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Ford Engineer Gives Thorough Overview Of 2022 Maverick: Video

The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick shocked the world when it was revealed last month with a sub-$20k price tag (which Ford Authority was the first to report) and a standard hybrid drivetrain offering an estimated 40 miles-per-gallon fuel economy rating in the city. The 2022 Maverick subsequently racked up an impressive 36,000 reservations in just the first week they were available, proving that the new compact pickup is an appealing offering. Now, we’re getting a much closer look at what makes the Maverick so special, thanks to this video from former Ford engineer and current consultant Sandy Munro.

Munro got the chance to sit down with current Ford chief engineer Chris Mazur, and the two discuss the 2022 Maverick in great detail. Many of the things these two talk about are already common knowledge, but there are a number of interesting tidbits scattered throughout the video as well. Right off the bat, that includes the fact that Ford believes Maverick customers will be cross-shopping the pickup with used vehicles – not other new ones – due to its bargain-basement price tag.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Maverick is more reminiscent of old Ford trucks than new ones, thanks to its far simpler design, according to Mazur. “It was designed specifically to give a plainer look, to have a feel that’s more reminiscent of some of our early trucks,” he says. Thoughtful design is the theme inside the Maverick’s cabin as well, with little details like door panels that can accommodate large water bottles and lots of small-item storage.

In the powertrain department, Mazur stops short of confirming that a PHEV or EV version of the Maverick is in the works. “I’ll just put it this way – we are playing to win with this product,” he says. “We’re first. It’s an all-new segment. We’re excited to get this out and we think it’s the right fit now and we’re certainly going to do everything we can on the Ford side to make sure that we command that position moving forward.”

Mazur also discusses the Maverick’s previously-announced integrated tether system but reveals that the automaker will release the CAD file for the feature so that customers can 3D print their own storage solutions, which is pretty fascinating.

When it came time to design the bed, Ford spent some time at places like Home Depot, Lowes, community colleges, and outdoorsy stores like REI to see just how, exactly, people were hauling goods. As a result of that research, instead of requiring customers to buy cargo management systems, the automaker will provide videos showing owners how to make their own from raw materials.

Ford’s use of human-centered design in the 2022 Maverick development process, along with offering a ton of value for the money, seems to have already won over those seeking a capable, affordable, and efficient pickup. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see how if that hard work pays off when the Maverick launches later this year.

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  1. Steve

    So the engineers took one from the KIA play book and copied the Nissan pick up. Why???

    1. Mark

      I couldn’t watch any more than 15-20 seconds of the video, and in that time the host said “um” six or seven times…plus, he turns away from the camera to look at something that the viewing audience can’t see.
      I’m not trying to bust your balls but if you’re going to compete with television you’ve got to up your game a little bit.
      There is a YouTube channel called The History Guy, I don’t recall him ever saying um…I suggest investing some time in writing a script.

      1. Jayson Myers

        I think the host couldn’t grasp what the truck really is as far as affordable, economy driven smaller truck for people who aren’t towing 6000 pounds and don’t need a larger bed. He kept repeatedly saying he would buy one for his son in college and the engineer would have to steer him back. If you’re not interested in doing a review, just don’t do it. It just makes you look bad for even trying. At one point I thought he was going to wander away as he was mumbling something about some foreign truck or the lightning.

  2. Gary bruce kempf

    I like the simple American truck look opposed to the look of foreign small trucks. It may not tow as much as some but I would think people that are towing more then 4000 lbs would rather use a bigger truck. I know I would…

  3. Roy Chile’s

    Total home run great move to replace the Fiesta, Focus, and start a new segment the rear seat is too small to replace the Fusion. A Win, Win situation am not sold on the name still looks like a baby Sport Trac to me, but it will sell at $20K plus

  4. Paul I Bucher

    How can I find out exactly what’s in the pkg. an how to reserve a Maverick ?

    1. Mike has all the information (or most) on the Maverick and packages. If you go through the build and price process , there is an item list on each package as they come up if you click on the “details” tab. There is also a tab for “reserve now”.

      1. Randy Book

        Order mine this week. Lariat edition, with turbo 2.0 and a couple of add on. $30k.

        1. Terry h

          Yep,to much mum’s and uuhh’s,host should have eaten a cough drop,he obviously didn’t do any rehearsals.

        2. Thomas Strome

          Be sure to get the Ford Employee discount.

  5. John B

    This may have me leave the sedan market to get a truck. This price tag and fuel economy is crazy.

  6. T. Strome

    Why o why, would Ford name this truck “Maverick” after (in my opinion) they ruined that name with the Maverick car ? I had every problem you could imagine with that vehicle including an axle leaving the vehicle while in motion and spark plugs that break off rather than unscrew (which is still a problem with some much newer vehicles today. Why MAVERICK ?

    1. Drew

      I had a 1970 Maverick. It was impossible to break and easy to service. Are you talking about the European Maverick CUV?

      1. Thomas Strome

        Maybe the car you tried so hard to break was the car I had later. It broke down all the time and for reasons that other cars rately did.

    2. AJS

      Really? I don’t remember the Maverick being a bad car. In fact, for me it was more of a Mustang than the Mustang 2. Of course, maybe time has softened my view of the Mav.

  7. David Auton

    This will be the first new ford that I will have ever purchased I have always bought chevys and a Nissan frontier that my wife wanted

  8. Tony Naile

    Can you get electric fold in mirrows?

  9. Chuck

    Like anything this new, wait a year or two before jumping in head first.

    1. Tech8

      it is essentially a re-bodied escape. The unibody and drive train are borrowed and slightly modified. its not like they started from scratch or anything near that.

  10. Tim

    Can we get a more details on the two engines and there transmissions. 8 speed versus cvt pro and cons

  11. Heath Perkins

    Was wondering if a rack system that extends over the cab to carry kayaks would be available but didn’t see any place to put the vertical rods for those systems. I was looking for a way to carry kayaks without a big expensive truck or a trailer because most people don’t have room to store trailers in cities. The cargo racks on my explorer will only carry 100lbs the kayak I was looking at weighs 80 so would only be able to get 1 kayaks on the roof not 2 or 4.

    1. Ryan

      Could always put them in the bed, there are bars you can put into your hitch that extend out and hold the end of the kayak sticking out the back of the bed. Parents got one and seems to work good for them.

    2. Mike

      Would like to have roof rack available also for my kayaks. In bed would not work if it’s full of camping gear.

  12. Douglas Merle

    By the time the truck hits the showroom floor the prices won’t be under $20,000 be l more like under $25,000 by the time they mark it up so it won’t be worth buying.

  13. Steve Mason

    The Maverick won’t be able to compete with the Tacoma for quality and resale value!!

    1. Marc M

      LOL really…. Once Toyota starts even coming close to the sales of Ford trucks then lets talk.

  14. David Adams

    Yes, just let the ford engineer talk. The other guy is just so distracting…

  15. Miles Hoffman

    Lose the back doors to give me a bigger bed, and then I could be interested since I like small trucks like the Toyota I once had..

  16. Julian Crawford

    Why Maverick?
    In 1970, dad bought mom a plain Jane Maverick. 170 ci 6, three on the tree and no junk box.

    Lasted 4 years after being in the shop 12 times. Dad had enough. Unloaded it for a Dodge Dart …which lasted 14 years.

  17. Saad

    I hope they have fixed lug nuts being swollen.
    Secondly, whats the word on warranty?

    1. AJS

      Lugnut issue is common to most manufacturers. The problem lies in it being a two-piece design. Basically a lugnut with a thin chrome cap on it. Water and salt get between the seams causing them to swell and crack. I am a auto technician with almost 20 years of experience and have seen this common issue on most brands of cars when they use the two-piece design. I wish the industry would switch over to a one-piece design, that is the only way to solve the problem. I could not imagine doing so would add that much to the cost of the car or truck. Anyway, you can buy aftermarket one-piece design log nuts to replace the stock ones.

  18. Chris

    The old guy absolutely ruins this video, just get the engineer to talk about the truck without him.

  19. Marc M

    So, I already reserved mine and can’t wait to get it. I love the bed options and the features in the truck. This will be a replacement for my 2003 4.0 Ford ranger. I have owned Fords for many years and my family also. Right now we have a Fusion Hybrid, Ford Focus, Two Ford Edge’s and My 2003 Ranger which has been a great runner for 150000 miles so far. Love Ford. My only complaint would be that they put Cruise control in the base. Just seems crazy not to. I almost bought the New Ford ranger but once they hit the lots prices where to high. Hence why I pre-ordered this truck.

  20. Michael A McDonald

    I am interested but need more information about engine gas mileage and service required how often.

  21. Thomas Strome

    Agreed. If you are going to do a video…great, but PLEASE either rehearse or get your lines straight BEFORE you are recorded for posterity.
    Not doing so hurts your credibility and is difficult to watch.
    I want to use this opportunity to ask why you would name a brand new truck after one of the worst cars to ever come down the pike ? Don’t call it Rattler either as I can envision a pound of screws rolling around on every turn fifteen years from now..

  22. p m

    could he cough and clear his throat a few more times !!!! ,,,very irritating….just let the Ford engineer talk….

  23. Greg

    Couldn’t finish this video, let the Ford guy talk. If I never see another interview by this guy it’ll be too soon.

  24. Mark

    What an absolutely stupid ridiculous and redundant name for a new vehicle, you come out with something new and exciting, then you should name it something new and exciting, not some has- been piece of crap car that nobody ever liked! Who thinks of these things, Middle School dropouts!

  25. Icebreakers61

    It’s not a truck it has a unibody The Frontier has a full frame

  26. Terry

    I hope it’s better than the Ranger. Life long Ford guy and I HATE mine.

  27. Thomas Strome

    It is my sincere hope that Ford will start to clean up mistakes before putting them on the market and sticking us with them. I say this after having just sold a 6.0 Super Duty I became afraid of for reasons of horrendous maintenance costs. In the car rental business in the early 70’s, we referred to Mavericks as the Rolling Abortions” The original Maverick
    was (in my experience) the dog of all dogs. Should have been named Fido
    Believe it or not I am a Ford truck fan, but when I went to trade my 6.0 for a newer model, I found that it had more problems than my then current 6.0 maintenance nightmare.
    Now, it’s 73-79 F series or nothing.

  28. Thomas Strome

    Since when did sales and quality get mixed up.? No one said that Ford isn’t the sales leader, but how about an entire series of engines that have spark plugs so tough to remove that the dealer quotes $hundreds$ to change the plugs. How about an entire cottage industry with design corrected parts for the 6.0 Diesel, I could go on and on. Pinto, Maverick, Focus, etc. Design it properly, test it, THEN release it.

  29. MGH

    I don’t like the maverick name this truck should’ve been the ranger all along that’s what I call it.

  30. Thomas Strome

    I remember the Maverick particularly well as I hand carried an axle (after it separated from the vehicle without prompting) for said vehicle across Daytona Beach (while in college) (on foot) Same thing for spark plugs later.
    When I sold it, I continued to see it and its unusual paint scheme on the side of nearly every expressway in Miami for the succeeding two years.
    In the rent-a-car I worked for, we had a foul name for both pinto’s (grossly underpowered 1200 CC Automatics) and Mavericks.
    Only Chevrolet had anything to rival it for low quality, the Vega. You could watch the rust spread from day to day. Manufactured one every 30 seconds with one blown engine every 60 seconds or thereabouts. No cylinder liner in an Aluminum block. Oink.

  31. Bryan G

    I want to like this trucklet, but there are 2 things that miss the mark for me. At a minimum 5ft bed (I currently have a 6ft and it’s perfect), I don’t mind having a half back seat, 4.5ft bed is no good.. The 2L ecoboost awd with hybrid option, which they’re hinting is coming would be the other must have. Ford are you listening?

  32. blksn8k

    I assume Ford is marketing this to a younger, urban crowd. Those kids have no knowledge of the ’70s car with the same name. Look up the definition of the word Maverick and you might get a clue as to why they used that name on a vehicle that is different and in a fairly new category.

  33. pm

    very much want Sirius xm but it’s not optional on the Maverick XLT it’s available only on the Lariat and I’m not paying an extra $2500+ …. what or how to add Sirius XM to the XLT edition? what’s the best aftermkt unit that can be installed without wires running all over the dash? thx

  34. Thomas Strome

    Lugnut problem? No. When the axle pulled out of the Maverick sedan, the wheel was still attached by all lugnuts.

  35. Rex Krivanek

    I have reserved a Maverick XLT with most options. Very easy process. The Ford dealership quoted MSRP for the sale. No discounts. The sales person said if I decide not to buy the truck that the next buyer would pay $2500 over MSRP. I was required to pay a refundable deposit of $500 to order the truck. Even though I read where no deposit is required by Ford. The video should be re-done. I lasted 5 minutes and turned it off. Not well done.


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