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Ford And Argo AI To Launch Self-Driving Cars On Lyft Later This Year

Ford and Argo AI have been rather busy developing a forthcoming autonomous commercial vehicles business in various cities in the U.S. and Europe in recent years. In fact, Ford has filed more autonomous vehicle permits than any other automaker, while Argo AI has developed some potentially game-changing tech and is also aiming to go public as soon as later this year. That’s also the same time frame in which Lyft users in Miami, Florida will be able to hail a ride in a self-driving car, too.

Ford and Argo AI have announced that Ford’s self-driving vehicles will begin giving rides to Lyft users with safety drivers behind the wheel in Miami later this year, and the service will launch in Austin, Texas in 2022. The vehicles will operate in defined areas to start, but the companies are also working on expanding these offerings over the next five years with 1,000 autonomous vehicles planned to join the Lyft network.

“This collaboration is special because we’re executing on a shared vision for improving the safety, access to, and affordability of transportation in our cities,” said Bryan Salesky, founder and CEO, Argo AI. “Beyond the link that Lyft provides to the customer, we’ll be able to work together to define where an autonomous service will benefit communities the most and ensure we’re deploying the technology safely.”

“Argo and Ford are currently piloting, mapping, and preparing for commercial operations of autonomous vehicles in more cities than any other AV collaboration, and this new agreement is a crucial step toward full commercial operations – the addition of Lyft’s world-class transportation network,” said Scott Griffith, CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles & Mobility Businesses. “These three companies share a belief that autonomous vehicles will be a key enabler for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient urban mobility landscape. This is the beginning of an important relationship between three dynamic companies ultimately aiming to deliver a trusted, high-quality experience for riders in a multi-city large scale operation over time.”

As part of the agreement, Lyft will provide Argo AI with anonymized service and fleet data, which will help it find viable locations for the deployment of these self-driving vehicles. In turn, Lyft will receive 2.5 percent of Argo AI’s common equity as part of the companies’ licensing and data access agreements.

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  1. Steve

    I’m going to share with you my 15 years working for an international and very large sensor company. The sensors that control these vehicle are made “Good Enough”. There’s no way on God’s green earth I would ever trust any sensor to guide my vehicle….No Way. I have intimate knowledge on the process of sensors and how they are made and trust me, they are just good enough, not really good or very good, good enough. Anyone getting into these vehicles? Well good luck. Chances are you will get into an accident and guess what? You have no recourse. You can’t sue a sensor.

  2. Jim Reitmyer

    Disappointed with all the negative comments listed so far. If Uber can be successful, I sure don’t believe Ford Mo Co would fail to be successful as well. Hope the current program underway as we speak, shows favorable results and comments and proves that we’re heading in the right direction with this program.

  3. James Reitmyer

    I see no reason why this system would fail here in the USA. If Uber can do it….Ford can Do it!
    No doubt in my mind.


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