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U.S. Lincoln Sales Decrease 43 Percent In June 2021

Lincoln sales in the United States decreased 43 percent to 4,903 units during June of 2021.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the first six months of the 2021 calendar year, U.S. Lincoln sales increased 4 percent to 48,924 units.

Sales Results - June 2021 - USA - Lincoln

MODELJUN 2021 / JUN 2020JUNE 2021JUNE 2020YTD 2021 / YTD 2020 YTD 2021YTD 2020
AVIATOR-37.33% 9991,594+22.45%11,856 9,682
CONTINENTAL-77.91% 76344-50.56%1,273 2,575
CORSAIR-52.47% 1,2242,575+21.32%13,507 11,133
MKZ-97.87% 271,268-74.75%1,633 6,467
NAUTILUS-36.03% 1,3422,098+11.15%11,427 10,281
NAVIGATOR+15.53% 1,2351,069+40.35%9,228 6,575
LINCOLN TOTAL-43.38% 4,9038,659+4.44%48,924 46,842

The Ford Authority Take

After a healthy three-month streak of sales growth, Lincoln sales in the United States declined sharply in June. FoMoCo’s luxury marque was severely affected by extremely low inventory as a result of decreased production caused by the ongoing semiconductor shortage. In fact, Lincoln sold 3,756 units less in June 2021 compared to June 2020.

Sales of only one model suffered significant two- and three-digit decreases in June sales volumes. The model most affected was the Corsair, which saw its sales volume cut by almost half, thereby losing its position as the best-selling Lincoln in the American market during the month. That title was occupied by the Nautilus this time around.

For its part, the Lincoln Navigator was the only model that saw an uptick in sales, posting a healthy increase of 15 percent during June 2021 and 40 percent during the first six months of the 2021 calendar year.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Lincoln U.S. sales for June 2020, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Look at the LINCOLN lineup it’s not hard to understand why sales are down The MKZ should have been renamed Zephyr lived on as a FWD / AWD model The Continental should have been discontinued and return as a RWD EV Luxury Flagship. LINCOLN is on life support with Aviator , Navigator and the other 2 boring SUV’s

    1. Alex Luft

      No Roy. Sales are down not because of the discontinuation of sedans. Sales are down for the reasons outlined in the article.

      If you didn’t read, it was due to significant reductions in availability of core models – Corsair (the sales leader at Lincoln), Nautilus and the Aviator. There is zero reason to believe that sedans would have helped this, as they too would have been impacted by the chip shortage that FoMoCo is facing.

      Lincoln has four models in its lineup. Boring or not, Lincoln is selling cars and making money while doing so. You’ll see others eliminate sedans in due time or rethink them into tall-riding hatches (like the Mach-E).

      1. Roy Chiles

        I read the article all lies if you want to believe it, LINCOLN is not selling due to a BORING LINEUP and living in the shadows of FORD for the past 20 years period. Believe half of what U see and None of what they tell U 😜

        1. Ed

          You’re ridiculous. Lincoln has an excellent line up of vehicles. Your opinion is contrary to actual facts. You’re welcome to have your erroneous opinion, but it only paints you as a miserable curmudgeon.

  2. Ed

    Can’t buy a non-existent vehicle. We’ve been wanting to purchase a Corsair Grand Touring for over a year, yet they’re still not delivering anything. It will likely be late fall before the first ones are out. Hopefully, they’ll just skip the 2021 model year and go into 2022 production with some nice changes, like Sync 4.

  3. Mick1

    Ed, I too have been waiting for Corsair Grand Touring. The longer the wait the less enthusiastic I become. I bought my daughter a Chevy Equinox and I am starting to rethink this SUV/CUV craze.

    1. Ed

      I’m still going to wait it out because I’ve done a lot of research and decided the Corsair Grand Touring is the perfect fit for us. I’ve considered the new Lexus NX that is coming out in October, but after driving a current NX, it is simply not in the same niche as the Corsair. The NX leans to sporty. The ride is noisy, rough, and jiggly. The Corsair is quiet, smooth, and far more luxurious. If I wanted a high end sports vehicle, the Lexus would be ideal. But I want luxury, I want composed quiet.

  4. Donald Hayes

    If you don’t have product to sell. Sales numbers will drop. I visited my local Ford dealership. They have 17 various new models setting on their Hugh lots mixed with used vehicles to help fill space. Fords not the only one suffering with a lack of products. My local Chrysler, Chevy and Ram dealership has the same issue. They have filled their lots with used vehicles mixing them with new vehicles. The only positive is selling your used vehicles. If the automotive industry doesn’t get their parts issues worked out. 2021 could be a disaster

  5. Neal Ream

    I am 68 years old. For a 2013Ford fusion Highbred love it! Bought a new Ford F150 four-door four-wheel-drive 2011 love it. Your Ford lineup is boring all fashion it looks like a utility company lineup. Your Lincoln front end looks like a jaguar. You had a nice front end Looks new and exciting and you decided to make it look like a jaguar don’t want to Jaguar I’d buy one. The Japanese have it all over you with style we want something space age looking. Even GM has it all over you with new lock and exciting look. I’m old and I don’t like your stuff it looks too old. Do you think a young person’s gonna wanna buy your stuff no to conservative get rid of your designers and get some young new ideas in there we need something futuristic looking not 40 years old looking. This is why you’re going nowhere Nissan Toyota beautifulDesigns but I don’t want Japanese I want American let’s wake up.

    1. Roy Chiles

      LINCOLN look from the grill is more KIA cheap and old than JAGUAR. The Luxury Company needs to focus on vehicles other Brands are not offering

  6. Capt. Nemo

    What is the point of this article? Comparing anything auto sales related for the last two years is pointless. Dealers have NO STOCK TO SELL. Of course the numbers are going to be down. DUH! Manufacturers can’t make vehicles because of the chip shortage (among others) and the pandemic. What a waste of space…

  7. Ken Earle

    They haven’t made a true Lincoln… Since they stopped making rear wheel town cars and began producing the square boxes on wheels they try to call Lincoln’s today.

    1. John

      If it’s made my the company called LINCOLN… it’s a true Lincoln.

  8. Stan G

    I love my 2011 Lincoln Towncar – elegant and smooth riding with flex fuel. There is nothing elegant about the current SUV lineup.
    I need a sedan that’s easy to get into for my wheelchair bound mother. I like the large, concealed trunk space of the Towncar for road trips.


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