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Lincoln Website Satisfaction Ranked Below Average, Behind Most Rivals

As Ford Authority reported yesterday, Ford fared pretty well in J.D. Power’s summer 2021 U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, finishing near the top of mass-market automakers but below its chief rival, General Motors. However, Lincoln website satisfaction didn’t fare nearly as well among premium manufacturers, as the automaker ranked near the bottom and below the segment average.

Among all premium automotive manufacturers, Acura finished first with a score of 747 out of 1,000, followed by BMW (732), Mercedes-Benz (730), Infiniti (726), Jaguar (724), Alfa Romeo (722), Porsche (718), Cadillac (717), Lexus (716), Audi (715), Land Rover (712), Tesla (701), Lincoln (698), Volvo (682), and Genesis (676). The industry average came in at 714.

The study, which has been conducted each year since 1999, gets its data from 11,443 shoppers that plan on buying a new vehicle in the next 24 months, ranking automakers’ websites by their usefulness using four measures listed in order of importance – information/content, visual appeal, navigation, and speed. In that regard, Lincoln website satisfaction ranked near the bottom of the pack.

In addition to ranking automakers based on website satisfaction, J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study also found that 49 percent of new car shoppers are willing to purchase a vehicle online, which is an 11 percent increase from 18 months ago. This trend perfectly explains why automakers like Ford are introducing new ways to purchase vehicles online, both new and used.

“As online vehicle shopping and purchase behaviors continue to shift, this study is adapting to accurately reflect these changes,” said Jon Sundberg, director of digital solutions at J.D. Power. This year’s study puts more emphasis on auto shopping tools that give consumers the information they need to make online purchase decisions, allowing us to stay on top of these emerging trends and communicate them to auto manufacturers.”

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  1. JEG

    Doesn´t surprise me. I´ve been owner of Lincoln sedans, but I´m not willing to buy an SUV or a crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them. That discards Lincoln immediately when I´m looking for a new car. If Lincoln is not capable to satisfy all kind of clients it had, has or may have, then it´s below average. All Lincoln competitors have at least one sedan in their lineups (in some cases like MB, Audi or BMW even several). Customers that, like me, migrate to other brands looking for a sedan, may not come back to Lincoln when market trends change again. Market is cyclic and the actual SUV cancer will not last forever like no human activity does. If Lincoln is not capable to offer at least one sedan and is willing to pay the consecquences of letting one whole market segment go, then it´s way behind its competitors.

    1. Mark

      Lincoln is getting a sedan within the next few years using their new design language instead of their rebadged Ford design that was used in the MKZ and I assume it will be electric because the only sedans people are buying now are electric or economy cars like the Camry and Civic.

    2. Phill Sinclaire

      You have to understand that Lincoln is not made by itself on the assembly line. It is mixed in with cheaper models which share similair platforms. Cannot see that a lincoln sedan will or would rectify its woes. There are two basic kinds of quality. Engineered quality and assembly quality. If the Lincoln is engineered properly then it will be assembled properly.But that all depends on how many extra hands are allowed to assemble your Lincoln Sedan and or SUV. As complexities increase so does the potential for human error. I have friends who have driven numerous Lincolns over the past ten years. They never purchased but leased. There are issues at some dealers who do not have the expertise and all needed update training. Half the time the technician /mechanic is on his or her cell phone talking to some engineer in headquarters or other facilities. It is not just Ford that has these issues. All luxury auto makers have the same issue but are little more clever in masking over engineered and undertrained mechanics and techs. Good look.

  2. Mark

    I guess Lincoln didn’t pay JD Power enough this year🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. Phill Sinclaire

      I worked in a Automotive Assembly Plant for over thirty years and had the pleasure of working on cars for the JD Power Audit. Out of roughly 200 cars coming down the final assembly line only 100 cars were tested, critiqued and or reviewed. The other 700 cars behind in body,paint and chassis department were not even looked at. Surprise.

  3. Roy Chiles

    LINCOLN is in the wrong lane it’s only competitor is BUICK which sales SUV’s All the brands above sales sedans and I don’t mean a FWD Taurus that someone slapped Continental name on. FORD has 5 new models coming or here now, LINCOLN might show 1 next year, talk about running a car company in the ground THIS IS A MESS. Where’s the RWD suicide door EV Continental, the EV Super Chief Blackwood Pickup. LINCOLN will always be last with SUV’s

  4. Drew

    This article is about the website, not the products. With respect to the website, it could better help me discern content between trim levels. Also, the price summary includes an insane up-charge for a disposition fee that only applies to leases that aren’t replaced with another Lincoln (or Ford?). Also, the price summary could better identify potential rebates/incentives. Last, the website frequently freezes on my iPad.

    1. Skippy

      Your exactly right Drew. I’ve owned a Nautilus for nearly 4 years and it is fantastic. The fit and finish, paint quality, and the overall reliability are great. It is quiet, shifts smooth, and on a recent trip to Colorado, it had plenty of power to get up and over the mountains at the posted highway speeds. I’ve navigated their website easily and am very active there as I’m comparing my next Lincoln to other offerings. Not sure about how relevant these website ratings are, because anyone with a functioning brain can find out the cost of a heated seat within a few minutes. The true effectiveness shines forth when you can search the inventory of dealers within 200 miles and easily find the car of your dreams at 2:00 in the morning.

  5. Joe gotthardt

    I am the owner of a Hudson Valley limousine Have owned 30 Lincoln’s in the last 10 year Doesn’t surprise me every time there’s a problem you’re the only one they never back or fix any issues at all Total waste of time even calling the number


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