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Ford Ranger Transacting At A Healthy $34K In America

As Ford Authority reported just yesterday, average new vehicle prices continue to soar and set yet another new record in the month of June. Ford currently ranks fifth among all automakers in terms of average transaction price, and it appears that the Ford Ranger is playing a role in that ranking, as Trevor Scott, Ford’s Maverick and Ranger Marketing Manager, explained Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show.

Scott revealed that the Ford Ranger is currently selling at an average transaction price of between $34,000-$35,000. When asked about ATP in the mid-size truck space, Scott said that it “depends on who you’re factoring in the segment.” For example, if included, the Jeep Gladiator pulls those numbers up considerably, as its current ATP is around $45,000. Meanwhile, the last-gen Nissan Frontier brought the numbers down, as it topped out roughly at the same price the all-new Frontier starts at.

Based on these numbers and the fact that Ford sold 101,486 Rangers in 2020, that means that the automaker could have generated around $3.4 billion in revenue (not profit) from Ranger sales last year alone – an impressive figure, indeed, one that more than justifies its decision to bring the mid-size pickup to America just a couple of years ago.

The Ranger continued to post positive sales results in Q1 of this year, despite the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. Ford sold 24,166 Rangers in the U.S. in the first quarter versus 20,980 in Q1 of 2020, which equates to a 15.19 percent increase. That placed it second in the mid-size mainstream pickup segment behind only the Toyota Tacoma, but ahead of all other rivals including the Chevrolet Colorado, Jeep Gladiator, Nissan Frontier, and GMC Canyon.

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    Luckily, new ford ranger has done away with suspension set up from previous generation (front torsion bars) a miscalculated feature that marred ford’s truck reputation of “built tough”. No way regular and crew cabs assembled in Argentina, able to compete with toyota hilux or tacoma. On the other hand here in Mexico, F-series owners in the past; badly recommend and recognize “Twin I beam” sturdy set up. So what happened? Was it a matter of saving – cost sake damaging a well- recognized reputation?. I own an F-150 xlt 1991 assembled at Cuautitlan’s assembly plant. Congratulations on this terrific web site.!


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