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1994 Ford Mustang GT Transformed Into Saleen Clone With Ford Racing Engine

With the exception of special models like the Bullitt, Mach 1, and Cobra, the SN95 generation of the Ford Mustang didn’t offer much in the way of performance, with the GT hovering around the 215-260 horsepower mark. However, as has historically been the case, a number of aftermarket companies were ready and willing to help out in that department, including long-time Mustang builders Saleen. However, this 1994 Ford Mustang GT up for sale at Garage Kept Motors is merely a Saleen clone, albeit a darn good one with a rather interesting powerplant.

On the outside, the 1994 Ford Mustang GT has received a total visual makeover with all the requisite Saleen body parts, including new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a rear spoiler, black taillight trim, and the full array of Saleen graphics. Only the wheels – a set of Cobra R pieces – deviate from the look, which is authentic enough to fool most.

However, this clever Saleen clone isn’t powered by a regular old pushrod 5.0L V8 or the later 4.6L modular V8 – rather, it’s been stuffed with a brand new Ford Racing 347 cubic-inch stroker with an array of performance parts including an Edelbrock intake manifold, 30-pound injectors, shorty headers, a Borla exhaust, and a BBK cold-air intake. On the dyno, this combination was good for 264 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque.

In case that isn’t enough, this Mustang has also been fitted with a ZEX nitrous oxide system, which should provide plenty of extra juice in case the new owner wants to go racing. The fresh powerplant sends its power back to a limited-slip differential fitted with 3.55 gears via a four-speed automatic transmission with a shift kit.

To help put that power to the ground, the Saleen tribute has also been treated to a host of suspension upgrades, including subframe connectors, a strut tower brace, UPR tubular front suspension components, caster/camber plates, Bilstein shocks, and AirLift rear airbags. Inside the cabin, a set of Saleen gauges round out a pretty comprehensive package.

Altogether, this Mustang isn’t the typical clone that just features a set of badges or graphics slapped on for good measure. It’s a truly well-thought-out build and one that would be a lot of fun on the track, too.

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  1. Badhac

    Amazing how far we’ve come. a modified 347 not putting down close to what my 2015 GT did when stock. Looks good though.

  2. Jean-Francois Rivard

    Needs to loose the cheezy steering wheel cover. Yeah those are pretty weak numbers for a crate 347. I’ve seen several with 350+ whp. BTW the cheezy metallic / chrome BBK “Cold air intake” might look cool for cars and coffee but is famous for absorbing underhood heat at the track, effectively pre-heating the intake air. LOL it needs a JLT or other plastic cold-air setup.

    My 2000 GT / SOHC 4.6 with stock internals and the regular bolt-ons produces the same exact dyno numbers as this 347.

  3. Ed

    All of that effort and then an automatic?

    1. myk r sanchez

      Love the SN95 cars. No, they’re not the best performing generation but I grew up with them and they’re the ones I like the most. I would love a 95 Cobra R, a 98 Cobra or an 00 Cobra R. People who worry about whats the fastest car need to grow up and realize that some people just want to own a car and not dominate the straight lines. Given a choice between an S550, probably the greatest muscle car ever built, i would still take one of the SN95’s i listed previously listed over the S550, just because that’s what I like…

  4. Panty dropper

    My 96 cobra with just bolt ons put down 291, if this is what a 347 crate engine puts down, it must be one of those Craigslist 347’s that have E7TE heads on em and a 3″stroke. In my 85 gt I did a 306 with Windsor sr. Heads,lunati hyd roller cam, 650 double pumper, vic Jr. Intake. It put down 313 at the wheels


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