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2021 Ford Escape SEL And Titanium Gain Outfitters Cargo Packages

As Ford Authority previously reported, Ford trademarked the name “Outfitters” last June and has since used that moniker on a series of dealer-installed, bundled roof/cargo packages for the 2021 Ford Explorer (available on every trim level except Base) and Ford Edge (for every trim level except ST). Now, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with Ford’s product plans that the 2021 Ford Escape SEL and Titanium trims will be available with Outfitters cargo packages as well.

The Escape Outfitters package is available in three configurations – Skybox, Off Grid, and FrontLoader. The Skybox package comes with a cargo mat, floor liners for the front and rear (minus cargo mats), black roof rail crossbars, and a Yakima Skybox 16 cargo box.

The Outfitters Off Grid package comes equipped with floor liners for the front and rear (without carpet mats), a cargo mat, black roof rail crossbars, and a Yakima Off Grid cargo basket. Finally, the Outfitters FrontLoader package comes with front and rear floor liners (without carpet mats), a cargo mat, black roof rail bars, and two Yakima FrontLoader bike racks.

The Outfitters cargo packages are not available on SE trimmed 2021 Ford Escape models, as the automaker has eliminated the standard roof side rails and optional roof sidebars on that trim level, though Ford’s online configurator still shows the latter as being available. Unfortunately, no pricing info or pictures have been released for the Escape Outfitters package as of yet.

Additionally, the Escape Outfitters cargo package cannot be paired with the Panoramic Vista Roof, which is a standalone option on SEL and Titanium trim levels and part of the Titanium Elite Package. The Outfitters package is also available for the Escape PHEV, but these limitations apply to that model as well.

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  1. Genevieve Tulloch

    I disagree . The Escape style is EXCELLENT. It’s classy and sleek not fat like some new SUV’s that are out on the road today. As far as the smiles on the drivers faces they are there for sure you just can’t see them through the nice tinted windows. Look again and you will see satisfied happy driver’s behind the wheel.

  2. Jim

    Dare I say the new Escape looks quite good, having a close resemblance to the much more expensive Porsche Macan!

    1. Mick1

      Thank you. Another smart person that thinks like me! Not another “boxy” Ford.

    2. Yvette

      Finally someone else sees the resemblance! I am impressed with the styling. I’m loving it more every day, especially the hybrid gas mileage I aver between 41-78mpg which I’ve experienced driving between Maryland and Philadelphia!

  3. gh

    Hmm, this is not what the Escape needed. What Escape needs is cooled seats and wireless CarPlay. I own a 2020 hybrid and love it, but the seats are pretty hot in the summer.

  4. gh

    Cooled seats, wireless CarPlay, and actually making some of the long-promised PHEV versions is what Escape needs.

    I own a 2020 awd hybrid and think it’s great, but the above three items would get me back to the dealer to make a trade.

    1. Yvette

      I own the 21 hybrid and I have CarPlay and wireless charging of my cellphone. I think you’ll be pleased with the Titanium mode that includes parking assist. I unfortunately don’t have the parking assist in my SEL model and didn’t know it existed that’s perhaps my only gripe with my salesman. He didn’t share upgrades possible on the top model.

  5. Nagesh

    does any one know how long does it take to deliver 2021 Escape PHEV if we order now?

  6. Ted

    Love my 2020 SEL Escape with Turbo. Only negative…Road Noise. Gotta be one of the noiseyest cars I’ve owned. Could be the 19″ tires that came on it. Interior is a little plasticky.
    But handling, mileage, and Zip are superb.


    I never imagined owning a Ford car. I didn’t like the pre-2020 Escape, it was ugly. Now I’m behind the wheel of a 2020 Escape Titanium. I’ve owned, 1 Dodge Neon (dont’ laugh), Mazda3, Mazda Tribute, 1 Subaru Impreza wagon and 1 Buick Encore Essense, fully loaded. The Titanium meets and over takes the Buick, which i did love. Ford gives you FordPass for FREE, Ford gives you a Voice Nav system for FREE. The Buick had these these also but for a monthly subscription…which was not great.
    I’ve got 250 hp and I’m smiling as I’m passing the other cars…


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