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Ford Puma Beats Out Fiesta, Focus, To Become European Best Seller

The Ford Puma has been a popular addition to the automaker’s European lineup and has led to a bit of envy from those that live in the U.S. Sadly, as Ford Authority exclusively reported over a year ago, the subcompact crossover will not be heading to North America, even though one was spotted in Dearborn earlier this year. Regardless, the Ford Puma remains a massive hit in Europe, where it became FoMoCo’s best-selling vehicle in the region in the first half of 2021, according to Automotive News Europe.

The Puma surpassed sales of the also-popular Ford Fiesta and Focus in the first half of the year, but perhaps more importantly, it became the very first Blue Oval crossover/SUV to top the automaker’s sales charts in Europe. It’s a result that’s been expected for some time as Ford began focusing on crossovers and SUVs in the region several years ago, and those segments made up 39 percent of the automaker’s sales there in 2020.

Ford moved a total of 83,246 Pumas in the first half, followed by 70,604 units of the Ford Transit Custom. Next up was the Fiesta (63,078 units sold), Kuga (61,994), Ford Transit (54,673), Focus (48,651), Ford Ranger (29,910), Transit Connect (28,809), Ford EcoSport (14,390), and Tourneo Custom (12,945).

The rise of the Puma in Europe has been nothing less than meteoric. After launching in 2019, the Puma was Ford’s third-best seller in the region last year behind the Focus and Fiesta. It has also risen to fourth place in Europe’s small crossover segment, behind only the Volkswagen T-Cross, Peugeot 2008, and Renault Captur.

In addition to the sporty Ford Puma ST, FoMoCo recently revealed a limited Gold Edition – designed with the help of fans – which will add another variant to the lineup when it launches later this year. The Puma is also expanding in the world of motorsports, as Ford recently announced that the Puma Rally1 prototype will officially replace the Ford Fiesta WRC next year.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    FORD needs to seriously replace the Eco Sport with the Puma in the USA. The stronger your lineup the stronger your company Jim Farley??? You want all your models to be Best Sellers

    1. Timm

      So true, the Eco Sport is horribly outdated and in need of being replaced with something as cool as the Puma.

      1. John

        I think it could be redesigned, and model it after the Bronco Sport (body, capable), just based off the current (overseas) Fiesta. Offer the Puma as a sleeker, less utilitarian, more car-like alternative, like Escape compared to Bronco Sport.

  2. Ross

    Does anyone know why it won’t/can’t be sold in the US??

    1. John

      My thought is that it is less roomy, yet more expensive to build than EcoSport, and therefore would encroach upon Escape/Bronco Sport in price in our market. I personally believe it would do decently here. What we need is a redesigned EcoSport, based off the latest Fiesta.

      1. Roy Chiles

        Nope I totally disagree

    2. Roy Chiles

      No reason at all other than Jim Farley and Company green lighting the Puma

  3. Paul Horne

    It doesn’t mention that ford cut production of the focus and fiesta! forcing people who would normally consider either of the two into the puma.

    Both models are due a facelift, another factor in production cuts too.

    I’ve ordered a puma ST on because getting a focus ST is near impossible currently.

  4. jul

    being a English Ford fan for decades it always intrigues me to see models in Europe that will not become available in America…..let’s have the Puma here in the USA….now


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