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Lincoln Owners Defecting To Tesla At Lower Rate Than Rivals

As Ford Authority reported last week, Lincoln didn’t fare so well in J.D. Power’s 2021 Automotive Brand Loyalty Study, finishing in tenth place and near the bottom of the pack among its premium rivals. However, it seems that defecting Lincoln owners aren’t buying Teslas, at least, according to new data from IHS Markit.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

It’s no secret that Tesla has been gaining market share in recent years. Through the first five months of 2021, the EV automaker recorded 103,000 plus new retail registrations, which is 65 percent more than last year, placing it fourth in total volume among 18 luxury automakers and ahead of Lincoln. Much of that volume is driven by the Model 3 and Model Y, which lead their respective segments in sales by a long shot.

Many of those buyers are defecting from other luxury brands as well, as IHS Markit discovered. Tesla currently enjoys a 5.4 conquest/defection ratio, which is calculated by simply dividing the number of new customers defecting from other brands by the number of owners leaving the brand for another brand. However, the owners of some brands are defecting to Tesla in far greater numbers than others.

Tesla’s conquest/defection ratio is highest among Inifiniti buyers at a whopping 28.1. Acura is a distant second at 16.6, followed by Lexus (13.4), Jaguar (9.6), Maserati (8.6), Alfa Romeo (7.1), BWM (6.9), Audi (5.3), Mercedes-Benz (4.2), Volvo (3.9), Cadillac (3.0), Lincoln (2.6), Land Rover (2.4), Porsche (1.4), Genesis (1.1), and Polestar (0.0).

What’s particularly interesting about this data is the fact that few of these automakers currently offer an all-electric vehicle, including Lincoln, which will launch its first EV next year. Regardless, it’s clear that Tesla isn’t the reason behind Lincoln’s poor brand loyalty raking, as it appears that Lincoln owners are defecting to brands other than the largest EV maker at the moment.

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  1. JEG

    That’s because Lincoln sells only SUV’s and crossovers. That’s absolutely no merit. Not everyone likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what, so anybody looking for a luxury or EV sedan, coupe or convertible will not even consider Lincoln. All Lincoln competitors have at least one sedan in their lineups. Lincoln should be capable to offer products for the clients it had, has or may have. If Lincoln is willing to let a whole market go, then Lincoln is way behind ots competitors.

    1. Andrew

      I agree I think the biggest reason for this is just the fact that those purchasers can’t buy a sedan from lincoln anymore and have to look elsewhere.

    2. Max

      At the same time it’s very expensive to produce a car that maybe only produces like 3,000 a quarter (which is why it’s discontinued) but the facts are is the luxury sedan segment is dead. However, the electric sedan segment is only growing due to better range, acceleration, etc. Lincoln says they’re going to release a EV sedan soon (which I’m planning on buying if it’s actually good) but I’m guessing that it won’t be for another 2-5 years unfortunately.

    3. Phillip Sinclaire

      Lincoln has its own unique set of problems. Lets clear the air, once and for all. How many Linconln sedans were sold now in the past five years? Sorry folks not enough to warrant carrying a luxury vehicle that has medicore sales at best.Blame who you want but Lexus which has rated top in the luxury car and Suv market for many years now has a similair problems with their luxury car. Only the top Suv has held top quality and low depreciation rate. The Es sedan that tops out over 60 grand loaded, becomes a steal of a deal at losing almost 50 percent of its value after three years. The Lincoln sedan topped out over 70 grand loaded and loses more than 55 percent of its value after three years also. Quality is quality and Lincoln is now where near Lexus in Brand loyalty,quality and customer retention. What is Lexus doing right? Everything. They study their market carefully and then execute programs that make Lexus one of the top quality built and realiable luxury suv out in the market today. Have two close friends that have driven three luxury Lexus suvs over the past ten years. They have nothing negative to say. And yes Lexus does have their problems but they accell in making sure that mistakes do not reoccure. Say what you want and throw your JD Power Reviews out the window. Ultimately at the end of the day it is really about the customer. Can you name 10 Lincoln dealers that excel in the customer satisfaction department?

  2. Steve

    Has anyone looked at the cost of ownership of a Tesla. OMG I knew it would be bad but when I reviewed this report, I was shocked that anyone would buy one. 92,000 for a car that depreciates 60% in 5 years? Subaru Forester only depreciates 50% in 5 years. First off there’s no way on Gods green earth I would purchase a car that will not allow me to drive to say Flagstaff and back in 1 day. Round trip it’s a hair over 300 miles. I would have to be a complete idiot to spend 92,000 dollars for a car that I couldn’t drive to San Diego in 5 1/2 hours. In a Tesla, I bet it takes 9 to 10 hours minimum each way in a Tesla. What a miserable trip that would be. So to tell me that Lincoln owners are defecting to Tesla, I find that a bunch of made up BS. I bet you couldn’t keep a Tesla as long as I have had my 2010 F-150? Coming up on 12 years and it runs smooooooooth. Oh and I have had offers to sell it, 19 to 20 grand. I have to wait until my Bronco arrives, then I’ll sell it.

  3. Tom

    As a Lincoln MKZ owner, if Lincoln is not offering a sedan when it’s time to replace mine, I will not be buying another Lincoln product. I’m not a bit interested in SUV’s and driving a pickup truck for general transportation is ridiculous.

    1. phillip

      Dont buy Lincoln any more then. Go pay up to 85 thousand dollars and buy a reliable luxury vehcile that continually holds high resale value. Yes Lincoln is not there yet. Will they ever get there? Hard to say.

      1. mark

        Get your nasty a$$ outdated Lexus fingers off this website cause is this site to shove the fact that Lexus is one of the most reliable brands up everyone’s a$$es bc Lincoln owners don’t care about that. They’re more reliable than Cadillacs, Infiniti’s, and most of the German brands but that doesn’t take much but anyways Lincoln owners care about comfort, decent technology, and having a decent amount of power. Lexus doesn’t have either bc they don’t even have a touchscreen in most of their vehicles, they have little Toyota engines with now performance, and Lexus has performance themed interiors but no performance sacrificing comfort.

    2. mark

      Lincoln is bringing back a sedan sometime according to their media site on EVs that uses I guess all new design language

  4. John

    As a Nautilus owner when my lease is up next year, I doubt I will stick with Lincoln. Getting too expensive and can’t get what I want on it without adding things I don’t want which drives the price up.

  5. Timm

    I love my Lincoln MKC and it is time to change. However, I need something a bit larger and cannot afford an Aviator. The Nautilus is to old and dated and with it not being replaced I see as being a complete depreciation disaster. Ford need to plug this gap in the range and get a modern replacement out now. Pricing was also very competitive in the class here in Canada but I am sorry to say that no longer seems the case. Test driving a Genesis GV70 at the weekend and I suspect I will buy it. Sorry Lincoln.

    1. Chad

      Lincoln is bringing out a few vehicles for 2022 (it’s their 100th anniversary of Ford buying them) and according to their media page with new design language and it looks like it’s going to replace the nautilus so hold off on that Genesis and besides, it’s always a good idea to wait a year after a car is released so they can work out the bugs.

  6. Michael Adams

    Lincoln should not only be looking to go electric they should take the next step toward hand free driving because that will be the next biggest step to the future, unless this step hand free is take then Lincoln as well as some of the others American auto will fall behind foreign competition. I heard that a country was moving at the end of last year in giving the General public hand free vehicle meaning once again America falling behind in technology innovation.

    1. Shaun

      OH PLEASE stop with your “falling behind” fake news. The US ranks #1 in technology and science in virtually every category of endeavor. The US, with 4.5% of the world’s population, wins 45% of the world’s nobel prizes. The US has more technology patents in force around the world than any other country. Both GM and Ford have more technology patents granted every year than ANY other makers (including Toyota) with over 1,000 patents a year. Tesla and GM are global leaders in hands free driving technology, though all of them need to work out flaws in the systems. In addition, a US company Local Motors has an operational autonomous electric bus that is operating at several locations globally.

    2. Josh

      If the US doesn’t innovate anymore in the auto industry, how do you explain Tesla, Rivian, and Ford? Right now the Germans haven’t gotten remotely close to full self driving and their range is crap and we’re not even going to talk about how far the Japanese and Koreans are behind. I feel like a lot of people forget the fact that Tesla is an American company and the only real successful EV start ups are from America and how MB doesn’t even have a EV out and how BMW just ultimately failed and how bad Volkswagen EV tech is. People also need to start realizing that GM, Ford, and Tesla are the only companies that have full self driving and that ambient lighting doesn’t define “advanced” *cough* *cough* BMW Mercedes. The most likely company to fail bc they didn’t get in at least the present is Toyota, Honda, BMW, and idk how much longer Nissan will last anymore

  7. Julius Rosen

    This is a hilarious article because the statistics are ridiculous. Lincoln owners are so few and far between and they’re generally much older than the average Tesla owner, it’s obvious they will not go for the latest and greatest technology

  8. Julius Rosen

    By the way to all of those naysayers about the cost and expenses of selling only $3,000 sedans per quarter, what do you think Lexis and infinity sold when they first started out in America? When you rebadge a car there is very minor costs. If the Lincoln marketing staff would rethink sales they could easily do another 50 or 100,000 cars / sedans in the world with sedans, not everybody wants an SUV


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