Fi it was updated like many, many new cars, same as our 2019 Mustang GT. These unit do not come from the supplier that builds them with the latest updates. That is Ford’s job as Ford produces the updates and the main feature of Sync 3 was Wi-Fi updates. Ours updated first night parked at house and Wi-Fi. Our two Sync 3 Fords tell us several times a month it has updated and what was updated. Why should a “upgrade” be free? When Samsung brings out a new model do they give all owners of older phones a free upgrade? I don’t expect Ford to give us free Sync 4 systems, for our older Sync 3’s LOL! Every time a car model gets upgraded features you think previous models should be upgraded free? Really? Tell me what car maker does that?

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