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Initial 2021 Ford Bronco Reservation Holders Getting New Care Packages

The 2021 Ford Bronco launch has been riddled with problems ranging from supply chain issues to hardtop production woes and the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. As Ford Authority reported last month, FoMoCo has provided Ford Bronco reservation holders with a number of perks in recent months to help ease the pain of waiting, including an extension of the existing 200,000 FordPass Rewards points bonus to 2022 model year Bronco order holders who are impacted by roof-related delays and an extension of price protection on existing Bronco orders through the 2023 model year. Now, it appears that some early Ford Bronco reservation holders are receiving new care packages as well, according to Bronco Nation.

Chris Paukert and Jared Childress – two initial Bronco reservation holders – recently reported that they received one of these care packages, which included a letter from the Bronco team and a poster containing sketches of the 2021 Bronco. Childress – who has a First Edition on order – secured his registration at 10:02 pm EDT on the day they became available, while both he and Paukert have already received their “scheduled for production” emails.

“Dear Bronco Owner, fact is, the further off-road you get, the less talk you’re likely to hear,” the note reads. “In that spirit, we’ll keep this short and sweet. Thank you, for knowing that despite the wait, there are trails ahead for all of us. Thank you, for being a member of the Bronco family. And thank you, for your loyalty to Bronco and the wild that awaits. Included here is a limited-edition poster that offers a glimpse into the work that guided the design team, from early concepts to final design sketches. There’s an untamed beast on its way, and we’re looking forward to making the introductions.”

In addition to this poster, other order holders have reportedly received gifts in the mail from Ford as well, including one Bronco Nation member who was sent a box with three Bronco models in it.

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  1. Barry

    With all the fuss about the new Bronco, guess Ford has forgotten the 2021 Super Duty customers. You know, the ones that Ford can’t deliver. They are all sitting in the parking lot of Kentucky Motor Speedway, no delivery, no communication, no status. Ford Super Duty customers are not even getting a cheesy “I’m sorry letter” that costs Ford nothing to produce. Even an “I don’t care, kiss my A**” would be better than nothing. BTW… The Super Duty cost twice as much as the Bronco. Sad… I wonder if Chevrolet or Dodge/Ram would like a new customer?

    1. Michael Fornetti

      You are correct, Ford is hiring an entire bunch of new executives with “wooky” titles that make no sense to me.
      They need to just get back to basic business.
      I ordered my SDF350 in October and got it in mid March but mine was loaded so probably jumped in front of others. At the time, they had a really poor and unstable web site for the SD. I called Ford and actually got to a engineer who said that they were working mostly on the New Bronco site. I told them, you are not building Bronco’s yet but have been selling SD’s for 6 months and still have an incomplete and poorly functioning web site. To my surprise, some of the stuff got cleared up within a week of my call and discussion.

      1. Barry

        Maybe they should be hiring some mechanics and engineers instead of a new fleet of non-producing “executives.” FYI…I am one of the paper-pushing executives, but not so far removed that I don’t still remember who does the real work of putting products in the hands of paying customers. Perhaps they can find the executive that handles their supply chain and teach him/her to install the computer modules necessary to finish the Super Duty trucks. Nothing like a little sweat and a few blisters to remind people what real work is about.

    2. Andrew

      I heard from a ford worker they are taking the computers out of the super duty trucks at ky speedway and are programming them for other vehicles

  2. Joe

    Dear Bronco owners
    Thank you for over.paying for a bunch of off road features that 99.99% of you will.never ever use.

  3. Joel Sheingold

    The care package I received didn’t help the fact that when it came time to convert my reservation to an order the dealer told me they couldn’t place it without a $10,000 charge on top of MSRP. My reservation was made on 7/20/20 and this just happened on Friday so I had my reservation for over a year before the dealer finally said I could order. We had the whole order teed-up and the even gave me a printout of the order showing $56k. Then they took my credit card for the non-refundable deposit and casually dropped the $10,000 extra mandate. What’s worse is after I refused the dealer proceeded with ordering my Bronco anyway presumably to sell to someone else when it arrives. I filed a dealer complaint with customer service this morning but they actually acknowledged the problem while telling me there wasn’t much they could do. Apparently dealers are being allowed to hold reservations hostage while charging whatever they want.

  4. Michael Smith

    I am also a reservation holder and have not heard a damn thing as far as my order goes. Nor, have I received any promotional items…

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Doubt it.

  5. Scott Ward

    Does everyone receive gifts

  6. Bronco Billy

    I got mine yesterday. It was a nice gesture. I have an order in but haven’t gotten a build date yet.

  7. Stalkbroker94

    Keep bloviating. I’m sure your car company is doing better.

  8. Eric P

    Instead of filling paying customers’ orders first, the sales managers are being taken care of first. Pathetic. Worst product launch I’ve ever witnessed.
    Lots at Ford, Chevy, and Toyota dealerships are empty of any new trucks/suvs. We are being held hostage by chip manufacturing abroad. It’ll be 3+ yrs before any new US factories are up and running. Biden and all of Washington don’t care. Worthless idiots.

  9. Wayne L

    Second Day order holder (Wildtrak) 2 Door Still have know date of production . Nephew ordered Bid Bend late Oct. sasquatch ,hardtop, and many other options has a build date and a del. date this Oct. This is nuts! Talked to Ford : Quote you have hardtop and the Sasquatch that is what is delaying your Model. Lol calling BS.

  10. Penny Koehler

    On what date did the Outer Banks package and it’s inclusions/exclusions change relative to when the salesperson would have new – 2022 – information.
    I ordered a car on 12/4 and cannot get info on what would have been included/excluded on that date. Four months later the car is delivered and I’m not sure I got what I believe I ordered. In particular, the garage door opener and moonroof.I need dates.


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