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2022 Ford Maverick Debuts Connected Touch Radio: Exclusive

Last week, Ford Authority reported that the 2022 Ford Maverick XL and XLT do not offer SYNC 3, which is available on Lariat-trimmed Mavericks equipped with the optional Lariat Luxury Package. The standard infotainment system otherwise looks essentially identical to the SYNC 3 system, and both feature 8-inch touchscreens as standard equipment. As it turns out, we discovered that not only does the standard unit feature more capability than released materials and Ford’s online configurator might suggest, but it also has a name – Connected Touch Radio.

Ford simply refers to the Maverick’s standard infotainment system as an 8-inch center stack screen, but while clarifying its capabilities to Ford Authority, Ford also corrected us on the specifics of the system. Contrary to what other official documents state, the Connected Touch Radio does in fact come equipped with 911 Assist – which automatically dials 911 if the airbags are deployed – and Applink, which is Ford’s software architecture that allows certain apps to run on the automaker’s infotainment systems. These features work in conjunction with connected phones via Bluetooth, which is a core component of the Connected Touch Radio.

Additionally, as Connected Touch Radio contains Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a long press of the voice button will activate either’s phone voice assistant feature for hands-free calling.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that there are still a few differences between the Maverick’s Connected Touch Radio and SYNC 3 in regards to native voice recognition. SYNC 3 gives users the ability to change radio stations, Sirius XM channels, and climate settings using their voice, and users can do the same with dedicated media devices like an iPod or iPod Touch.

Users can also use their phones wirelessly to make calls and have text messages read back to them. However, the base system does not have this capability, and neither Connected Touch Radio nor SYNC 3 offer wireless Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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  1. Stephen Ketterer

    Ford’s on their game! This Maverick is turning out to be a dandy of a little truck.

  2. Bob Dobson

    I am absolutely amazed Ford is debuting an all new truck in 2022 and they think their customers are going to be OK with a legacy multimedia system like SYNC3.

    The Maverick should come standard with SYNC4, period!

    This is an embarrassment for Ford, SYNC3 is End of Life and full of issues right now with the last update wiping out various features.

    This is why Ford has struggled for 10 years as the worst multimedia platform offered by the big three. Just go use GM MyLink or Stellantis U-Connect, both of them are superior systems in every way.

    1. Joe Sewell

      I beg to differ in SYNC 3 and UConnect as I have both. SYNC 3.4 in a 2019 Ranger Lariat and UConnect in a 2020 Chrysler 300 S. Have never had issues with the SYNC system but the UConnect has been a different story. I’ve had to reset the UConnect system twice now since I took delivery in October, 2000.

      UConnect basically stops recognizing my voice and gives me a bunch of gibberish when seeking navigation directions – UConnect works flawlessly once the system is reset. This, and some other issues are pushing me to buy an extended warranty on the 300 – Ranger has been completely trouble free – will probably avoid the extended warranty.

    2. John

      Yes, make everything standard. Next headline, Maverick XL starts at $37k.

    3. jose velez

      I have two cars with Sync 3.5 and wireless carplay adapter and they work great. Also the Mach E with Sync 4 (which is a pain in the back) with wireless carplay built in. I have rented both GM and Chrysler and I like the Ford better. I glad ford got rid of Microsoft for Sync

  3. David Dickinson

    This reminds me of the lack of data privacy in vehicles and transparency from the auto makers. I really hate all these systems because I don’t know what they are collecting and how they are using the data (i.e. who are they selling the data too?). Being quietly surveilled in a vehicle you own is the worst part of otherwise phenomenal modern automobiles. I’d like to see Ford take the lead on automotive data privacy.

  4. Josh

    That infotainment setup is nothing new, it’s called sync 2.5 in other countries and has been around for some time.

  5. Stuart McMillian

    HD Radio standard on the Maverick?

  6. Michael

    Why not have wireless android auto and apple car play that’s all I ask for.

  7. Patricia P. Dunn

    Very much interested

  8. George Brooks

    The Maverick name is A Economy car from the 70’s other than that will see !

  9. Michael

    love the looks and the price is not bad for a truck but is it 4×4 and what are the color options


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