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2020 Ford EcoSport Languishing On Dealer Lots Amid Chip Shortage

Virtually every automotive make and model is hot property right now, both new and used. As automakers struggle to produce vehicles thanks to the semiconductor chip shortage, buyers have been emptying dealer lots, driving prices higher, and reducing inventory to record lows. This has caused automakers like Ford to cease doling out incentives, but buyers aren’t dissuaded, paying full MSRP and in some cases over sticker for new vehicles. However, there is at least one exception to this rule, and it’s apparently the 2020 Ford EcoSport.

According to new data, the 2020 Ford EcoSport is spending more days on average (158) on dealer lots than any other vehicle. It’s also the only 2020 model year vehicle on the list, though the 2021 EcoSport also made the cut in 11th place out of 25 total vehicles, spending an average of 77 days on dealer lots. Currently, there are around 780 2020 model year EcoSports languishing on lots nationwide, as well as 4,100 2021 EcoSports. It isn’t the only Blue Oval product to make the list, however, as it’s joined by the Lincoln Corsair (62 average days on dealer lots) and the Ford Expedition (50 days).

This obviously isn’t a great look for the subcompact crossover, but it also isn’t all bad news. In fact, notes that every vehicle on the list offers what it considers to be “above average reliability.” Regardless, it’s clear that the EcoSport isn’t resonating with buyers. As Ford Authority reported back in February, a recent study found that car shoppers consider the model to be one of the most undesirable on the market, though much of that can be attributed to the vehicle’s age.

While it’s a relatively new offering in the U.S., the EcoSport launched in other markets back in 2013. As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, an updated model is reportedly coming to India sometime next year, with refreshed styling and the addition of more modern tech features that should help it better compete with its more up-to-date rivals.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    I personally would disagree with “age” being the main issue with the Eco-sport. Come on guys and girls, IT’S UGLY!!! Why smaller SUV’s have to look like ugly ducklings…GM’s smaller SUV’s fall into this same ugly category is beyond me. Hey, remember the Focus and the Focus ST? They were/are great looking hatchbacks, and probably have more interior storage than the Eco-Sport!
    Why not have the same design team rework the exterior at least…where is Kemal Curic when they need you the most!

    Oh yes, he’s running the design team at Lincoln these days. A nice promotion I assume.

    1. John

      Well, look to the European Ford Puma as a stylish subcompact Ford crossover. It needs to replace this thing asap, although it doesn’t seem as though that is going to happen.

      A replacement model based on the new Fiesta (as the Puma is) should have already been on sale by now.

      I believe the Maverick will kill this thing once and for all, at least until Ford replaces it with a more competitive model (or perhaps drops the base price to $16,995 before incentives lol). Other than a smaller length for easier parking, this is gonna be a hard sell next to the Mav.

      1. Ross

        I see the Puma everywhere in the UK now, it looks great and starting to overtake the Fiesta in sales too.
        I’m curious to know why it isn’t on sale in the US, it is on the slightly pricier side, but it is highly specced. Perhaps compliance?
        I remember Ford Aus having an issue with the old Escape, a rubbish car that they couldn’t replace with the far superior Kuga due to a contract issue that they had. Basically they were obligated and locked-in to the Escape and had to wait years.
        They then missed the start of the SUV boom and have never caught up since. Can barely sell 100 medium SUV’s a month when Mazda, Toyota and others sell a few thousand.
        Ford US should really act on the Puma now, sell both in parallel if they must, let the costumer decide

  2. Chris

    The ugly front end Escape isnt exactly flying off the lots either. Yes bring the Puma over here. Its sharp.

  3. Justin L.

    We lost the European Focus and Fiesta, which are amazing cars, for this. Such a disappointing decision.

  4. Ken

    I rented this underpowered p.o.s Ford’s better idea NOT

  5. Bbot

    The EcoSport is a nice entry level CUV. The price is the reason it is slow selling,it should be at $14995. The first year there was a sporty model and then it was discontinued. Another difficulty is it is manufactured in India, should be made in USA,no excuses. The CUV has a 1.0 Ltd engine
    But the MPG is not high enough, add a hybrid get the mileage up to 40 to 45 and then watch it fly!

  6. Keith

    Without a doubt the biggest piece of junk in the Ford lineup.
    I’m not surprised

  7. Chris

    OMG India? I had no idea. Your right about the pricepoont. 14-15K you could live with it’s cheesiness.

  8. Brenda

    I’m sorry but I have to totally disagree with all of you naysayers. I have a Ford Ecosport and I absolutely love it. I recently did a “visit family” trip totalling 1677 miles and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the handling, comfort and gas mileage. Now sure it’s not the biggest vehicle out there and there are a few little minor things I would change, but as for me for the most part…it suits me just perfect. And as for the ones calling it ugly, again totally disagree.


    Ecosport is best selling SUV in South Africa, where gravel roads and potholes are routine. Ours has cost almost little to service, nothing has gone wrong, it has a ton of regular square shaped load space to move house and strong body build. High driving position, ground clearance and and ability to cruise on highways impress. Think of it as a pint-sized FJ or LR at a third of the price.

  10. Chris

    Sorry Brenda we’re just a bunch of car nerds. It’s not ugly. You know what’s ugly though… the new Corvette.


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