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Ford Has More Than 80K Reservations For The 2022 Ford Maverick

The 2022 Ford Maverick shocked the world when it was revealed early last month, touting an ultra-low base MSRP of just $19,995 – a fact Ford Authority was the first to report back in February. As Ford Authority has reported in recent weeks, that’s cheaper than the 2011 Ford Ranger when it was new (when adjusted for inflation) and quite comparable to the Honda Civic, though the Maverick can be optioned up to the mid-$30k mark rather easily. Regardless, it’s clear that the 2022 Ford Maverick has resonated with buyers, as Ford has racked up over 80,000 reservations for the compact pickup thus far.

Ford revealed this fact during its recent Q2 2021 earnings call with investors, and needless to say, it’s an impressive number. The automaker previously announced that it secured 36,000 Maverick reservations in the first week they were available, and now, that number has more than doubled in just a few more weeks. The pickup’s attractive starting price, value for that money, and the base model’s impressive estimated 40 miles-per-gallon city rating all undoubtedly play into that success.

Turns out, there may be a market for a small, reasonably capable, affordable pickup in a country that seemingly favors bigger and more expensive and luxurious vehicles, after all. But the Maverick is also just the latest new model from Ford to rack up an impressive number of reservations as well.

The 2021 Ford Bronco, which has already entered production, wound up attracting 190,000 reservations, 125,000 of which were converted into orders. At least some of the reservations that weren’t converted to orders have been passed on to the 2022 model year, as the automaker simply can’t fill them all in 2021. Additionally, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning racked up 100,000 reservations in the first three weeks they were available.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    The little Maverick / Sport Trac will be just what the USA market needed

  2. Outlook214

    I have been arguing with guys on the F-150 and Ranger sites that this truck will be a huge success. It only needs to look the part and be affordable. Check and check. Not everyone wants to, or can pay $55k for a truck that doesn’t fit in their garage. This is the “Model T” of affordability for almost anyone who wants a truck.

  3. Tom

    It’s still too big. Bring back the Ranchero. It meets the needs of 90% of the pickup trucks I see running around that are hauling nothing.

    1. Karl

      Some of you guys just kills me, Ford basically have a truck now in all sizes yet it is still too small for you! Most customers don’t want a two cab truck and automakers are wisely not making too many. The business case for a two door Maverick just didn’t cut muster business wise. I think you would be better off looking for a used Ranchero to suit your needs.. Bravo to Ford for building what most customers are looking for..

  4. Gary Brendel

    I was about to make a reservation also for the new Maverick but then found out the hybrid is not available with AWD. As soon as it is, count me in. Even the Ranger is too big for me. I feel more comfortable with AWD living in snow country.

  5. Mike S.

    You guys keep talking about the low MSRP but if some of the stories about the Bronco now demanding up to $10K over MSRP before ford will build them is true, that $19,995 figure will climb to what the new Hyundia Santa Cruz MSRP is. That certainly will make me reconsider, as I am one of those people that put in a reservation on the Maverick.

  6. Darryl E.

    I don’t why everyone is putting deposit’s down without a driving review or impressions?


      Most honest dealers do not take a deposit on the Maverick. My build an XLT AWD with Off Road Package and a ton of options came in at slightly under 34k and all that was required from Chapman Ford was a signed build sheet and a copy of my Drivers License. Oh yeah,almost forgot the best part 4% UNDER MSRP.

  7. Liam

    I think this is just showing that people want cheaper vehicles than what is available currently.

  8. Kevin T Carter

    Ford has nailed it. Great fuel mileage, low entry price, Interior room, many base amenities, and room for stuff that wont fit or doesn’t belong inside. I’m in for one, My only wish is that the bed were about 2 inches shorter still.


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