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Ford Super Duty Power Tailgate Lawsuit As Recall Fix Allegedly Doesn’t Work

A recall was issued for select 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty pickups back in December of 2019 addressing tailgates that could open unintentionally. In affected trucks, the latch-release switch allowed water to come into contact with the truck’s wiring, which could lead to a short. Earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into the matter after it received a number of complaints that Ford’s proposed fix wasn’t working, and now, a Ford Super Duty power tailgate lawsuit has been filed for the very same reason, according to Car Complaints.

The Ford Super Duty power tailgate lawsuit – Cunningham, et al., v. Ford Motor Company – was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and has been expanded to include 2017-2021 model year Super Duty pickups equipped with electronic tailgate latch release switches. It alleges that Ford’s proposed fix – which involved modifying the tailgate frame wiring harness by adding jumper pigtails to isolate the tailgate release control circuits and installing a new tailgate handle release switch – did not fix the problem.

Roughly 300,000 trucks are reportedly affected by the tailgate issue, including 2020 and 2021 model year Super Duty pickups, which Ford has not included in the recall despite complaints that some of those trucks are experiencing the same problem. Ford began incorporating an updated tailgate release switch and wiring harness jumper effective with the 2020 model year beginning on November 4th, 2019.

Additionally, the two plaintiffs who filed the class-action lawsuit allege that in addition to water leaks, the tailgate latch isn’t strong enough to keep it in place, and there may be additional wiring flaws present as well.

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  1. Greg

    What a garbage truck

    1. Chax

      Just shut up u wanker

  2. Richard Griffith

    I was pulling into a driveway at an angle, got into a little twist and the tailgate popped open.

  3. Jason

    What a bunch of cry babies. If the fix didn’t work, why haven’t we heard much about it other than a few people? I have a feeling it’s operator error.

  4. Glenn Kirkland

    I’ll make you a deal 2020 the tailgate doesn’t stay closed but only in tow. Paid to have it fixed twice, Ford said there was nothing wrong with it.Also almost totaled out my fifthwheel rv twice

    1. Glenn Kirkland

      I sold the truck and cut my losses my previous insurance is sewing FoMoCo

  5. Ryan Medina

    I have 2018 F350 opened over and over after the recall I told ford multiple times they did absolutely nothing! This last time it opened while driving it cause major damage to my truck and 5th wheel! How do I join the lawsuit?

    1. Kyle

      The Same thing happened to me with my 5th wheel. It came open when I was getting food for the family and when I pulled away and turned the gate cut right through my trailer. I honestly figured I maybe bumped the release button my mistake and I filed a claim with my auto insurance. But 2 day later on the same trip I was sitting idle in a parking lot for 30 min it did it again and and made the damage even worse to the trailer. On the second instance I didn’t even leave my drivers seat and surly didn’t reach down and press the button. Ford is currently working on an approval with Ford corporate to pay for the damage to the both Truck and Trailer, time will tell if they actually do. It’s an awesome feature for a goose neck or 5th wheel trailer when pulling away or hooking up but I honestly hate it now.

  6. Rex P

    Who’s stupid idea was it to build a power tailgate anyway? It’s a truck not a nanny wagon, man up and pull the handle.

  7. Jonathan

    Seems like all trucks are junk, I got a 2020 sliverado and I hate the thing, been in shop more than I can count, I was looking to come to ford but idk anymore seems all the same

  8. Glenn Kirkland

    It’s a door lock module failure not sure why Ford can not figure this out!!

  9. Tom P

    Had the recall completed in May 2021 on our new 2019 F-250 King Ranch. Now -01 January- the gate opened during a turn with a horse trailer attached. Pretty much totaled the tailgate and the spare tire mounted on the trailer bulkhead.
    HOW CAN WE JOIN THE LAWSUIT as Ford doesn’t seem to be willing to do the repairs at their cost?

    1. Tom L

      I have had the same issue as above happen twice this year as the above issue. Totaled tailgate and damaged tire. What is my recourse? $2k. plus each time!

    2. Joe

      Operator error, sue the operator of the vehicle.

  10. Dan

    I saw GM is recalling hundreds of thousands of Silveradoes, for defective engines. I think the tailgate would be a better trade off.


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