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Left Hand Drive 2023 Ford Everest Spotted In Dearborn

Over three years ago, a Ford Everest was spotted near FoMoCo’s product development campus, causing many to wonder if the model was destined for the North American market. Now, Ford Authority spies have captured a next-generation left-hand-drive 2023 Ford Everest prototype testing around the Ford Dearborn Development Center, just a day after a LHD 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor was spotted testing with bed camouflage.

This is notable because both the Everest and Ford Ranger, along with the Ford Bronco, ride on the Ford T6 platform. Both the next-generation 2023 Ford Everest and Ranger will ride on the latest version of the T6 for their underpinnings, which the Bronco has already debuted. Both the next-gen Everest and Ranger are expected to launch in 2022 for the 2023 model year.

The Everest, also known as the Endeavor in the Indian market, is a mid-size, body-on-frame SUV that’s been in production since 2003 and was mainly developed for Asian markets, though it’s also sold in a number of other places including the Middle East, Australia, and Central America. The first-generation model remained in production until the 2015 model year, when the second-gen Everest launched. It last received a facelift for the 2018 model year.

The current Everest is known for its off-road capability and up to seven-seat configuration. It’s unclear if Ford plans on bringing the next-gen Everest to North America, but seeing a left-hand-drive prototype in Dearborn will certainly raise the question. While it rides on the same platform as the Bronco, the Everest is a more practical, conventional-looking off-roader, so perhaps there is room for it in Ford’s ever-growing SUV and crossover lineup.

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  1. Mondeo

    I hope they bring this to the states! That thing looks awesome, this can be a potential 4Runner competitor.

  2. Chuck

    Would love a Ford body-on-frame SUV smaller than Expedition.

  3. Stephen Ketterer

    That strange-looking exhaust speaks to a possible diesel power plant.

    1. Alex Luft

      That strange exhaust tip is an EPA emissions device. A diesel will be available in international markets, currently unclear if it’s coming to North America.

  4. David Pickford

    This version of the the Everest, 2015+, like the Ranger, was designed and engineered in Australia and as such a totally different and far better vehicle than the previous models. In Australia it constantly wins all the motoringagazine comparison tests but unfortunately due to its hefty price over its competitors it hasn’t gained much traction in the sales race. Hopefully this model on its release will incorporate both the 3 litre diesel that is in the F truck in the USA and also a petrol option, again hopefully the 3 litre from the Explorer.

  5. Max

    I hope we get this! I saw this on Ford Australia’s website and thought this would be a great 4Runner competitor and as we know the 4Runner is very popular right now (and rightfully so) and basically the entire off-road segment. I think this would be perfect for people who wanted a Bronco Sport but it was too small and think the Edge and Explorer just aren’t capable enough (or most likely they just like the off-roader aesthetic)

  6. John

    Bring it here as the Expedition Sport, standard 2.7L EcoBoost/10spd. A more capable alternative to Explorer, more family-friendly than Bronco.

    1. Outlook214

      Please don’t call it Expedition sport. It has nothing in common with the Expedition just like Bronco Sport was a lousy, gimmicky name. Call it Everest, or whatever. I would buy this before a 4-door Bronco.

  7. Bronco Billy

    I think they are probably using it to test capabilities. I think it is too close to the Explorer in size and function to be brought into the North American market. Especially now that there is an Explorer Timberline.

    1. Outlook214

      While agree in many ways, if this can be well equipped for $40,000 instead of the Timberline’s $50,000 I would be on board.


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