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Ford Mustang Mach-E Mule Is Actually A Future Lincoln Electric Vehicle

As Ford Authority reported in January of 2019, the Ford Mustang Mach-E was always intended to spawn a Lincoln electric vehicle on the same platform. While we’re still waiting for this vehicle to be revealed, Lincoln announced just last month that it will electrify its entire lineup by 2030, and confirmed that its first EV model will launch in 2022. Now, Ford Authority spies have captured what appears to be a camouflaged Mach-E, but it’s actually a cleverly disguised early Lincoln electric vehicle mule.

It’s unclear if this mule will spawn the very first Lincoln EV, but we do know that the Mach-E-inspired crossover is coming at some point in the future. Lincoln’s version of that BEV will feature what Ford calls an “elegant design” that will play to the luxury brand’s mantra of “quiet luxury.” It will also likely boast a taller overall height than the Mach-E.

Like all future Lincoln models, the forthcoming EV will adopt the automaker’s “Quiet Flight DNA” design philosophy, which was previewed with the Zephyr Reflection Concept that debuted at Auto Shanghai earlier this year, and it will ride on a flexible BEV architecture that is capable of being used for both rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations – just like the Mach-E.

Lincoln previously provided a few teaser images of its very first EV, and noted that it will feature “a more spacious interior that creates the ultimate expression of the Lincoln sanctuary,” along with “a striking, modern aesthetic, thoughtful details, clever storage solutions, minimalistic panels, a larger, expansive panoramic vista roof, a coast-to-coast display, and a new digital design language – Constellation –  that includes exclusive themes showcasing the night sky.”

Lincoln’s first EV will launch just in time for the brand’s 100th anniversary and will kick off the automaker’s push to have half of its global sales consist of zero-emissions vehicles by the year 2035.

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  1. Rinzler

    Ford should beat everyone else to the market with a 3 row EV Navigator. The F-150 has already proven that you can get reasonable range out of a large 3 row vehicle, making Lincoln the only offering on the map with that kind of space in a 3 row form factor would be definitely enticing.

    1. Mark

      I mean, I wouldn’t doubt it if it came out in 2-3 years once the Lighting is established and the new Navi concept is out

  2. Travis

    I hope this is only the base of the Lincoln EV cause it would simply just be embarrassing if it’s a rebadged Mach-E which is no way styled like a luxury vehicle (even though it was labeled as one by Google in the beginning because Tesla set the bar so low)

  3. Stuart

    I totally agree that the Lincoln EV should not simply be a re-badged Mach E.
    I own a wonderful Mach E and support testing and design exercises on the platform but I would strongly oppose attaching a Lincoln emblem on the Mach E bodywork.
    A similar decision in the 1970’s putting Lincoln nameplates and some Lincoln trim on the Granada and nicer Monarch body was not inspiring.

  4. mick1

    Does the Navigator look and feel like an Explorer or Expedition. Come on, man.

  5. Lee

    …and here comes another appliance with an electric motor… yawn… FoMoCo is nearly done building machines with ENGINES…

  6. Roy Chiles

    Again LINCOLN come lately FORD comes 1st which keep the chain of command backwards. It will be hard for LINCOLN to shake off the Re-Badging issues until it brings these vehicles to market 1st

  7. Charles Davey

    Think Ford and others making big mistake in not having at least one four door mid size car in line up. Not everyone is looking for a truck. Currently own a Ford Fusion, and could be a little roomier and a bit taller.


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